Monday, August 11, 2014

Anwar Screw-Up Big Time, Is Fresh Elections In The Offing?

Hantu Laut

Is fresh election in the offing for Selangor?

Anwar Ibrahim has cut his nose to spite his face and had thrown Selangor into political turmoil that may see PR (Pakatan Rakyat) road to Putrajaya going up in smoke.

This man whom I have rejected as a leader since his days in UMNO has shown vacuousness of his highly questionable power grab that backfiring not only on himself but on the whole Pakatan Rakyat, which may see the demise of the three-party coalition.

Every step taken by Anwar and PKR against Khalid Ibrahim has been in the wrong direction. 

Anwar demanded that Khalid resigned to pave way for his wife to take over the MB position as Khalid was appointed by Pakatan Rakyat. For those with moral principle, this is nepotism of the highest order. Are there not enough qualified candidates in the PKR elected representatives line-up to become MB? 

Why his wife? 

Why not the wolfish Azmin Ali, who had been played out twice of the MB post by him.A promise he made to Azmin, but couldn't deliver because the other two partners PAS and DAP were not comfortable with Azmin.

We can rule out Azmin due to his unacceptability, which leaves PKR with 12 more choices. Are the Muslims among the 12 all dumb? If it's true no one in PKR is capable other than his wife why not pick someone from PAS to replace Khalid, as the MB post rightfully belong to PAS, which they sacrificed to PKR for peace sake.

This is where stupidity reigned over sensibility, Anwar caught with his pants down as exposed by his little boy wonder Rafizi Ramli that PAS was never consulted on the "Kajang Move" as PAS is not likely to agree. What's the point of a coalition if you don't trust your partner and do things on the sly?

Like morning dreams come true, PAS dissented saying Khalid has not done anything wrong to justify his removal. 

Anwar claimed that Khalid was appointed by PR, therefore, must abide by the decision, again this conniving otter made another big mistake.

Was there unanimous decision? 

It is now clear there wasn't any consensus at all. The God-fearing leaders in PAS have no time for Anwar's greed and connivance. PAS has also identified who are the moles in PAS, planted by Anwar to help further his ambition to become PM (Prime Minister) of this country, by hook or by crook.

By what transpired lately, PAS appears to have gotten fed up with the constant bullying by PKR and DAP and is prepared to leave the coalition if Anwar proceeded with the removal of Khalid and replaced with his wife.

PAS has no objection to other names, but Anwar appears not keen and insistent in putting his wife.

PKR has stripped Khalid of his membership making him an MB without a party and PAS showing its displeasure with Anwar by inviting Khalid to join PAS.

PAS has thrown a spanner in the works and not likely to change its stance.

With Khalid out, PKR is now left with 13 ADUNs and if Khalid join PAS the likelihood of PAS demanding the MB to come from PAS is highly probable.

Khalid may go for broke. A dissolution of the assembly and fresh elections is even of higher probability.

I have said many times before that this coalition of strange bedfellows will one day disintegrate because they have nothing in common other than dreaming of taking over Putrajaya, which will also end up in chaos as PAS is not comfortable with Anwar as PM as revealed by little boy wonder Rafizi Ramli, the so-called architect of the "Kajang Move". 

As they say "never send a boy to do a man's job"  

Anwar has stripped himself naked of his true colours. This is his biggest blunder. I expect many of his faithful supporters would have seen through the smoke screen and will shy away from him.

Anwar will soon be a liability to Pakatan Rakyat.

Khalid Ibrahim will eventually have to go, but not before he inflicts more serious damage on Anwar's reputation. 

There is a Chinese idioms that says "greed over small gains brings big losses"

Anwar screw-up big time.

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