Friday, August 2, 2013

Crime Has No Statute Of Limitations

Hantu Laut

The 1974 killing of the IGP was never solved.

Questions are still being asked but Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak was reported to have said a couple of years back, it would be difficult to reopen the case as "it happened a long time ago."

Someone should tell the now Prime Minister that crimes have no "statue of limitations"

Onerous, is on the police to solve murder cases, but when luck ran out and lackadaisical attitude takes over the police ran into a brick wall. 

In the old days the police had better crime-busting work and higher rate of success.

Today, many high profile murder cases remained unsolved. The police found them too confounding to sleuth around and do a Sherlock. Detective work is also deductive work, needs not only lots of skill, but lots of passion to unlock the puzzle.

No justice system is perfect, innocent people have been sent to the gallows and the guilty have gone scot free, but police work to catch the perpetrators must not stop.A file can be closed, but should be reopened if new evidence surfaced. Serious crime has no "statute of limitations". Till death do us part.

Malaysian police seemed to have lost the passion for real detective work, depending too much on direct evidence rather than pursuing  circumstantial evidence where and when direct evidence is lacking. 

Collection of circumstantail evidence can become "colloborating evidence" that can establish or refute whether the accused is guilty or not.

The truth is, gathering circumstantial evidence is tedious and require much more police work than direct evidence and police investigators assigned to such work must have a nose for it, which is telling why many murder cases have gone unsolved. 

Read below how the police lost its mojo.

Good Cops, Bad Cops And All


SM said...


I don't believe our Cops are incompetent.

Their priorities are just different.

1/ They are poorly paid (how to survive with the Salary they make? Unless by "other" means?)
2/ Poorly trained
3/ Their bosses need them to go after Opposition Politicians rather than do their real jobs!

In the mean time, the Rakyat suffer!

As the saying goes.....when you pay Peanuts.....

Anonymous said...

Even with reports made with evidence spoon fed to them will end up conclude by them as no case to follow-up. Cases with difficulties to crack will be more worst. They take their iron rice bowl as granted without worries. Some people joining the force is because they know they can earn sideline income.

Anonymous said...

Only monkey can recognise the other monkeys.

Anonymous said...

sick mind, sick mind

why is everything about money??

singapore leaders are paid very HIGH salaries and yet some have been convicted for power abuse

the latest is an CPIB officer himself had been charged for corruption

Anonymous said...

when birds' wings are clipped, they can't fly

Anonymous said...

oppo politicians are asking to be chased after