Thursday, January 8, 2015

Terror In Paris: You Reap What You Sow

Hantu Laut

The Western world never seem to learn from their mistakes when come to dealing with the Muslims world. They make one mistake after another. 

They want to impose their way of life on a culture completely alien and opposed to theirs.

Why do fanatical Muslims want to hurt and kill Westerners? 

The story goes since way back to the creation of the state of Israel and Jewish atrocities against Palestinians, the Iraq War, the war in Afghanistan, the Arab Spring to the present Western involvement in the dismantling of Assad of Syria. 

In Syria with the help of the Saudis they again created another monster, ISIS.

The 9/11 attack in the US was the culmination of Muslims anger against the West. The lull was only a calm before the storm. The Muslim ogre has grown bigger, richer, more organised and crueller.

Over the decades the West, with their 'might is right' attitude had cast aspersions on the Muslim world. Many of the attacks on Western targets were retaliations and revenge. The tit-for-tat kind of thing. Thousands of Muslims killed as collateral damage in indiscriminate bombings in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Yemen mean nothing to the West. Muslim lives are cheap and can be done with, but they make a big show out of a few beheading of their own by fanatical Muslims. Fanatical Muslims were appalled with this kind of double standard.

Claims by the US that their weapons have bullseye accuracy were pure fabrication because every attack on so-called terrorist targets killed more innocent bystanders than the target itself.

Muslims also see the West as untrustworthy and horrible user and abuser. The Mujahideens, Saddam Hussien and Al Qaeda, financed and used by them to fight a common enemy have all turned against them.

The attack on the newspaper office purportedly because of a cartoon insulting Mohammad and Islam, is to the attackers the end justifies the means, seemingly trivial to the Westerners but a big insult to some crazy Muslims.

The Paris attack may only just be the beginning. More frequent attacks should be expected coming from ISIS, which have cells in every Western countries.  

Fanatical Muslims who are prepared to die for their cause.

Abu Mohammad al-Adnani, senior leader and official spokesman for ISIS has called on the members to take retribution, to kill without question and by any means necessary civilians and soldiers from the Western alliance.

The world has become a very unsafe place, you don't know where and when they are going to strike.

The writer condemn this dastardly act of violence against civilians.


Anonymous said...

You sick misguided asshole. How you justify killing for cartoons - only you would know.

Gram Kong said...

Go learn how to read English properly. Moron!

Anonymous said...

That's why only Muslim are ultra sensitive. This include malaysian Muslim. Don't ever provoke them because they do kill in the name of Allah!

Anonymous said...

Muslims and their usual victim mentality - the big bad west is out to get us poor little Muslims...Yawn!! Start accepting responsibility for the fanaticism that exists with a certain minority within Islam.

Anonymous said...

Stop provoking them and they will leave everybody in peace. It goes for all mankind, regardless of race, religion and political aspirations.

Anonymous said...

Whatever type of freedom must have limits,what more religions.You provoke others,be ready to accept reactions.Collateral damages are to be expected and those innocent victims should blame the originators of conflict.A good lesson for us in Malaysia.Do not test the limit of tolerence of followers of religion for the sake of political gains.

Anonymous said...

wahhh so many retards here. those sneaky cartoonists are guilty of HATE crimes not freedom of expression

Millions of Muslims killed well not in the name of God but wait in the name of non-existent weapons of mass destruction

this propagated hatred towards the Muslims came about after the creation of Israel

USA and Israel have MUSLIM blood all over their hands and no one bothered

now suddenly a few hate criminals were slaughtered and these hypocrites came marching out of the rotten woods?

sick minds come from closed minds esp those armchair types