Friday, April 19, 2013

Using PAS Symbol: DAP Biggest "PLOY" To Delude Malay Voters

Hantu Laut

I'll be laconic about this. No point writing lengthy article that eventually will be lost in translation. 

Why use PAS and not PKR in West Malaysia, and PAS not PKR in Sabah and Sarawak?

It is not difficult to guess.....ain't it....... the ploy to mislead. 

The ROS has confirmed that DAP can still use its symbol as the party had not been deregistered. Why the need to use your coalition partners symbol when you can still legally use your own.

This is DAP biggest "wayang" to delude the kampong Malays into believing they are voting for PAS. 

DAP, well known for its theatric of sadness or outrage, depending whether it's the father or the son, played the usual victim. Lim Kit Siang was seen shedding crocodile tears as if the whole DAP world had fallen apart, when any level-headed person knew DAP is still a full-fuctioning political party and able to use its own symbol. The son was in furious outrage.

Simple kampong folks use the symbol to vote for the party they like and allowing DAP to use PAS symbol will create much confusion in rural/semi-rural areas.

I can foresee a near total rejection of PAS by majority Malay voters likely to happen when they see the DAP ploy and PAS leaders condescending ways. PAS leaders used to call UMNO members "infidels" for associating with Chinese.

Most educated Malays want to believe communal politics is over and done with while the smarter Chinese have formed a cohesive centre-right bloc that will cement Chinese unity and allow DAP to capture most predominantly and marginal Chinese constituencies. The Chinese have learnt the art of divide and rule and giving the Malays a taste of their own medicine, which they have been dispensing to the Chinese and other non-Malay communities for over half a century.

The real war is not in the urban areas but in the rural/semi-rural areas where majority of seats are located and DAP was smart enough to see this godsend opportunity.


Anonymous said...

As I guess

Anonymous said...

I believe the divide and rule method is the colonialist British tactic rather than Malay.

Under the British Malays are mostly rural and in kampungs, I think?Not something the Malays would like to do on their people, right?Which is why I think the balik kampung taunt by Chinese towards Malay would be offensive.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I understand your fears as you are pro-UMNO.Some people will even end up in jail for their misdeeds if there is a change of broom and all that.

Pakatan is for the rule of law and for the rights of our citizens, something that has been eroded under the UMNO dominated BN. I personally blame Mahathir bin Iskandar Kutty who mistook the rule by law for the rule of law.

People are not stupid and will up their own minds. Fear not.

Nadine said...

Pakatan is for the rule of law? Haha that's the funniest statement ever and i guess from someone who is not too smart, eh?