Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Would DAP And PKR Dare To Kick PAS Out of Pakatan Rakyat?

Hantu Laut

I frankly think PAS should part ways with DAP and PKR as they have no common ground, it was a marriage made in hell, of irreconcilable differences and of one feeling loftier than the other. 

Both DAP and PKR consider PAS a kampong party run by country bumpkins and dependent on DAP and PKR for its enhanced political performance. Otherwise, parochial PAS would be confined to Kelantan.

An insult PAS had swallowed all this while and taking it in its stride so far.

It's puzzling that with the constant bickering, mistrust and distrust among the partners the  politicians in DAP and PKR still want to stay together with the hudud wielding PAS.

The Khalid Ibrahim debacle may be the straw that will break the camel back and it looks like DAP and PKR are more afraid of losing PAS than the other way round.

Desperation has turned to more insults being thrown at PAS to decide quickly its stand on the issue

I am against hudud law and strongly feel that PAS mixing religion with running of a nation is not healthy for this multiracial and multi religious country.

PKR and DAP should stay in PR and work harder to challenge the BN in the next GE (General Election) and leave PAS to its own device.

A pick from a news portal on the Selangor impasse.

It almost seemed as if Hadi had forgotten that his party had shared the trenches with DAP and PKR in two wars – GE12 and GE13 – and had won significant battles along the way.
Also, for someone whose party under-delivered in GE13, whose refusal to change the menteri besar in Kedah caused the fall of the state to BN and who needed a chunk of non-Malay votes to win a chunk of parliamentary seats in the peninsula and state seats in Selangor, he was cocky and dismissive of the importance of PR to PAS.
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Mat Salo said...

Bro Gram.. tks for visiting and dropping a line sir! Believe it or not I do come here to touch base with political developments. Yes, I was pulled to the other side of the world last June, kicking and screaming kid you not. After the moratorium work has exploded in the Gulf..which leaves me little time to blog and keep pace... Just as I was dipping my toes newly minted member of the infamous 'Bean Army' haha.. and everything got pulled from under me. Take care, Sir.

Anonymous said...

U r non ur dislike abt hudud is understandable but then that is why the spirit of pr shud work...dap should help to calm the chinese bcoz hudud has nothing to do with them. Pas did their part by telling their grassroot that it is ok to vote chinese dap. I scratchnu..u scratch me. Ini tak...undi melayu dap nk tolong Pas..go figure.