Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Black 505 Rally,Arrest The Organisers Not The Blind Mice.

Hantu Laut

Is Rafizi Ramli a politician or a skunk? 

He doesn't seem to understand that there are laws in this country that all and sundry must respect. He couldn't care a shit. He wanted to show the people how big his balls are and how he can defy the long arm of the law and the police wouldn't dare touch him and if the police do touch him or any of the protesters, he and the whole herd of cows will claim police brutality and violation of their democratic rights.

Anwar's idea of the black rallies is to provoke the police into taking action against the protesters so he can condemn the government for its heavy-handedness and gross violation of human rights. He want his Western allies to see how bad the Malaysian government is. 

This bunch of pathetic jokers say they have no intention of bringing down the government, if so, why hold the rallies recurringly?

In which fucking country do they have members of parliament organising street rallies almost every week over unproven allegation of electoral frauds ? Only in Malaysia, like we have nothing better to do, making us a laughing stock of the world.

Anwar failed to capture Putrajaya out of his own stupidity. He thinks he can get Putrajaya riding on the waves of popular votes, which he knew very well is a complete fallacy, but is now using it to confuse and rile up the people to go against the government. He was in UMNO before and knew how the system works.

Spinning the yarn, twisting truth into lies and lies into truth is Anwar's alchemy.

He said Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono was very concern with the massive electoral fraud that happened in Malaysia when in fact Susilo told him, he can only lend his ears, but can't interfere in Malaysia's domestic affairs. 

Did Susilo actually invites him for that reason or invites him to tell him to respect the democratic process and live to fight another day.

Indonesian papers only picked up what was spun by the pro- opposition spinning mills and Pakatan leaders like Anwar and his lackey Rafizi the Goebbels. 

Goebbels seems to be in a delusion of grandeur, insisting that the rally must be held at Padang Merbok, although, DBKL had refused to give permission for the rally to be held there as the venue has been given to another party earlier for its function.

The Black 505 Rally on 22 June is an attempt to bring down the government through forces of people's power.  Read Rafizi' stance here. Degil dan biadap.

Can 200,000 or so blind mice from Kuala Lumpur  represent 13 million or so Malaysian voters and 28 million Malaysians in the country?

My advice to the police, if they have to arrest, do not arrest the blind mice, arrest the organisers.


Grand Marquis said...

Actually I think the police should act smart. Arresting the organizer is what the PR wants. If their top shots are arrested is even better because they can then use it to instigate more chaos and protest. What Anwar wants is to repeat the 1998 incident where some top shot (assuming him) got a black eye in police custody.

In my opinion, police should arrest as many mice as possible. This will cause headache for PR to bail these mice or else they would be seen as washing their hand. Let these mice suffer as a result of their stupidity of letting themselves being use as a tool by the politicians.

Purple Haze said...

By the same token, I am also wondering if the PM knows the laws of this country.

It is written in Article 43 of the Constitution that cabinet ministers are to be appointed from among the members of either House of Parliament.

We do know for a fact that Datuk Wahid and Paul Low were not members of either House of Parliament when they took their oath of office. They were, subsequently but that is not the issue.

Macam mana ? So far, no one including the Solicitor General's office has said anything to correct this unlawful appointment.

Perhaps Rafizi is taking his cue from the BN govt. Malaysia Boleh.

Anonymous said...

ambiga and anwar asked australia for help got rejected

now Indonesia is pulled in

why not singapore??


P.S. arrest both, whoever breaks the law