Tuesday, January 13, 2015

A Malaysian Charlie Hebdo?


If they are not careful, unknowingly, it would be the non-Muslims that will turn this country into a truly Islamic state, if they don't stop interfering with Islam.

A lawyer, but an idiot, the lady lawyer a Muslim, also an idiot. What is a non-Muslim doing interfering with what happened inside a mosque with the KUTBAH on Friday prayers?

What happened inside the mosque is none of your business and that Muslim lady lawyer defending you should have known better.

Trying to make political mileage out of bashing Jakim and Islam?

Sorry mate! No sympathy for stupidity. 

You are lucky this is Malaysia, Muslims here are basically still more civilised than in many other parts of the world.

One must know where and where not to poo!


Anonymous said...

Politics aside, lawyers are generally reviled more than cartoonists, seems to me.

Politics considered, seems to me that majority of lawyers and the judicial(or they are the most loud ones) are pro opposition these days.

Anonymous said...

Well, what about those who bashed Christians and "pendatangs"?

I am sure that you are aware of the term "evangelistas" that has been bandied around in certain blogs. Is that kosher?

I would be reluctant to accuse you of "double standards", but your post, as it stands, leaves me little choice.

As Singapore Foreign and Law Minister K. Shanmugam said when he signed the condolence book at the French embassy in Singapore for the victims of the terrorist killings:

"We have no doubt the resilience of the French people will come through once again. And this challenge will be faced with determination, like France has faced so many other challenges...."

Asked to whether the killings in Paris represented an attack on freedom of expression, Mr Shanmugam said that while freedom of expression is a universal value, each country practises it differently depending on its own experience.

"Given our own background in racial and religious sensitivities, we have taken a fairly tough line and we draw the line on freedom of expression which crosses over into insulting another religion.

"But you know these are based on historical experiences, and the French historical experience has led to their structure of freedom of expression which now has to face up to this reality, and I'm sure the French people will identify a line that they can draw."

(as reported in the Singapore Straits Times, January 13).

Very sensible words,imho.

Gram Kong said...


Now, you tell me did the lawyer went to the mosque to attend Friday prayer and listen to the sermon himself? If he didn't where did he gets the information? Rightly so, the police must investigate.

Of the terrorist attack in Paris, I suggest you read my post "March Of The Hypocrites"

If you want to be a cowed by Western propaganda, that's your business, I have my own mind and make my own conclusion.

IT.Scheiss said...

There are more than one "March of the Hypocrites"

Of course there is your earlier post.

Then there is this good one by Justin Raimondo of Antiwar.com.


Anonymous said...

Double standards?

You bash Islam, it's freedom of expression.
You bash Jews, it's anti semitism.

How about that for double standards?

Anonymous said...

Anon at 133:
Since you look up so highly on the Singaporean gomen, here is a question for you;"If the same thing was done in Singapore by that idiot lowyer or anybody else for that matter, what do you think the 'expression' of the Singapore ministers and AG about he same?
By the way Mr GK, I bet you that LK lowyer never been to a friday prayer in all her life!
Just an old man commenting.

Anonymous said...

G K 2:21 PM

Ever heard of tape recorders? The latest versions are miracles of miniaturization.

Methinks that these are the devices that tholice use to record verbal confessions, interrogations etc.

"March of the hypocrites? Then I suppose that people like Mahmoud Abbas, Merkel, David Cameron etc are all "hypocrites"?

As is the so-called Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the West (Pegida) in Germany. AFP reported that "Germany, with around 80 million to about four million Muslims. In a survey conducted several weeks ago and released last week, 57 per cent of non-Muslim Germans said they felt threatened by Islam, four points higher than in 2012."

The 57 per cent - are they all "hypocrites"?

Anonymous said...

Anon 3.22pm

Netanyahu was there too ya.

All the others too have Muslim blood on their hands. Killing Muslims at the smallest pretext. Invading Iraq using the vilest of lies.

Of course no hypocrisy there, right? All peace loving people who have enacted laws that forbid saying anything against the Jews or questioning the holocaust.

Damn hypocrites.

Anonymous said...

Are you implying that Eric the lawyer is using proof from some hypothetical tape recorder as a defense, instead of realizing that he talked cock, got scared of his mistake and deleted his tweet instead of explaining himself?

