Friday, May 24, 2013

The Shittiest Pot Calling The Kettle Black

Hantu Laut

What national reconciliation if Anwar Ibrahim and the opposition Pakatan Rakyat (PR) continue to organise big rallies to try topple the government?

I can understand Anwar going to the streets because he is a very frustrated man, he came from the streets and that's where he goes back to when he is unhappy, but why are DAP and PAS leaders, whom I consider more rational colluded with him to destabilise the country?

Seriously, all the leaders in PR should have their heads examined if they think the government was wrong in arresting the troublemakers. These are people who want to create chaos to bring down the government and PR leaders are equally guilty of the same for organising the rallies.

Anwar has planned this long before the general election as his insurance in the event he loses the elections and unable to claim Putrajaya through the democratic process. Allegation of frauds had been made by him, PR and Bersih long before the general elections. He lost and frauds became the battle cry to bring down the government. Taking over the government by force of people's power would be the only option he has left.

Birds of a feather flock together, not at all surprising the restive and troublesome Anwar's ally Ambiga Sreenavasan came to the rescue, came out to defend the criminals.

She said of Najib's government " What national reconciliation ? To me, they only know how to use words that they do not even understand" Read here.

Of course, even the most stupid lawyer and there are many of them around who think they are the smartest people on earth would say the same, because she is a bullshit artist, as always, trying to bullshit the people. 

How do you expect the government to start reconciliation when the oppositions led by the sore-loser Anwar Ibrahim, who had no intention of respecting the results of the elections and determined to create mischief by holding big rallies around the country to try topple the government.

Where is the smooth transition he talked about before the elections?

Najib should not fall for his treachery and trickery. A week ago he said he will be arrested and he is anxiously waiting to be arrested, which he anticipates will trigger the people's revolt against the government.

Let him be, let him continue with his big rallies, which will eventually fizzle out as people grew tired of its senselessness.

There are now ample Anwar's wannabes. Some even tried to emulate the way he talks, the way he walks and the way he straddles the horse.

Adam Adli, the raucous student arrested and charged for sedition is one of Anwar's great imitator. As they say "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery" Anwar should be proud of him.

Below are words deemed seditious uttered by Adam Adli.

"Ambil butiran saya, buat laporan polis, kerana hari ini, saya nak ajak semua yang ada di sini, kita harus susun dan kita akan turun ke jalan raya untuk rampas kembali kuasa kita! Boleh atau tidak?! Boleh atau tidak?! Boleh atau tidak?! Kita tak banyak masa lagi, semua siap sedia, beli kasut, beli tracksuit, beli seluar jeans, sedia kita akan turun ke jalan raya sebab akhirnya dalam dunia ketiga macam negara Malaysia, pilihan raya takkan tumbangkan kerajaan kita.

"Yang boleh tumbangkan kerajaan hanyalah kuasa rakyat. Sedara, ingat, ini sahaja peluang yang kita ada ..." 

Read more at Freedom Come Freedom Go

Should the government just sit down and do nothing and allow this bunch of sore-losers to destabilise the nation, create political upheaval and allow the economy to suffer, which will eventually make us a pariah nation.

This country has rules of law and Ambiga as a lawyer knew it better than anyone else, but she like all the other lawless leaders in PR, decide, instead of going to the court to seek justice, they go to the streets to vent their anger. As a lawyer, she should know toppling a duly elected government is a treacherous act and a serious crime.

Go tell Anwar Ibrahim to stop his nonsense before you condemn Najib's promise of reconciliation. 

It is absurd that you don't keep your end of the bargain and expect others to keep theirs. 

The government should come down hard on these recusants and keep them away where they can do no harm to society and the nation.

The people have given their verdict and all parties should respect the results no matter how bitter the pill to swallow.

Here, Nurul Izzah Anwar said Najib's reforms a lie. The liar is actually her father. 

"Will Najib agree to a smooth transition of power" her father asked before the elections and Najib promised he would do so here.

So, Nurul Izzah, who broke the solemn promise of smooth and peaceful transition of power. Your father, or Najib?

All those in the oppositions seem to have immunity against prosecution, because they have been blessed with God's given right to break the law, if one has to go by Ambiga's version of the law. 

Amiga Sreenavasan, you may be a hero to some, but to me, you are full of shit.


Anonymous said...

I am curious. The Bar Council has been very quick on attacking the Government on all government actions against the opposition but the Bar Council has not said anything about the illegal rallies organised by anwar and the gang.
That means the current Bar Council is no different from the previous one- mere extension of the opposition.

arizmaya said...

to anwar and his ilks.. national reconciliation is when the duly elected BN govt. surrender the govt to them...

Purple Haze said...


"The people have given their verdict ..."

The Interim Report of the Election Commission's own consultants opined that the elections were "partially free and not fair".

How can you accept the election result ? This conclusion is not made by the PR politicians OR foreign agencies - it is the EC's own consultants ! Surely they should recognise their own failings ?

On another note, the RCI on Project IC in Sabah is unravelling more treasonable offences by the smae BN govt that you side with. These phantom IC holders don't pay taxes and recently there was a report that said that the it has cost the hospitals in Sabah about RM 20 million over the past few years. If you are a tax payer in Sabah, this should infuriate you !

You, as a Sabahan, are paying for this BN ploy.

لف توف™ said...

We can forget about reconciliation for the time being. We want to press for cancellation of "free-to-do-what-they-like-as-if-Malaysia-is-mak bapa-dia-orang-punya" scums. KDN, hit them hard.

fazillah said...

Bring back the ISA

aGhaf said...

What reconciliation? The Malays are already advocating the Boikot Barang Cina and "Tak Tahu2" agenda.

The racist tongkangnese must show that they have the dignity and accept the responsibility whats' comming to them.

Anonymous said...

Purple Haze

your king of corruption, the immoral buttman was overseeing the Project IC in Sabah

you need to lick back your spit

Anak jati Johor said...

Anwar promises the Chinese of more land when he comes to power. There are not much land left in the Klang Valley and Penang except those owned by the Malays and thoose gazzetted as Malay reserved land.

Last year, I visited a condo project just across Lembah Pantai community centre at Kerinchi. Although on Malay reserved land, the units are also opened for sale to non bumi. The salesman was also proud to say that "soon, all the gazetted Malay reserved land will be opened for all."

Anwar is sweating bullets now trying to keep his big promises to the Chinese.

Anonymous said...

nuar jibo will continue until his saiful and lahad datu cases. he will use the bodo people to fight for his cases. simple, polis continue to take action if they langgar undang2 and see who gets tired first. btw mereka2 yg attend demo haram blacklisted either at uni or govt glc companies. see siapa can last......

Shafeek Taff said...

Pekong Umno will soon and inevitably spread all over the country and even the Tempurung Melayu won't be able to withstand the awful stench and will puke all over their so-called protector. It won't be pretty!!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

After PRU13 results were announced, Karpal & DAP were very happy & accepted the results. Now the are making all sorts of allegations just to please anwar & to show support to the sore loser. Even Stopa & PAS & azmin accepted the results. Let's move forward and start serving the electorates. Don't play the game as dictated by the old cry-baby. Don't push your luck too far, coz one can never under-estimate the backlash that will follow.
Despite what some people say about 'pekong umno' or 'tempurung Melayu'& despite the bad mouthing they received, I think UMNO & BN is much better than the other side, which is much worse , with all the back biting and back stabbing & the lies.
Some people just seem to forget and not thankful enough for their good fortunes which they have enjoyed all these while.

Anonymous said...

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