Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Bung Mokhtar's (Sandiwara) Overdramatic Performance

Hantu Laut

Some politicians are good in theatrics and our guile and guts Bung Mokhtar is at it again.

A master of overdramatic performance, he wants to make himself feel important and indispensible. Kampong politics par excellence.

In the first place why bother to contest the party election if you intent to resign ?

Why the need to meet PM Najib if you are determined to leave, just submit your letter and be done with it.

Read here Bung Mokhtar's sandiwara.

I bet he won't resign.


Anonymous said...

I bet the savings has dwindled due to excessive maintenance of younger wife....Must put up dramatic performance to solicit some rewards from Najib.....perangai big foot!!!

Purple Haze said...

Bung's use-by date has already passed.