Monday, March 31, 2014

Musa's Dementia: MH400 Who's Who With Mahathir To China

Hantu Laut

Pursuant to my post "Memali Outrageous Lie:Mahathir Was In The Air On The Way To Beijing" , I have managed to extract from my archives details of former Prime Minister Mahathir Muhammad's visit to China from 20th to 28th November 1985.

Musa Hitam must have had lapse of memory. The Memali incident must have happened on the 19th November and Mahathir was only informed after he departed the country. Mahathir left for China in the early morning of 20th November 1985 and was away for 9 days visiting Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhaou, Xian and Guangzhou.

Our flight MH400 (chartered) departed Subang International Airport at 7.30 a.m bound for Beijing.

There were 132 delegates from the business sector. Many have become big names in the corporate world with some making it to the exclusive billionaires club.

It was a gathering of many top-notch businessmen from the country and if the plane had gone down, it would have taken with it three-quarters of Malaysia's top business people. 

YTL's Tan Sri Yeoh Tiong Lay and his son Francis Yeoh were both on the flight. Syed Mokhtar Albukhary, who was just run-of-the mill businessman then was also on the flight. Vincent Tan of Berjaya Group was not yet a Tan Sri, nor a Datuk.

It was a motley collection of who's who of Malaysia's corporate world. 

The richest man in the country, Malaysia's Robert Kuok joined the PM's delegation in China. Mr Kuok had just started building his Shangri-La Hotel and the World Trade Center in Beijing at that time.

Without much ado, let me show the list of who's who on the flight to Beijing with PM Mahathir Mohammad (click to enlarge)

A guide handbook on China prepared by Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Many of the names on the list, Chinese and Bumiputras alike, had become rich during Mahathir's time as prime minister.

Amazingly, non had come out to Mahathir's defence.

There is honour among thieves, there is none among politicians.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Memali Outrageous Lie: Mahathir Was In The Air On The Way To Beijing

Hantu Laut

I was on the same flight with Mahathir on that fateful day and we were still in the air on the way to Beijing when a call came through the captain to inform Mahathir about the Memali incident. I remember it was somewhere in November 1985. 

Whether Mahathir had prior knowledge of the incident I am not sure.

I was a member of the trade delegation that travelled on the same aircraft as Mahathir when the news broke soon after it happened. 

It is strange that after so many decades Musa Hitam's memory was suddenly jolted to remind him that Mahathir was in the country when the incident happened. 

He said Mahathir was still in the country two to three days after the incident. This is certainly outrageous, Mahathir was in Beijing then.

Why did he wait almost 30 years to break his silence? 

I suppose, it's typical of Malay leaders when they have no more position in the party or no more appointee to lucrative position, they hallucinate in make believe stories, or lie through their teeth to save their own skin.

Is Musa telling a lie or has he gone senile? There were over 100 people on that plane who could testify that Mahathir was on the plane and not in the country, many of them were prominent political and corporate figures.

The following are some prominent figures on the flight to Beijing:

Tengku Ahmad Rithauddeen........Minister of Foreign Affairs

Khalid the Menteri Besar of Selangor (my sincere apology to Khalid Ibrahim, if he was not there as I couldn't find his name of the list of delegates)

Moehamad Izat President PERDASAMA

Wee Boon Ping (deceased)...........Sarawak businessman 

G.R.Ismail (deceased)..............Sabah businessman

Marina Mahathir.........Tun Mahathir's daughter

The list will be too long to mention everyone's name.

I suggest Musa think hard whether what he claimed is true.

Thursday, March 20, 2014


Hantu Laut

The foreign media is doing Malaysia a lot of harm with its unreasonable and unfair criticism of the government for the disappearance of Flight MH370. No one want this to happen and the Malaysian government was not at fault for something beyond her control. It is unprecedented and the greatest aviation mystery ever.

These foreign monkeys make all kind of nasty comments about our government without looking themselves in the mirror. They should also question the capability of the greatest nation on earth. The US, also actively involved in the search, boasted to have the most advanced technology on the entire planet, yet unable to locate the plane with all state of the art and super sophisticated gadgetry in their possession.This trigger happy cowboy is only good at shooting and mass killing people with its sophisticated weaponry.

If the US and China can't find this needle in a haystack, do you expect Malaysia to do better?

These foreign reporters not only come here to collect information, but they also come with an agenda. They have openly incited families and relatives of  passengers on board the ill-fated plane, particularly, those from China, to cast aspersion on the Malaysian government. 

In the same breath, the people from China had also behaved appallingly, proffering extreme unreasonableness and intolerance compared to other nationalities, who had shown fair degree of patience and decorum.

