Friday, April 19, 2013

One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest

Hantu Laut

"Those who do not learn from the past are doomed to repeat it" said the man of letters George Santayana.

Greed has overtaken their better judgement, instead of taking the path of "united we stand, divided we fall" these knuckleheads believe they can beat Goliath on their own with a single swing of the sling. David brought five stones but had used only one to fell Goliath. 

Haa! Our emboldened oppositions have forgotten 2008, the year many of my friends predicted the demise of Musa Aman and the BN, the doom and gloom of Barisan biting the dust. As they say the rest is history.

They used you, abused you and disused you. Never trust a politician they say.

A man spent 15 years of his life in a party and looked upon a leadership he thought would value his service and loyalty. 

The same people who promised to give his state more autonomy, more oil revenue, more than enough promises that could fill up the black hole, but could not even keep a small promise of his candidacy.

If Anwar can bluff his own man and cheats him, can he not cheat Sabahans of all his promises ?

Never trust a man who wears a cynical smile on his face and cynical manipulation of public opinion.

This madness! Will history repeat itself?


Purple Haze said...


Sabahans should be truly pissed off at the BN govt for the Projek IC scandal. That is treason, not just cheating !

But one thing I will agree with you - never trust a politician.

Anonymous said...

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SM said...


History repeats itself? You mean BN continue to run Malaysia with their usual Corruption, Cronyism, etc etc?
And as for predictions, if you remember, you have been predicting the demise of DSAI & PR (more than onec!) right from time the the results if the 2008 GE was announced!
And here's 2013 & DSAI despite all the shit & crap thrown at him by BN, is still around!
Admit it, if it was one of the BN wimps, they would have thrown in the towel by now!

Gram Kong said...


Just watch it, they will implode.I never gave a time frame.This coalition have no common and meaningful reason to exist other than to grab power.

Anonymous said...

Anwar - hope his days are numbered. But with his expertise in the art of telling crap to people who easily fooled I think the devil will be still around until the last erection. Oops sorry election .:-)

SM said...


First we hear that Zul Nordin is BN's candidate for Shah Alam.
Next we hear that the Deputy whatever of Pasir Mas will be BN's candidate for Pasir Mas. Suddenly this whatever guy doesn't put in his nomination papers this morning (although he was at the Nomination Centre) paving the way for a straight fight between Ibrahim Ali & PAS.
No matter what you say about DSAI & PKR (hahahaha, didn't you say back in 2008 that the PR will implode soon...or doesn't "soon" mean some sort of time line?) at least we now know for sure that not only is TDM (who is PERKASA's Mentor & de facto leader) but Najib too is a bigos & racist!
And MIC, MCA, Gerakan & PPP are all just sissy testicle-less lap dog parties of UMNO!

Purple Haze said...

The withdrawal of the BN candidate for Pasir Mas is the 1st time in history that the BN has voluntarily withdrawn from an election. Why ?

It is reported that the calun from BN was at the nominating station but did not file his papers. That is obviously an intended action.

What strategic plan is the BN adopting for it to lose a seat intnetionally ? I cannot think of a logial reason to intentionally withdraw and thus, give up a potential seat.

Your title for this posting is spot on - One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest.