Monday, July 8, 2013

Was Washington Behind Egypt's Coup ?

The overthrow of President Mohamed Morsi by the Egyptian Armed forces was not carried out against US interests, it was instigated to ensure “continuity” on behalf of Washington.
“[US Defense Secretary] Hagel and [US Chief of Staff General] Dempsey were walking a fine line … expressing concern while attempting to avoid the impression that the U.S. was manipulating events behind the scenes.” (, July 3, 2013)
The protest movement is directed against the US and its proxy Muslim Brotherhood regime.
The Muslim Brotherhood had been spearheaded into the government with the support of Washington as a“replacement” rather than an “alternative” to Hosni Mubarak, who had faithfully obeyed the orders of the Washington Consensus from the outset of his presidency.
While the Armed Forces have cracked down on the Muslim Brotherhood,  the Coup d’Etat is ultimately intended to manipulate the protest movement and prevent the accession of a “real people’s government”.  The overthrow of President Mohamed Morsi by the Egyptian Armed forces was not carried out against US interests, it was instigated to ensure “continuity” on behalf of Washington.
“Demonstrators carried hand-made posters denouncing Obama and his pro-Muslim Brotherhood Cairo Ambassador, Anne Patterson.” (F. William Engdahl, Global Research, July 4, 2013).  

The Muslim Brotherhood and the CIA

Western intelligence agencies have a longstanding history of collaboration with the Brotherhood.  Britain’s support of the Brotherhood instrumented  through the British Secret Service dates back to the 1940s. Starting in the 1950s, according to former intelligence official William Baer, “The CIA [funneled] support to the Muslim Brotherhood because of “the Brotherhood’s commendable capability to overthrow Nasser.”1954-1970: CIA and the Muslim Brotherhood Ally to Oppose Egyptian President Nasser,


drahmadseremban said...

Once a bill or an amendment is tabled in a democratic parliment, every MP can support or oppose it. Nevertheless, in this matter, democracy ('by default' or by its 'nature') usually (if not always) PROVIDES ADVANTAGE to the ruling democratically-elected government. You like it or not, you have to accept this (sometimes) painful reality (if you're truly a democrat).

The oppositions to the ruling party can always show their disagreement in various democratic ways eg tabling special motions in the parliment, demonstrating etc.

The MB & islamists around the world have participated in this process of democracy since many many years ago. There were many times where the minority Islamic democrats felt that the various parlimentary decree, bills, amendments were really against them, but very patiently they maintained their democratic spirit.

It is your democratic right to hate MB/Morsi, but you should have wait to the next GE/Presidential Election to 'topple' them/him. Painful?....that is how democracy works.

Democrats celebrating/cherishing/welcoming a coup is very2 embarassing indeed.

Purple Haze said...

There is a video on YouTube Egypt: The Next President

An interesting perspective from a 12 yr old boy who is way ahead of his peers.

Pe'ah said...

Dr Ahmad,

Don't be delusional with democracy. Its just another tool for the elite banksters of wall street to manipulate countries and their respective people to ensure washington's hegemonic agenda sticks and run uninterrupted by pesky peasants and arabs.

The muslim brotherhood as a CIA lackey is fine whenever its needed by these elites, but somehow it doesn't fit in the current scenario planned for egypt. Hence the kick in the butt for morsi.

They know very well the islamists patience in practising democracy although its not to their advantage most of the time. So, bid your time you islamists hoping to gain power democratically. That power is not to be even if gained legitimately.

What democratic rights, then? It means absolutely nothing to these wall street cabal. So go eat your heart out!

Gram Kong said...


You have it in a nutshell, if it serves American interests they will make friend with the devil. Remember the Shah, Marcos, Suharto and many more, were they not bad dictators and US allies?