Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Flight MH370: Malaysia's Conundrum Of Inconsistencies

Hantu Laut

Suddenly, Malaysia is full of clever people, yet they make one blunder after another, the latest being the military revelation that they tracked the plane over our airspace  to the Malacca Strait as far as Pulau Perak before it disappeared from radar at 2.40 a.m, and for reason only known to themselves, they only disclosed this information four days later, after four days of wild and frantic search for the plane in the wilderness of the South China Sea.

I am now beginning to doubt whether this information is reliable after getting so many misleading information from people who are called experts in their field.

If Flight MH 370 actually flew in that direction with its transponder switched off or broken, which means the plane is unidentified and flying incognito in Malaysian airspace, why did not the military scramble its fighter jet to investigate this flying object. The civil aviation radar tells a different story, claimed it last contact was at 1.30 a.m.

Now we have another expert in fuck I don't what, who also want to be in the limelight, dishing out balderdash nobody really want to know at this moment. Who is really interested to know that those poor souls can survive two months at sea when you can't even locate the bloody plane?

I know of the meaning of geopolitical, geostationary and geostrategic. Can someone tell me what does a geostrategist do?

Malaysia is now becoming the biggest joke to the world and in a "State of Inconsistencies"

1.DCA"s DG announced 5 people checked-in, but didn't board the plane and their luggage were off loaded, MAS was silent, much later the IGP says no such thing, all passengers boarded the aircraft, MAS in the affirmative. Why?

2.The case of wrong colour bar, Asian, Black or Caucasian.Different version by different people, Zaid Hamidi, Hishamuddin Onn and the DG of DCA. Why?

3.More serious and a logistic nightmare, two completely different stories by the military and civil aviation. One radar made in Bangladesh (pun intended) and the other one made in China (pun intended) which can't agree with each other and the military taking four days to reveal such vital information because of complete system failure. Why?

If you don't know, say you don't know, or just fuck the shut up!

Don't you think we are now a laughing stock to the world?


Stephen said...

Acc. to the military the flight has changed it path towards Malacca and after that they lost the signal .... even with the advanced technology we are unable to track an missing aircraft ... its shame .....

Purple Haze said...

The incompetence shown should not be a surprise. It is not uncommon in Malaysia that facts are overlooked to save someone's butt.

The Altantunya case and Sodomy I & II are standout cases where the prosecution and judiciary collaborate NOT to ask sensitive questions, even if the line of questioning leads to asking the obvious questions.

Then you have the Lahad Datu incursion where neither the Police or Military can determine whose jurisdiction it was to repel the invaders.

The ongoing A-word case where historical evidence, ministerial agreements and even the Malaysian Constitution is pushed aside, shows that the objective is more important than fairplay.

I pray that there are survivors that will be recovered but hope that their distress call is answered immediately and not put on hold while some bureaucrat takes a tea break.

(Yes, I am very upset because lives are at stake !)