Monday, April 29, 2013

Najib's 1MDB And Cayman Islands: The Skunk Cabbage

Hantu Laut

They have implicated he and his wife in the murder of Mongolian model Altantuya Shaariibuu, now they say he carted away RM7.0 billion of the people's money and hide it in the Cayman Islands.

The oppositions must be really desperate to spread its hate campaign against Prime Minister Najib. The implausibility is deafening.

Cayman Islands is an off-shore financial centre not a pirate's cove as made out by some opposition's leaders out to demonise the PM for their own political mileage. 

Cayman Islands is a British overseas territory and administered by Britain and is the 5th largest banking centre in the world. It has almost 300 banks, 800 insurers and 10,000 mutual funds and have global financial institutions such as HSBC, Deutsche Bank, UBS, Goldman Sachs and over 80 other administrators stationed there.It is also the world leading off-shore hedge funds jurisdiction.

The opposition is trying to paint a frosty picture of the operations of 1MDB and insinuated that Najib is planning to steal the people's money as per this loathsome article in Malaysiakini by the equally loathsome "Sang Kancil" called Rafizi. 

Cayman Islands is not a money laundering centre where one can park one's ill-gotten gains without questions asked. It is a bona fide international off-shore financial centre used by the world's big mutual and edge funds and serviced by equally reputable banks and financial institutions.

There have been various articles written on 1MDB as regard its investments and business activities that appeared in numerous blogs and news portal across the country.

The articles are targeted at the laymen who had little understanding of global investment and high finance, in another word, the nitty gritty world of international finance and investment. It's a political stinger to sucker the minds of the ignoramuses.

1MDB was set up as a sovereign vehicle wholly owned by the Malaysian government to raise funds and seek high yield investments in the global market. Naturally, there are and there will be many companies incorporated under the mother company as subsidiaries to take care of the various type of investments.

I am not sure how 1MDB obtain its working capital, whether it is direct from the government or from the market, or a mixture of both. From the little that I read, I presumed they obtain their funds from the market by issuance of foreign currency dominated bonds.

An article "Putting RM7.18b in Cayman Islands is beyond 1MDB's mandate" written by one M.Shanmugam, managing editor of the Edge, questioned the rationale of 1MDB depositing the money in the Cayman. The amount in question was the US$2.318 (RM7.18b) redemption of bond issued by PetroSaudi International (PSI). 

Before I get to the point let me ask whether there had been actual physical cash payout by PSI to 1MDB for the bond redemption, or was the bond a PIK bond?  I'll explain what PIK bond or PIK loan later.

The article also mentioned that as of 31 March 2012 the Islamic bond value had ballooned to RM6.8b including profit receivables, or interest payments that are due but not paid to 1MDB by PSI. 

Now, let see, if it is the same bond, how could after accrual of interests or dividend payments the amount is less than the original principal amount?

The same article also mentioned that on 1 June 2012 1MDB took up 49% equity stake in PetroSaudi Oil Services Ltd (PSOSL) at value equivalent to the outstanding amount due to 1MDB and an option (I  guessed) to buy the balance 51% at a token of US$10. 

The 'shares for bond' exchange he says had rendered the Islamic bond redeemed and no further cash transaction was required.

This is where I suspect the bond between PSI and 1MDB was a PIK Bond.

A PIK (Payment In Kind) Bond pays interest not in cash but in additional bonds or shares.It is a deferred coupon bond as there are no interest cash payments during the bond's term. Interest is only paid on maturity of the bond. Due to its high risk this kind of bond pays higher interest and are for sophisticated investors such as hedge funds, is not for the boys, or companies seeking cashflow.

My dissection here is only on the particular transaction with PSI and should not be construed as on the whole operation of 1MDB.  I do not have enough inputs to comment on the whole operation.

I agree, 1MDB should have more transparent disclosure of its dealings as it is wholly owned by the Malaysian government and the Malaysian people. 

