Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Good Cops,Bad Cops And Bad Home Minister

Hantu Laut

Home Minister Zahid Hamidi shouldn't have jumped the gun and defended the police without any concrete evidence to support his claim. He rubbished talk of police involvement after allegation made by former IGP Musa Hassan of dirty cops in the force.

There are good cops, bad  cops everywhere and Malaysia is no exception. 

Zahid Hamidi being the minister responsible for the police force and internal security should have assured the people that he will leave no stone unturned to investigate the shooting and attempted murder of crime watchdog activist R. Sri Sanjeevan instead of defending the police blindly

It seems we are out of the frying pan and into the fire. After the vacuous and vapid Hishammudin Onn, I would have thought there would be a better man to helm this highly sensitive and important ministry. As Nelson Mendela verbalised "You don't have that idea when you are arrogant, superficial and uninformed" 

Is Zahid competent to be the Home Minister ?

Here, he said "I know Sanjeevan personally and I will make sure that there are no police involved in the incident" 

I wonder whether one can consider this as intelligent statement when a crime had been committed and the person is fighting for his life. How can he make sure dirty cops are not involved when the person has already been shot? Sanjeevan was shot soon after his attempt to reveal the names of dirty cops in the force.

The video that probably trigger off the hit against him.

Kuala Lumpur is now definitely a crime capital of the world. There have been too many drive by shooting and most cases remained unsolved.

Yesterday, another man fell victim to the assassin's bullets. Arab Malaysian Development Bank founder Hussain Ahmad Najadi was shot dead in his car and his wife who was with him injured. 

The hit on Sanjeevan must be by hired killer hired by someone who want to silence him. 

Dirty cops are the lowest of the low life and should be hunted down and brought to justice. 

In spite of the increase in organised and dangerous crime and spate of drive-by killings the police seem to be sitting on its laurel, preferring to direct its effort to prosecute opposition politicians and bloggers over trivial issues.

Example must come from the top, the IGP and Home Minister must adopt zero tolerance against dirty cops and criminals under their protection.


Anonymous said...

That statement Promising that he will make sure that no cops are involved is dangerous as it could be interpreted as suggesting a potential coverup !!

Bodoh Nyaaa!


Anonymous said...

Buat masa sekarang kata2 pembangkang saya akan kurang mendengarnya kerana telah banyak kali apa yang diperkatakan oleh mereka adalah fitnah dan pembohongan semata2 kerana agenda mereka adalah untuk memburuk2an apa2 agensi kerajaan lebih2 lagi jika agensi berkenaan berkait rapat dengan orang melayu.

Anonymous said...

Nak tanya "Hishammudin Onn" tu sape ek ?

Kalau org nama Hishammudin tu macam saya tahu tapi bin dia lain pulak, sape ek ?

Hishammudin yg saya tahu tu tanding lawan Onn pada pru-13, nama dia dah berubah ke ?

Anonymous said...

Bad cops and bad judges in court where money can buy their service. In Malaysia it is a uphill task to win a case involve a big corporate organisation. One case in Istana Kehakiman which involved an elder brother using company fund to buy his 20 siblings (appellant) their company shares that was inherited from their late father when most of his siblings (same father from different mothers) were still schooling. The appellant lawyer spent hours to present his case but failed to get the court to favour them. He got frustrated and spilled the bean admitted to somebody that they have paid to have been given lengthy of time to present the case but the amount was not big enough to favour them a 'fair' result. The bar chamber president had once disclosed of some allegation that some retired judges were actively acted as a middle man to influence judges to deliver verdict favouring big corporate figure in civil cases where a lot of money is involved. Abu Samah are you still there..pathetic...Hamidi we expected you to be at the bottom of these craps and get it resolved. Pls improve the tarnish image of civil services. If not, whether you are around or not it will not make any difference. SPRM please don't wait for public complaint to start to investigate be proactive instead and do your close surveillance to get the bad figures to justice.

Purple Haze said...

You wrote that examples should come from the top.

Today there is a statement from the IGP on the Sanjeevan shooting that said that it could be one of his (Sanjeevan) friends that was responsible. That is a possibility, I suppose.

Since Zahid has said that he knows Sanjeevan personally, is Zahid on the suspect list?

Or has everyone been "misquoted", the standard excuse that our Malaysian leadership loves to use ?

The bigger picture is that the increase in crime is not a perception as our politicians have said before. The rakyat aren't fooled, Minister !