Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Razaleigh Should Go For President Not Prime Minister

Hantu Laut

'Salvage value', in accounting term is the estimated value that an asset will realise upon its sale at the end of its useful life.

At age 78 can Razaleigh performs as adequately and as furious as a younger man? What salvage value has Razaleigh?

Like machines and other movable assets that depreciated in value every year as they get older, humans are the same, our mental and physical value diminished as we grow older. Of course, we do get the "oddballs" who would not cease to amaze you with their mental and physical dexterity. Think of Lee Kuan Yew and Mahatir Mohammad and you have the amazing prodigies of endless energy. These larger than life figures have dominated politics and societies for decades and have yet to whittle away their influence.

Are Malaysians ready for another blue blood to lead this country after a long hiatus from the first prime minister who came from a noble house, a libertarian with a laissez-faire policy that eventually led to the worst racial riot this country had ever seen. 

Would one born with a silver spoon in the mouth have touch with the ground and empathetic to the common people's aspirasions .

Good old Razaleigh has become a mirage of some sort for people in despondency. Everytime, there's leadership crisis his name is hawked around as 'fill in the gap' candidate for prime minister. He had not come any nearer the goal post. His last attempt at the UMNO leadership of its presidency was during Pak Lah's time and was a complete disaster. He had only one nomination from his own constituency, not enough for him to mount a challenge.

A man of refreshing candour and good stead, he should not believe and savour false hope given him by the few disgruntled UMNO/BN parliamentarians. They are 'dogs in the manger', selfish, self-centered and won't have enough string to pull off a coup. 

Will Razaleigh gives Najib a run for his money?

He may get some supports from MPs in PAS and DAP, but the spanners in the work will be Anwar's PKR and UMNO. If Razaleigh become PM the whole political equation will change, which may not be in Anwar's favour and not of his liking.

I believe sensibility will prevail. Razaleigh will not mount a challenge against Najib in a vote of no-confidence in parliament. He may not want to be prime minister using the back door and owe the opposition a favour. He would be in office at the mercy of the opposition if he accepts their olive branch.

However, he may do a Julia Gillard on Najib, mounting a challenge for president of the party, hence, the premiership. This is the more honourable way for him to claim the premiership.

Mahathir is still trying to call the shots, calling for no contest for the two top posts. He may have a valid reason, but will they listen to him?

Razaleigh still have enough time to campaign for supports and this time he will get more support from more divisions, but the journey may still be uncertain, a chance worth exploring in this uncertain time.

Note:UMNO has changed its voting method to what they claimed to be direct voting by 145,000 members from all divisions to stop money politics.The party claimed to have 3.5 million members. It is  still not representative of members choice.


Anonymous said...

This is the time and age when we no longer need somebody born with a silver spoon in the mouth. And to be fair to Ku Li, about everybody who has become the nation's leader isn't much different from him. Perhaps it's time for our country (as with most others) to have a leader who wasn't born with a silver spoon in the mouth.

Anonymous said...

I really don't think TDM is trying to call the shots. People are still asking him for answers.

He will always oblige. He expresses his opinion and many loves to conclude that those words of his are instructions.

Paklah was obviously leading Malaysia backwards and Malaysians were appealing to TDM to intervene which he did out of concern for Malaysia not for power.

Otherwise he would not have retired TWICE.

Anonymous said...

Whatever The Leadership of UMNO Says i.e No Challenge to Curent PM and DPM, the SILENT MAJORITY in UMNO may think otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Razaleigh is the last resort since anwar, nik aziz FAILED because he went against TDM.

Of course they would have loved kit siang, guan eng or karpal but the time is still not right for non-Malays yet but the chinese will bid their time.

P.S. "aspirasions" should be "aspirations"

Anonymous said...

its time for the young guns now. time to call it a quit. you already had your shot in umno and semangat 46 before. time to realize the need of unity among Malays as one and not as separated quarters......