Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Times They Are A Changin: Change Or Sink Like A Stone

Hantu Laut

Read Outsyed The Box "PM Confirms Malaysia Will Go Bankrupt Under Him !!"

As they say "The road to hell is paved with good intentions" 

Good intention is meaningless unless followed through.

I am not a trained economist, a bloody accountant, or a wiz-kid of some kind, but my business sense, which I hardly use nowadays had grown sharper over the years for not being overused.

I am not against the GST as I do believe it is high time such effective tax mechanism be introduced in this country to compensate for the leakages through cheating and tax manipulation. However, such exercise would be futile and of no use if the government continued with its extravagant and corrupt ways. 

Show me a wise government that foolishly spent RM7.2 billion in consulting fees, has 1.4 million civil servants, almost half doing next to nothing and spending over 80% of its recurring budget for operating expenditure leaving less than 20% for development expenditure. 

No where in the world you can find such caring government.....where there is 1 civil servant for every 20 people.

In the 2014 Budget of RM264.2 billion, a sum of RM217.7 goes to operating expenditure and RM46 billion for development expenditure, a meagre sum by comparison. Malaysians have been had, we give our money to people who had no money sense.

This government is spending beyond its means, good money chasing bad money, indiscriminate and unconscionable spending that's going to bankrupt the country.

Najib's 1MDB is full of big talking men in dark suits that's going to screw the country big time   They proudly say that many of their bonds are not backed by government guarantees, but these bunch of shitheads forget that 1MDB is wholly owned by the Malaysian government and if 1MDB goes down the Malaysian government goes down with it and Malaysia's credit rating goes down the sewer and no one would want to touch Malaysia with a ten-foot pole.


Anonymous said...

Tak suka boleh berhijrah ke nagara lain.

SM said...


The light beginning to filter through the haze is it?!
Ahh...and as for the first comment you received here, well, typical UMNO comment...if you don't like it migrate!

Anonymous said...

Dear HL, please soldier on. We need astute bloggers like you and OTB to make us all aware of what is going on in this country because the readers of your blog are voters and we certainly need information and good analysis to help us cross who we want in the next GE.

Don't ever give up pls.

Anonymous said...

A shithole parrot at Anon November 26, 2013 at 11:19 AM!

You can keep your useless comment.

Rachel Matteson said...

There has never been a government administration that wasn't corrupt. It is in people's nature to abuse power unless, they have great character and principles to overcome the temptation.
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