I also believe Najib has no intention of cheating the Malaysian people, but if left in the hands of incompetent people disaster could happen. 


Anonymous said...

6 hari saja lagi kita akan sambut kemerdekaan dari belenggu penjajahan UMNO ....

6 hari saja lagi ramai pemimpin UMNO akan masuk hospital kerana diserang sakit jantung dan mengalami penyakit AMNESIA, lup tentang-tentang dosa dulu;

6 hari saja lagi Pengerusi SPR, Ketua Peguam Negara, Ketua Setiausaha Negara akan terkencing-kencing dalam seluar;

6 hari saja lagi Ketua Pengarang UTUSAN, BERITA HARIAN, TV3, BENAMA akan terjun dari tingkat atas kerana tidak sanggup mengahadapi kebohongan dan fitanh yang sudah sekeian lama mereka tabur,

6 hari saja lagi ROSMAH MANSOR kan diserang penyakit meroyan dan berlari TELANJANG BOGEL kerana tak sanggup menghadapi kenyataan akan DILOKAP bersama NAJOB di Penjara ORANG-ORANG BESAR UMNO di Kamunting,

6 hari lagi SELURUH RAKYAT MALAYSIA yang sudah sekian lama menderita dibawah pemerintahan KUKU BESI UMNO akan menyambut hari kegumbiraan dan hari kemenangan, benar-benar MERDEKA dari penindasan UMNO,

Ramai Ketua BAHAGIAN UMNO akan menjadi BANGKRAP apabila dituntut HUTANG dari BANK-BANK perdagangan yang selama ini dijadikan LUBOK MAS UMNO;

6 hari saja lagi kita akan dapat lihat bertapa KECEWA nya barisan pemimpin UMNO yang kalah dan baru sedar akan menghadapi PENJARA sebagai hukuman RASUAH yang menjadi GAYA hidup 7 keturunan mereka,


Hanya 6 hari lagi .... angkara mereka akan berakhir,


Sir Wenger Khairy said...

If its a PIK bond then it's being silly because its increasing exposure to an unrated entity. Truth is we don't know because of a total lack of transparency. Btw the seed capital of RM 1 billion comes from the tax payer. Additional RM 5 billion raised through explicit GOM guarantee. Remaining raised thru Abu Dhabi guarantee.

ayah said...

IF DS Najib has committed a crime and Rosmah Mansor is an accomplice, make a police reportlah. Shouln't be allowed to be negatively speculated in the blogs. You know what kind of responses you'll get from people with rusty and perpetually contaminated brains!

Anonymous said...

serious shit, whats wrong with the first anon? is he being torment by BN gov? the way he's commenting is like he's living in Afghanistan or he living in scared??..dude you attend to much pr ceramah till ur brain can't work well... its okay for you to be PR fanboy or Anwar Fanboy, no one stop you from doing that, but don't ruin your life becoz DSAI is not free to help you.. he's schedule so tight with ceramah.. he's ceramah man..

kittykat46 said...

Cayman Islands remains a favoured parking place for funds related to fraud and illegal activities, where they will not attract any questions regarding the source of the funds, and no taxes are payable.

1MDB may or may not be engaging in a fraud against the People of Malaysia, but That Place has a bad smell about it.

There is no point naming Goldman Sachs, HSBC, Deutsche Bank, UBS etc. as if that cleanses the reputation of the place These international companies go where the money is, regardless of the legality of the origin of the cash.
HSBC and UBS were last year fined huge amounts of money for complicity in Money Laundering. HSBC's CEO only avoiding getting sacked because the money laundering events occurred before his time.

Anonymous said...

What wrong with the first anon? He/she has switched off his/her bloody brain. So excited...and so confident of Anwar winning the election...classless

Anonymous said...

EC must pour indelible ink on Nurul Izzah Anwar face and let see if she can remove the ink from her bloody face. Don't act like a bitch if you are not the one.

Anonymous said...

6 dikuburkan....