So if the Germans felt threatened by immigrants they can form groups against them but when Malays has a group to defend their constitutional rights because they felt threatened by evangelist Christians of pendatang origin suddenly Malays are extremists?

Go move to Germany and join them if you don't like Malays and Muslims, like that lawyer.

Anonymous said...

So pathetic...with Netanyahu leading the march...sheer hypocrisy of the west, or is it another CIA-Mossad project like 9/11...false flag all over again...


Anonymous said...

Anon Jan 13 9:47 PM

Really, is that the best that you can come up with?

There are about about 4 million Muslims in Germany. The majority of them are of Turkish origin. About 50 per cent are German citizens.

So, in Germany, it's the majority who feel "threatened" by a minority immigrant community.

With me so far?

In Malaysia, if you are to be believed, it's the majority Malay-Muslim community that feels "threatened by evangelist Christians of pendatang origin".

What's the number of these "pendatang evangelist Christians" compared with the number of Malay-Muslims in Malaysia?

Are you saying that, like in Germany, the majority community in Malaysia feels "threatened" by a minority of a minority community?


And you expect the outside world to believe this with a straight face?

Or is it all about insecurities and hangups, because if the world is moving too fast, there are only a few security blankets that are available.

And plenty of excuses too!

Anonymous said...

There's an interesting article in the Singapore Business Times titled "Muslims assimilate better in the US than in Europe".

Quotes from the report:

"... (Osama) bin Laden recognised that many Muslims in Europe were feeling alienated from, say, German, French, and British societies, were drawn to radical Islamist ideas and activism and could therefore serve as a potential support group for the Islamist terrorists planning the attacks on the US. On the other hand, most Muslims living in America were integrated into the country's socio-cultural milieu, saw themselves first and foremost as Americans, were opposed to using violence as a way of advancing the Islamic cause, and were therefore unlikely to provide assistance to the members of the cell that Al Qaeda dispatched to the US."

....to be continued

Anonymous said...

Considering this so called minority of a minority command the support of 90% of the second largest race and the most economically enabled race through provocation, propaganda and lies, who would be the fool not to take this seriously?

Why, this whole thread is about just one of them who thinks he's entitled to spread lies about a major religious institution of the majority race, and not even apologetic about it.

One might even believe that it's just a tactic to keep calling the others insecure among other things to let them down their guard while secretly mustering everything they have to deliver the killing tsunami blow when the time comes. They certainly keep doing it.

Who's stupid enough to believe the words of these kind of people?

Anonymous said...

Reuters and AFP reported that the new edition of 'Charlie Hebdo' flew off the shelves in France on Wednesday.

The majority of the French people are essentially showing the finger to jihadists and associated parties.

So, what now?

AFP and Bloomberg reported that Al-Qaeda (AQAP) in Yemen has claimed responsibility for the attack on 'Charlie Hebdo' that they said was ordered by Ayman al-Zawahiri.

See how the battle lines are being drawn?

It will be the minority Muslim communities in the UK and Europe who will bear the brunt of the backlash.

The bloodthirsty goons in AQAP and their like-minded cousins don't care about these minority Muslim communities. These are just minor casualties in a much greater war.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:44 AM

This thread is titled "A Malaysian Charlie Hebdo?"

'Charlie Hebdo' is a weekly magazine. Not a person!

So you can't say that 'Charlie Hebdo' is a person ("....just of one of them who thinks...", to quote what you posted) - in France, in Malaysia or in Timbuktu!

Surely that much must be clear to you?

Or in your rush to "score points", did you conveniently overlook the facts?

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:44 AM

This thread is titled "A Malaysian Charlie Hebdo?"

'Charlie Hebdo' is a weekly magazine. Not a person!

So you can't say that 'Charlie Hebdo' is a person ("....just of one of them who thinks...", to quote what you posted) - in France, in Malaysia or in Timbuktu!

Surely that much must be clear to you?

Or in your rush to "score points", did you conveniently overlook the facts?

Anonymous said...

Hullo people

The simple solution is to RELOCATE Israel to USA or Europe.

Hehehe then these pale skins will know the TRUTH forced to accept the TRUTH and then REACT to the TRUTH

all other posterings are political in nature


P.S. too many hypocrites in here