Monday, June 24, 2013

Anak Melayu Suka Berpesta Dan Berdemonstrasi Di Negara Dystopia.

Hantu Laut

The Black 505 held at Padang Merbok on Saturday 22 June was an anticlimax and incipient boredom for many attendees. Some left before the main event started, stating boring speeches and the haze as the killjoy.

Most attendees were Malays, who are hooked on to this carnival type protests, a wasteful social habit courtesy of Anwar Ibrahim.

Today, some youths mostly Malays tried to break into Parliament to demand EC members to step down.

Anwar have said Pakatan will not have anymore rallies, but he is not sure about the NGOs.

Your guess as good as mine who will be behind the NGOs demonstrations and who likely to be in the front.

The Chinese have delivered their message and have gone back to work to earn their rice bowls .

The Malays still think they live in dystopia.

In the meantime enjoy the lyrics of the song by OneRepublic.

Yeah! that's where you are heading for.


kubai said...

para pembaca.

Artikle yang berkait. Sila baca...

kalau benar, kia tak boleh biarkan... lunyai Melayu nanti...

Anonymous said...

Budaya berfikir harus diterapkan semasa kechil. Bila dah besar tak lah jadi melayu baru bodoh. Ini semua salah emak bapak mereka. Anak melayu lebih senang dng budaya lepak dan rempit.

Anonymous said...
Kalau benar, Melayu memang terbukti tidak mampu bersaing. Mereka sentiasa memerlukan bantuan, mengikut pendapat tokoh pendidikan Melayu ni, Melayu adalah tiada daya bersaing dengan sendiri.

Purple Haze said...

Are the educationists - Ibrahim Abu Shah and Zainal Kling - openly admitting that Malays are second-class students?

If they are, then it might explain your article's title.

The Malays have just been insulted. Do not let these "educationalists" drag down the country.

Anonymous said...

yang blackout pada anwar hanya perkataan perdana mentari..