The disaster is not an aircraft crashing along its planned flight path making search and rescue easier to pinpoint the crash site. MH370 deviated from it authorised flight path and went incognito flying undetectable on radar for almost seven hours and disappeared into thin air. It could be anywhere on the globe, dead or alive, no one knows for sure.

Though, I sympathise and share their grief of this most unfortunate and unforeseen disaster that the Malaysian government had no control of, patience and tolerance in the face of adversity is a virtue one should adopt. 

Yelling and wailing is not going to help find the plane other than upsetting the very people who want to help you.

As in the old adage "man proposes, God disposes", fate is something we mortals can't control.

I have also criticised the government of its mishandling of the crisis in the initial stage, but as much as I sympathise with the families and relatives of the passengers on the ill-fated plane, I now do understand the immense difficulty and most distressing and trying situation our government is working under of this most unfortunate incident. 

Also, of greatest disappointment is the Malaysian opposition, instead of closing rank in a national crisis, Anwar and his gang took advantage and make political mileage out of it.

I sincerely hope the families and relatives stay patient and give the authorities more time to seek the truth and be prepared for the worst that the aircraft may not be found for a long long time.

The government should blacklist and ban those nasty journalists from covering the press conference.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

I Tell You Why We Can't Find Flight MH370

Hantu Laut

Are the radar placed at strategic points in the country switched on round the clock and constantly being watched by people assigned to watch them, or occasionally goes unwatched when there are less traffic in the sky.

The root of the problems are people who manned the radar in this country.Are they competent and discipline? Have lackadaisical attitude been the cause of conflicting reports and this humiliating debacle?

When this national humiliation is all over, an exhaustive investigation no less a Royal Commission should be conducted to establish whether there had been misconducts in the conflicting reports given by DCA and the military that have embarrassed the country's leaders.

Planes don't simply disappear from radar screen and can continue flying without active radar detection, unless they are flying below radar range. No commercial planes have stealth capability to fool radar from picking it up and the people at DCA and the military should have known better.

Simply put, the plane must have gone down when it disappeared from radar screen and must have gone down in the vicinity of that last contact.The coordinate off the radar should have been taken and given to search and rescue team.

Incompetence and couldn't care less attitude is rampant in this country that had retrogress the country to a worrying state.

We have been overtaken by countries that used to be behind us, and I don't really have to mention who they are to draw even bigger embarrassment to our leaders.

A government who only interest is to muffle the people from speaking out and exhibits such nauseating ineptitude and contradictions.

Fundamentally, people who do not know their jobs.

From our national education to managing out national economy, we have accepted and rewarded mediocracy.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Flight MH370: Malaysia's Conundrum Of Inconsistencies

Hantu Laut

Suddenly, Malaysia is full of clever people, yet they make one blunder after another, the latest being the military revelation that they tracked the plane over our airspace  to the Malacca Strait as far as Pulau Perak before it disappeared from radar at 2.40 a.m, and for reason only known to themselves, they only disclosed this information four days later, after four days of wild and frantic search for the plane in the wilderness of the South China Sea.

I am now beginning to doubt whether this information is reliable after getting so many misleading information from people who are called experts in their field.

If Flight MH 370 actually flew in that direction with its transponder switched off or broken, which means the plane is unidentified and flying incognito in Malaysian airspace, why did not the military scramble its fighter jet to investigate this flying object. The civil aviation radar tells a different story, claimed it last contact was at 1.30 a.m.

Now we have another expert in fuck I don't what, who also want to be in the limelight, dishing out balderdash nobody really want to know at this moment. Who is really interested to know that those poor souls can survive two months at sea when you can't even locate the bloody plane?

I know of the meaning of geopolitical, geostationary and geostrategic. Can someone tell me what does a geostrategist do?

Malaysia is now becoming the biggest joke to the world and in a "State of Inconsistencies"

1.DCA"s DG announced 5 people checked-in, but didn't board the plane and their luggage were off loaded, MAS was silent, much later the IGP says no such thing, all passengers boarded the aircraft, MAS in the affirmative. Why?

2.The case of wrong colour bar, Asian, Black or Caucasian.Different version by different people, Zaid Hamidi, Hishamuddin Onn and the DG of DCA. Why?

3.More serious and a logistic nightmare, two completely different stories by the military and civil aviation. One radar made in Bangladesh (pun intended) and the other one made in China (pun intended) which can't agree with each other and the military taking four days to reveal such vital information because of complete system failure. Why?

If you don't know, say you don't know, or just fuck the shut up!

Don't you think we are now a laughing stock to the world?

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Bomoh Gila Babi

Hantu Laut

Read here our wonderful minister with his outrageous encouragement for a bomoh to locate the missing Flight MH370.

