Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Making Of Malaysian Spring: Do Not Ignore Mahathir's Prophecy

Ready for Malaysian Spring? 

The allegations of rigging, tainted electoral rolls and now flying dubious voters from Sabah to KL are reaching epidemic proportion. 

This is how uprising started, flung enough dirt and you will have enough shit excuses to start an uprising when you found yourself at the losing end.

The logistical nightmare is just unbelievable to move 30,000 people from KK to KL and back over a period of 2/3 days.

You need 150 flights of Boeing 747-400, not forgetting board, lodging and busing, to and fro, voting centres.

MAS has only 94 planes of different models and configurations. Using MAS planes will disrupt its entire international/domestic flights. 

Of course, with money you can charter the planes from other companies, but it is almost impossible to charter 20/30 wide-bodied planes over such short notice.

The above flight schedule was posted in a blog here

Well done, Anwar Ibrahim, you have really made my day.  

Send your men to the airports to video tape all the flights and use it as evidence when the general-election is over. 

Read here this most incredible story.


Anonymous said...

Well done Anwar Ibrahim. Your stupid ideas is hunting you back. With the bitch called Anbiga your tricks are no longer can fool peoples.

Anonymous said...

Mereka ni main persepsi. Mereka tau mereka akan kalah, tapi ketua2 mereka tetap mengatakan mereka akan menang besar.
Time kira undi, mereka kalah, dan penyokong2 marah dan merusuh.

All their stories are bordering on hysteria:
Indelible ink not indelible.
Planeloads of bn phantom voters being flown in. tak gila punya cerita.
I tell u, i just want May 5 to come quickly so we can settle this at the ballot box. Too much time wasted politicking. Did i say settle? I guess not... they won't accept the result if they lose.

Anonymous said...

Checkmate ! Next item ?

Pak Zawi said...

Any cheating especially when using foreigners to vote will be considered as treason of the highest order. Ferrying Banglas from Sabah and Sarawak as being down now is one of them. Why should we allow foreigners decide the fate of our future generations?

SM said...


UMNO has admitted ferrying "voters" from East Malaysia to certain States in Peninsular so your analysis has just been made obsolete by your own party!

It's supposedly their "Get out the Vote" campaign! Ya right!

By the way, the EC can't even handle Indelible Ink cleanly, how can they handle a General Election cleanly?!

Anonymous said...

You know whether it is true or not is based on logic. If a clear cut logic cannot change your mind then you can be categories as a person with animal instinct by following the herd without question. You are Pak Embek....kk

Anonymous said...

Boeing 744 ni Mas beli dari Israel ka!!!

Anonymous said...

"Pak Zawi" yang sebenarnya adalah DAP Cina rasis yang menyamar ni, tak reti baca artikel ke? Kenapa buat komen bodoh? Orang dah bagi fakta to refute Anwar's latest trick, tapi dia masih nak percaya jugak lagi? Betul la pengikut dajjal.

Purple Haze said...

Regardless of whether you are pro-BN or pro-PR, foreigners who have dubious qualifications to vote as Malaysians should not be allowed to determine the direction of our country.

Anonymous said...

Pakatan Rakyat lies. Pakatan Rakyat is basically a band of habitual liars. Covert flights? People being moved in the tens of thousands? Even if 100 people are moved, everyone would notice. How can operations so large go unnoticed by ordinary passengers? How can technical, ground and aviation personnel not know? How can various airlines, control towers and friends, family and colleagues not know? Pakatan Rakyat is absurd when it lies. Even a schoolkid does a better job at lying. Pakatan Rakyat parties are hardcore liars; they refuse to stop lying. Their secret identity compels them to lie constantly and habitually. Visit to read my article on the secret identity of Pakatan Rakyat. The article reveals 18 facts you perhaps already know, but are reading for the first time in the connectedness I've discovered. Don't let your vote go to Pakatan Rakyat. There is no reason to choose Pakatan Rakyat. But there are 18 reasons to vote against Pakatan Rakyat.

Anonymous said...

Tengku A.R. You did not foresee all this problem 50 over years ago. That was a big mistake by you for giving citizenship to foreigners. Now their descendents are so arrogant and ungrateful of what their coolie grandparents were once granted. In fact May 13 incident was also due to this big mistake of granting c'ship to this species. Is there any lesson learned?

Purple Haze said...

Anonymous, May 4 9.35 am

Your thinking is similar to what the white plantation owners must have thought about Abraham Lincoln granting free man ststus to the blacks in America.

They failed to stop the movement, even if Lincoln did pay for it with his life.

Anonymous said...

pakatan dan bn masing masing ada kelebhan /kekurangan.kalau main percaya certa sebab ianya datang dari ketua kita itu namanya BODOH BERPOLITIK.dan kalau berpolitik sampai sanggup rakyat dan negara porak peranda itu namanya POLITIK BODOH.

Anonymous said...

pakatan dan bn masing masing ada kelebhan /kekurangan.kalau main percaya certa sebab ianya datang dari ketua kita itu namanya BODOH BERPOLITIK.dan kalau berpolitik sampai sanggup rakyat dan negara porak peranda itu namanya POLITIK BODOH.