Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Shithead's Minority Government!

Hantu Laut

From Anwar Ibrahim, Lim Guan Eng, Lim Kit Siang to the smallest fry, they keep referring to the Najib's government as minority government.

Do they understand what a minority government is?

Here, Anwar claimed "we won the elections"

Here, Guan Eng claimed "we are the majority"

Ironically, there are hundreds of articles that appeared in news portal and blogs that portrayed BN as minority government

It doesn't take much to cajole and fool the average Malaysians including the over-educated ones because they are just too lazy to do their own homework preferring to be spoon-fed by whoever they fancy.

Najib's government, by any stretch of your imagination, is not a minority government. For all intents and purposes, it is a majority government. Only in a hung parliament situation or where no clear majorities are obtained by any parties would a minority government be formed.

A minority government exists where it lacked outright majority of seats and depends for its survival on the support of other parties or independents who hold the balance of power in the  lower house.

Without formal coalition being formed among the parties concerned, a minority government is the only solution to a functioning parliament. It is usually given to the party with the largest number of seats and supported by smaller parties or independents to form a minority government. This form of government is most unstable and can collapse anytime if the other parties withdraw their supports. 

Unlike Pakatan Rakyat, BN is a single legal entity and won 133 seats giving it a comfortable majority of 22 more seats over the finishing line of 111 seats. Any party that finished beyond 111 seats can form the government under the "first past the post" system. 

Don't let these shitheads fool you with their own ignorance and melodramatic jingle of the meaning of  "minority government"

It ain't true !

Najib's government is duly elected by the people and is a majority government. 

They can FO with their claim of popular votes, because our electoral system does not work that way and they knew it fully well, but can you blame these kiddos........a bunch of sore losers and a chieftain with a chronic sore throat and a congenital liar.


Anonymous said...

IT's what they do.

Yang aku tak puas hati, Najib still kow towing to these people and not focusing on what the rakyat wants.

I begin to think that Najib ni bukan harmless sebenarnya. Apa yang dia sorok ni for totally ignoring the people that vote him in. Tak payah la berlindung di sebalik advisors -- the devil is he himself

Purple Haze said...

I agree with you that BN has the majority of seats.

However, as to the term "duly elected", we shall have to wait for the results of the contesting of results to run its course. There is a 21 day window for appeals once the results are gazetted.

But for now, BN is the winner even if the Election Commission's own consultants declared in its Interim Report that the elections were "partially free but not fair". (I am suprised that none of your pro-BN posters have attacked the report ! Selective reasoning ?)

The BN govt is however, quite incredibly blaise in the first weeks of governing. I await to hear a good excuse for having Cabinet ministers who were not sworn in as Senators prior to taking their oath.

And so far, 3 deaths in police lockups and the Home Minister is clueless ? ( Mr Waytha, how many more Indians have to die?)

And how is Nurul Izzah more dangerous to Sabah than armed insurgents from another country who landed on Malaysian sovereign territory ?

And how come no one is supporting Khir Toyo, the ex-BN MB of Selangor? Can AG Gani Patail adopt the same processes to prosecute others such as CM Taib of Sarawak ? If the ex-dentist was found out that he could not have pulled that many teeth to afford such a luxurious multi milion RM house, what about Taib ?

Has Ghani Othman become irrelevant ? I would have thought he could have been a Minister via the Dewan Undangan or has UMNO ditched him ?

Freddie Kevin said...

HL, if they don't want to FO they can screw each other, back and forth. These Fs are masters at disinformation. Especially the rear admiral.


jgn Tonggeng said...

Najib macam Keling Mahathir tidak ada interest melayu.
Mereka cuma fikir nak buat duit nak jadikan anak billionair.

Sudahlah najib, kalau tak tahu memerintah turun saja. Cari Melayu yang tahu memerintah orang cina ini.

Melayu yang sanggup mati untuk melayu bukan tak henti-henti tonggeng pada orang Cina.

Anonymous said...

Who was the very clever person who removed ISA? Now what kind of enforcement without power??? Hopeless cousins... transformation without brain.

Anonymous said...

A classic case of 'GILA TALAK'