Monday, May 6, 2013

Chinese Tsunami Killed Anwar And PR Chance Of Winning Putrajaya.

Hantu Laut

It was a suspenseful night, a cliffhanger of sort watching the results of the 13th GE trickles in as the world watches Malaysia's most tightly fought general elections ever and the dirtiest campaign by the oppositions ever in the history of this country.

The political pundits have never been so wrong. 

I saw it coming for a while now and have written in this blog a number of times that over zealous Chinese supports for DAP will kill PR chance of taking Putrajaya, but nobody seem to want to take notice that communal politics is still alive and kicking in this country. This,  dirtiest campaigning by PR and mistrust of Anwar Ibrahim was the game changer that killed Anwar and Pakatan Rakyat's chance of winning Putrajaya.

Pakatan leaders and supporters can say otherwise, which was expected of them, but the reality is there, on the ground. 

The straw that broke the camel back was Skudai, Johor  when almost 70,000 Chinese descended on the town to fete Lim Kit Siang's entry into Johor. This Chinese tsunami frightened the Malays in the Peninsula that drove them back to UMNO, except for the small section of so-called intellectuals, the mass shift was among the rural and semi-urban Malays. 

Sabah and Sarawak, with the exception of some Chinese dominated areas, have always been expected to deliver the seats to BN, only romantic dreamers think otherwise.

Sabah and Sarawak again saved BN from being trounced. Najib did worse than March 2008, but a win is still a win and I hope he will administer this country well.

People can say its cheating and money politics, putting that asides, I say it's communal and sectarian politics that changed the whole scenario.

More detailed analysis to come. 


Raj said...

Spot on.

Anonymous said...

Day dreaming Anwar and his saliva drips on his stupid supporters.

Tanya sama Anwar Apa sebab goyang
Nanti jawab Anwar Sabah dah kencingkan dia

Anwar started a joke and now the whole world laughing at him. He is the funniest clown in the whole of Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

Tanya sama najib
apa pasal kurang
nanti jawab najib
cina tikam belakang

tanya sama nuaq
apa jadi sekarang
nanti jawab nuaq
aku dah bilang

nik aziz pula kata
parti aku menang
apa jadi kat melayu
nanti fatwa aku datang

cina undi cina
melayu undi tiga
konsep satu malaysia
cina buang longkang

kit siang pula kata
hero melayu aku dah siang
nanti pru 14
tunggu putrajaya cina datang

Anonymous said...

MCA's threat of not representing the Chinese in the cabinet may finally come true thus ending race based politics. I do not need a Chinese who bows down to tyranny to represent me. I need a righteous Malaysian to be my leader.

What is the point of a Chinese cabinet minister who will only be a rubber stamp and be part of the gang of looters?


Purple Haze said...


If 51% of the popular vote was for the Opposition, surely it was not only non-Malays who voted for them.

For what its worth, Sarawak & Sabah continues to supply the bulk of parliamentary seats to the BN and CM Taib Mahmud can continue to thumb his nose at the MACC !!!

Sarawak, Sabah and Johore account for 96 seats altogether so they as well protected bastions and fixed deposits for BN.

Also, as we all are aware, there is an urban/rural divide in terms of voting trend which has an equal impact, IMO, as the ethnic divide as you have inferred.

The results show

1) GE2008 was not an aberration. It was the start of a trend for a 2 party democracy.

2) The urban/ rural divide is real and internet access will be the key in the next election.

3) Some of the component parties of the BN are becoming irrelevant.

4) PAS and PKR are not as strong as they think they are.

5) UMNO/BN will have to decide if they want to go it alone but they need fresh ideas.

Anonymous said...

spring cleaning and enough is enough.
giving what the raayat wants.
better administrative in government sectors.
what the raayat had given you another term to rectify and clean up.boost up now.

SM said...


I'm looking forward to your detailed Analysis. I hope it's as good as your Analyses used to be in the past (i.e. before your hatred for DSAI got the better of you & your pre-UMNO fanatical days). Come on HL, where is the HL that was "impartial" (the reason why I kept coming back to this Blog despite it's pro-BN views).

