Monday, June 3, 2013

Nurul Izzah: Sabah Constituted Right

Hantu Laut

You can puke all you want, the state of Sabah has the right to bar anyone entering the state including politicians out to cause mischief.

Nurul Izzah and her father Anwar Ibrahim have shown to be rich repository for troubles, refused to accept the verdict that they have been defeated, cooked allegation of massive frauds by BN as reasons for massive rallies that they hope would inflame the people's anger and trigger a Malaysian Spring. 

The cows might have been cowed but they are not all that stupid. They were led to the watering hole but refused to drink. The Malaysian Spring that Anwar wanted so much to happen, didn't happen.

Malaysians are generally peace loving people and would not want to destroy this country for the sake of one man's greed for power.

Sabah shouldn't take chance and let her in freely to do what her father has done in West Malaysia. She played active role in the rallies in West Malaysia and could do the same in Sabah.

Prevention is better than cure.

You can curse, swear and write shits or shit yourself all you want, the power lies with the state.

Her father promised to give more autonomy to Sabah, why is she complaining, the state is only exercising its autonomous right.

Below is Immigration Act 55 of the Immigration Act 1959/63 relevant to Sabah and Sarawak.

Restriction on citizen’s right of entry into an East Malaysian State

66. (1) Subject to subsection (2) and to sections 67 and 68, a citizen shall not be entitled to enter an East Malaysian State without having obtained a Permit or Pass in that behalf unless—
  1. (a)  he belongs to the East Malaysian State;
  2. (b)  he is a member of the Federal Government, or of the Executive Council or Legislative Assembly of the East Malaysian State (or of any Council having similar functions in the State);
  3. (c)  he is a judge of the Federal Court or of the High Court in Sabah and Sarawak, or is a person designated or nominated to act as such, or he is a member of any Commission or Council established by the Federal Constitution or by the Constitution of the East Malaysian State; or 

    (d) he is a member of any of the public services of the Federation, or of the public service of the East Malaysian State, or of a joint public service serving the East Malaysian State, or is seconded to any such service.
    (2) Where a citizen is entitled to enter the East Malaysian State under subsection (1), the citizen’s children under the age of eighteen years and (if he is a man) his wife, if entering the East Malaysian State with, or to be with, the citizen, shall not be required by subsection (1) to obtain a Permit or Pass in that behalf.
    (3) Where a citizen is not entitled to enter an East Malaysian State under this section, Parts I to VI, in their operation as a special law for the East Malaysian State shall apply to him as if he were not a citizen:
    Provided that a citizen arriving in Malaysia in the East Malaysian State or in the other of the East Malaysian States, and proceeding to a part of Malaysia which he is entitled to enter, shall be entitled to such Pass as is reasonably required to enable him to do so.
    (4) The burden of proof that a person is entitled to enter the East Malaysian State under this section shall lie on him.
    Right to enter East Malaysian State for exercise of political rights
    67. Subsection 66(1) shall not have effect in relation to a citizen entering the East Malaysian State for the sole purpose of engaging in legitimate political activity; but the burden of proof that a person is entitled to enter the East Malaysian State under this section shall lie on him. 


Anonymous said...

She should just remove her tudung, her actions are really a shame to Islam.

There was a video of her doing a blow job on her prof for pass grades.

kittykat46 said...

No doubt Sabah has the Constitutional power to deny entry to individuals the Sabah State govt considers "undesirable".
The only Absolute right in this world belongs to God.

When a government exercises a right in a Mala Fide ("with bad intentions") way, it debases its moral right to rule. I would advise BN not to get too arrogant with its "fixed deposit" in Sabah. The payback someday could be very painful.

Anonymous said...

good to hear you miewing again and with good reasoning.

Musa might have the letter of the law but eventually it is the spirit of the law and natural justice that will win in the long run.

Yes keep on abusing the full weight of the law unjustly and he who wield the stick will find the full weight of justice upon his back sooner or later.


Anonymous said...

haiya 46 & y1

the daughter is a product of daddy buttman who breaks laws for breakfast

the zionists employ pre-emptive strikes but dapsters were as quiet as a mouse

you're just defending her to be used as a political tool to again split Malay votes in pru14

a planB - since daddy will soon holiday in bamboo river resort

Purple Haze said...

It appears that within the space of a few days, Nurul Izzah has changed from being a danger to Sabah to one who is now welcomed.

I don't recall reading anything that she did to be BN-complaint. So, what has changed that the "authorities" that determine who can visit Sabah have decided to change their mind ?

These are very dangerous precedents as it seems that the ability of Malaysians to vist other Malaysians in the state of Sabah rests on certain individuals. These are very childish games.