Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Mahathir's Anthology Of Sarcasm, Cynicism And Skepticism

Hantu Laut

You can find the Bahasa Malaysia version on his Facebook.

Translated into plain English by Hantu Laut.

By Tun Mahathir Mohammad 

1 . Now I know why Bumiputra contractors are not given contract by the Malaysian private sector . According to Senior Fellow of the Institute of Socio-Economics and the Environment ( SERI ) Dr. Michael Lim Mah Hui,  Bumiputra contractors lack quality.

2 . RAM Holdings chief economist Dr Yeah Kim Leng said the private sector is not merely denying opportunities to Bumiputra contractors, but had to prioritise meritocracy.

3 . We know the bumiputra-controlled  Government is of poor administrative quality and employed almost 100 % Bumiputra to become officers and employees. As a result, the country is not well governed resulting in poor development and left far behind other countries that gained independence about the same time as Malaysia. .

4 . This Bumiputra controlled government failed to address the economic and financial downturn in 1997/98 . Scores of businessmen and industrialists , especially those with merit went bankrupt during the currency crisis due to poor handling by the bumiputra-controlled government. To date, the economic and financial affairs of the country had not recovered due to deficient quality of the Bumiputra government.

5 . Indeed, if we were to save the country from falling behind further,  Bumiputeras who do not meet the grade or standard should not be given the opportunity to go to university because they are not likely to pass and get a degree . Action by the private sector in giving priority to merit is a step in the right direction. This is not because we don't want to give opportunities to Bumiputera, but to prioritise merit.

6 . Meritocracy is good for Malaysia . Do not do anything that is not based on merit . People who have no merit and are not qualified have no place in Malaysia . Let them stay with their bad quality and employ only those with merit. Our independence from British rule was intended to give opportunities to those with merit, not the mediocre and the sluggard.

7 .I agree with the opinion of the experts from SERI and RAM Holdings . People who do not have the quality should have no place in independent Malaysia . They should know the fruits of independence are not for them . It should favor only people with merit and intelligence, though, they never fought to liberate the country from colonial rule.

Najib better watch out. This may be the beginning of salvo of grevious nitpickings against his pyrrhic victory in the UMNO elections, seen by many as the result of the power of money politics and his transformation policy perceived as an exaggerated sideshow.


Anonymous said...

Najib survive but not necessarily same to the party. Most of the party members who exercise their vote were voting with their brain turned off.

SM said...


Sarcastic or otherwise, we know why TDM's bitching.....his son lost! BUT, having said that, all the 7 Points that he raised are true.
So what's next?
Our beloved Country is going down the drain & our current Silent PM is doing nothing new.....& we blasted Pak Lah for sleeping?!

Anonymous said...

senile mind

Tun Dr M never b*****s while you of poor lineage always do.

Mukhriz never lost, he won big against atrocious allegations, against money politics, against aged cronies, against collective power-crazed deadwood etc etc

Mukhriz also declared late his intnetion to contest and he is super busy with the by-election etc etc

So Mukhriz WON against too many odds and that the experience will give him strength and determination to succeed JUST like his famous and well-loved DAD.

eat your heart out senile mind!! hahaha