Saturday, June 22, 2013

Mother Of All Rallies Today: Did The Chinese Smell Something Fishy?

Hantu Laut

Everything we do, good or bad, must have a reason, or an objective. We eat to live, we work to sustain that existence. We shower once or twice a day for hygiene, to keep the bugs away from making us sick. We have sex for pleasure or procreate to sustain the human race.

Unless, you are completely insane, everything you do must have reasons.

Pakatan Rakyat lost the elections and blamed electoral frauds as the cause of their misery. They know why they lost but they don't want the people to know the truth, they want the people to think that they have really been cheated, they want to anger the people to justify an uprising.

They say they have no intention of bringing down the government. If so, why hold so many rallies?

Later they say they want all Election Commission's members to resign for the electoral frauds.

Doctor apa ini, doctor ubat, doctor gigi atau doctor baru belajar (intern)

There are many lawyers in Pakatan Rakyat, don't tell me they don't know the law, who can appoint and who can remove members of the EC? Have the shit got into their heads that they can't remember the law.

Their propaganda of electoral frauds started long before the general elections as contingency plan in the event they lose the elections. As I have expected, they lost and are using that contingency plan now to take over the government, by hook or by crook.

The biggest honour should be given to Ambiga for the biggest political fraud of the century, openly colluding with Pakatan Rakyat to destabilise the government under the pretext of fighting for free and fair elections. This lady has a swollen head because of that award given by Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, which is a real boo-boo. The same kind of ill-judged Nobel Peace Prize given to Obama, a joke I still could not comprehend till today. Alfred Nobel must be turning in his grave, though, he himself invented one of the most destructive invention, the dynamite being his most famous one.

This is Anwar Ibrahim's last stand, by hook or by crook, he must be prime minister, but as I have predicted time and again, he'll never be, man proposes, God disposes. Someone up there writes his destiny, and for that matter, for all of us.

Another propagandist, but not as smooth as Rafizi the Goebbels.

Shakespeare had also gotten into the act that one's destiny is in God's hand, in his works of Hamlet "There is a divinity that shapes our ends, rough-hew them how we will". It means no matter how hard you try to shape your life in the end it is God, who decides your destiny.

In Islam we called it takdir.

Fate must have it that God is not ready to make Anwar the prime minister of this country yet.

Stuck between a rock and a hard place and as the democratic process had failed him, he needs to change the course of action and the only option opened is an uprising similar to the "Arab Spring"

No political party in a democratic system in any part of the world organises weekly rally as the one seen in Malaysia. What is the purpose?

It is undeniable that the whole idea of the weekly rally is to culminate into a huge one to bring down the government.

It seems DAP wise up to the wrong flavour of the rally as there are no signs of them participating. Did the Chinese smell something fishy, hence, not wanting to get involved?

It looks like an all Malay do, organised by incorrigible PKR and PAS leaders, the sore losers.

Inikali lah! Melayu pukul Melayu!

Today, we'll see how many stupid Malaysians will come out, in spite of the haze, to participate in the mother of all rallies....or will it fizzle out before it started?


Anonymous said...

Ini lah habuan nya apabila ISA dimansuhkan. Apa Kah rakyat yang mencintai keamanan dan kesejahteraan dapat?. PM dan menteri kabinet sila beri jawapan!

Anonymous said...

Apa kelas Blackout 505? Jerebu 505 la!!!

Anonymous said...

if it is going to be a beat up if they provoke the police, then Mr Policeman we the SILENT MAJORITY support the actions that you plan to take. Beat them,break their legs even if they are my brothers or sisters go ahead do it for the good of the country. We are tired of the rallies as it disrupts the whole city if not the country. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Only Parti Agama Shaitan will support munafiq leader. It is too plain to see but not to stupid Malays.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to Diappoint You.

Malaysians of all race and Creed turned up peacefully in full force to express their resentment at fraud practises allowed by the EC in the last GE and demand the resignation of these incompetent EC Officials.

Freddie Kevin said...

HL, ranks among your best posts. Yes, man propose God disposes.

Thank you

Purple Haze said...

The rally is over and it seemed peaceful by most reports.

Prior to the rally, the PDRM stated that they received info that there would be violence. The organisers denied that they issued such a call. It was even remarked that the army would be called in.

So who told the PDRM of such planned attacks ? Surely the organisers would not shoot themselves in the foot and it would be irresponsible of the PDRM if they originated such rumours.

Who then are the agent provocateurs ? Who stands to gain if there is violence ? It certainly is not the Opposition who will gain as the rakyat will not accept violent change. History shows that it does not last.

Anonymous said...

The DAPcinabeng were absent en bloc from Anwar' Blackout 505 Rally at Padang Merbok yesterday was very obvious. It is not that DAPcinabeng only smell something fishy....they now start to smell the shits from Anwar's arse.

It won't be long before the DAPcinabeng abandon Anwar as they now start to see that it is DAPigs the crowd puller to the pig's den NOT Anwar.

I wonder what happened to the orang asal and those idiots that stay camped in PMerbok while Anwar..Lim Guan Eng...Tian Chua...Hisahamudin Rais...Johari Bedul....probably enjoy the nights in 5 star hotel .....having beer .....sodomizing.....chinadolling.....somewhere.

Anonymous said...

purply hazy has read too many whodunnit fiction

for your intellectual UPGRADE, read this "de butler did it"


Anonymous said...

Anon June 23, 2013 at 11:03 AM

DAPcinabeng takut mati, stayed home because PAS lembus want to mati syahid and army boys are itching to practise what they've trained for

hahahaha for all their CAT calls, DAPcinabeng have yellow chicken hearts

Anonymous said...

"Malaysians of all race and Creed turned up peacefully in full force to express their resentment at fraud practises allowed by the EC in the last GE and demand the resignation of these incompetent EC Officials." says a non @ June 22, 2013 at 7:03 PM


this anon is a victim of PSI haze 505 hazardous levels, still suffering the delusional after-effects of MATI SYAHID