A few Comments:-

1/ Your "prediction" that PR was going to implode & collapse (???)
2/ Najib did worse than Sleepy Pak Lah (at least Old Sleepy still managed to get the Majority Popular Vote for BN)
3/ It's not that the Chinese killed DSAI's chance for Putrajaya. It's that the BN failed to proof (despite all the Money & Goodies thrown at them by Najib) to the Chniese (& probably Indians too) that it's 1-Malaysia Slogan was for REAL
4/ Mahatir & PERKASA's Racists views are not welcomed by the majority of Malaysians (if it were, then Katak Ali & Zul Keling Nordin would have won)
5/ Muhyiddin is now licking his lips (what goes around comes around & Najib has got to watch his back)
6/ BN has failed to "Integrate" the Races in Malaysia after 50yrs of rule (we are more divided than ever). Forget your hate of DSAI. He did not cause the Chinese Tsunami (UMNO & MCA did that)
7/ 80% turnout for Voting! Malaysians love Malaysia, that's why we came out in droves. It was Peaceful because Malaysians are not out to kill or destroy each other. We can live with one another & move forward BUT we need a Government that is Colour-Blind. BN has not shown that (the fact that BN supported PERKASA proves it)
8/ Malaysia is ready for Need-based Politics not Race-based. Until then, the brain-drain will continue
9/ Hopefully Najib can keep the UMNO War-Lords at bay for I really think he's not a bad PM just a PM that goes for the popular vote (I hope he's still not scared shitless of Mahatir). He should start by sacking his advisors! He has had life easy from birth. It's his chance to show us what he's really made of! I look forward to his Reconcilation Plans!

Anonymous said...

Yes the colony of pest many many years looted the bumiputra tangible and intangible asset. Now they are hungry for more. Very ungrateful creature which will bite the hands who once ever feed them.

Anonymous said...

Anwar is calling a mass gathering again. Only when he become PM then all this will stop. We Malay have stop supporting him with reason of maintaining Malay survival and well being. Anwar has crossed over the line where we no longer obligated to follow.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 1105. I like the phrase Cina undi cina. Melayu undi tiga. Konsep satu Malaysia. Cina Huang lonkang.

@PH The neutral comment from Singapore Foreign Minister ' The results of the election also showed that a deep racial polarisation in M'sia with DAP winning all areas with substantial Chinese population which need to be worked on as acknowledge by Najib before it become more problematic....' Popular vote ur head dah..

Anonymous said...

Anbiga neutrality will be obviously seen if she decide to obeys Anwar instruction to join the mass gathering at kelana jays. Lets see.

Anonymous said...

Anwar who had vowed to stay out of the forefront of politics after failed to capture Putrajaya now has proven himself that he is talking crap again. Again you can see a lot of people who are always happy when they are fooled by munafik.

Anonymous said...

Malaysian spring that was earlier predicted before election is now champion by Anwar again. He has shown instant evidence during his press conference after BN was declared won the election with simple majority. Why can't he wait for next day so the allegations will look more logic. DAP is supporting him is because of his ability to disunited the Malay. Majority of Malay have already able to read this dirty game. Malaysia Spring will be a winter one..

Anonymous said...

HL, the so called intellectuals are not necessary true intellectual. These urban mamat and minah are hoping for free university, cheap petrol price and cheap imported cars. These are not intellectuals but they are greedy and glutton people. For those who claimed to be the malay intellectual but don't understand English those two words carry the meaning of 'GELOJOH'in Malay. They called themselve intellectual but they can easily believe all the illogical lies frabricated by the King of Munafik. True intellectuals will not easily fooled or enjoy/proud of being fooled. These are morons and traitors of new generation and they have no problem to support the King of Munafik to achieve his dream to become the PM. The King of Munafik claimed that he will not be involved in active politic after failing in capturing Putrajaya; you believe him? You will get a different answer from an intellect person and another from a MORON. The Chinese community was so confident that Anwar can deliver but they have forgotten that if they can consolidate themselve so with the Malays. MCA is right not to accept any post at federal or state level as the chinese community has arrogantly sent a signsl to discard them. For them Kit Siang is their hero... and Anwar is the hero for the so called Malay intellectual community..good luck