Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Selangor (The Richest) versus Sabah (The Poorest)

Hantu Laut

How do you reconcile this erroneous labelling of Selangor the richest state and Sabah as the poorest state in Malaysia?

I say it's erroneous because of the state budgets, which make no sense at all. The poorest state (Sabah) has a budget two and a half times bigger than the richest state (Selangor).

Selangor, mind you, joyously claimed the biggest budget ever at a measly sum of RM1.8 billion, while Sabah, the pauper state has a budget of RM 4.6 billion.

So, who you think is a caring government, the one who dares to spend more for the people, or the one who hoards the people's money ?

How come a state with the highest per capita income in the country has such poor budget.

Now, you know why Azmin Ali covets the MB post, they have a miser running the state.


Anonymous said...

Does the biggest budget make you the richest state? All we know Selangor runs a SURPLUS budget every year since 2008 and it has a very healthy coffer. I'm not sure where Sabah gets its huge fund for its biggest budget. All we know almost all if not all the BN states run on deficit budget just like the federal govt for the last 16 straight years. No doubt Sabah has the RICHEST NATURAL RESOURCES just like Sarawak but in all other indices of richest, e.g., per capita income, literacy level, internet penetration, road, healthcare etc........it ranks a distance behind when compared to Selangor.

SM said...


Bloody Azmin is a Sour Grapes. He's been attacking Khalid constantly ever since his failed attempt to take the MB's position!
The Selangor people are happy with the way Khalid runs Selangor (believe me I know as I'm 100% Selangorian).
You want someone who is thrifty & a kedekut or someone who is a typical Pemboros like the BN leaders (& their wifes....hahahahaha)? I will take the former any day. The Selangor State Govt can fund their expenditure from their Profits & save the rest. No need to spend Billions.
As for Sabah....you know the truth....a bunch of crooks running the State! Caring Governmet hahahaha...ya right...they are caring for their own pockets!
Sabah will remain the tail of Malaysia (as opposed to Selangor which is the Heart of Malaysia) as long as the corrupted Sabah Politicians run Sabah (taking orders from the even more corrupted Federal BN Govt crooks)!

Purple Haze said...

I am surprised that the Opposition in the Selangor State Assembly (that is, the BN parties) did not object furiously to the step rise in remuneration announced recently.

They should be thankful that Tan Sri Khalid is so stingy. Without it, they would not be getting higher gaji.

Good things come to those who wait (and manage prudently)