 He says:

"As long as they do not contravene Islamic teachings"

This guy must be a joker.

All rituals by bomohs contravened Islamic teachings.

If the practice is in accordance with Islam, they would not be called bomoh, they would be called ustaz and imam and provide prayers for the people on board the ill-fated plane not singing some gibberish and nonsensical chants.

I am sure as a Muslim he should know Islam forbids any form of wizardry, black magic, bomoh, or any thing of supernatural nature are....................SYIRIK!

Read here what the bomoh gila babi soothsaying came up with. 

Those who do not understand Islam may think it is Islamic practice.

Let me assure you it is not. It is a form of animism that still run strong in the Malay and many other culture.

"Sesungguhnya Allah tidak akan mengampuni dosa syirik dan Dia mengampuni segala dosa yang selain dari (syirik) itu bagi siapa yamg dikehendakinya.Barangsiapa yang mempersekutukan Allah maka sungguh ia telah berbuat dosa yang besat"

I would like to hear what JAKIM has to say about the minister and the bomoh.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

The Anwar's Verdict: Scandalising Our Court

Hantu Laut

It is indeed sad that many Malaysians continue to scandalise our court, alleging interference from the executive to sway judgement in favour of the government.

Strangely, the Malaysian court had not taken any action to protect its dignity and independence on the many allegations of bias and prejudices in cases involving Anwar and members of the opposition.

Unfair criticism alleging bias in court decisions can construe contempt of court. 

Disregarding court order, or in any way interfering with the way the court does its job is contempt of court and most courts take such allegations seriously and have considerable power to deal with offenders.

Why is the Malaysian court silent of such debasement and humiliation?

As much as I agree that the judiciary should be opened to criticism and comments to improve its performance, it goes without saying that allegations of corruption and bias are serious matters that the court should not ignore.

Contempt of court may differ from one country to the other, but basically are the same, can be of civil or criminal nature.

Some Malaysians thinks they are better judges than the judges in our court of law.

There are numerous articles and comments in news portal and social media on the recent Anwar's verdict that can be construed as contempt.

I am not sure whether Malaysia has specific written law on contempt or up to judges to cite contempt.

Ibrahim Ali and a blogger were cited for contempt here.

Read the following article below on contempt of court.

In this chapter, we see the ways in which the courts protect their dignity and their independence. We see the ways in which this may cause difficulties for journalists, and how these difficulties can be avoided.

What is contempt?

As we saw in Chapters 64 to 66 on court reporting, in democracies the courts decide what is true and what is not, who is in the right and who is in the wrong.
When they have decided, they usually make a decision which will put matters right. They may order a person to stop doing something which is wrong; they may order a person to pay compensation to somebody he has wronged; they may punish a person who has broken the law by fining him or sending him to prison.
Court proceedings would be a waste of time if nobody needed to do what the court told them, or if the court had no power to enforce its orders.
Contempt of court is disregarding the court's orders, or in any way interfering with the way the court does its job. Most courts take this very seriously, and have great power to deal with offenders.
There are two types of contempt - civil contempt and criminal contempt. Of the two, criminal contempt is the one which is most likely to concern the working journalist, so let us consider that first.

Criminal contempt

As we have seen, the courts can only operate effectively if they are able to enforce their will. That is the main purpose of the law relating to civil contempt. However, in order to operate properly, the courts also need to be free from outside interference and to maintain their dignity. That, too, is protected by criminal contempt.
It is the business of the legislature to pass laws, but it is the business of the courts to administer them; when members of a government try to interfere in court proceedings or to influence court judgments, they are likely to be reminded sternly that they are interfering. If they persist, they may well find themselves in contempt of court, even if they are government ministers. Nobody is above the law.
Similarly, the courts will protect themselves from interference by people attempting to bribe or threaten anyone connected with a case. They will also protect themselves from interference by journalists, and we shall look in detail in a moment at exactly what journalists may and may not write during a court case.
Courts also guard their dignity. This is not because judges consider themselves to be special people, but because they see themselves as representatives of the law itself. It is the law which must be respected by all citizens, and in order to ensure that respect, the courts insist on maintaining dignity. Courts are usually large and imposing buildings with national emblems above the bench where the judges or magistrates sit; judges often wear robes and wigs and people bow to them in court. All of these things represent the great stature and dignity of courts, which in turn are meant to encourage people to respect and obey them.
Both these things - freedom from interference and maintenance of dignity - are protected by the law relating to criminal contempt. The following things are prohibited:
Outrages on judges in court
It is criminal contempt to assault or manhandle a judge, or to throw eggs or fruits at them.
Insolence to the court
It is criminal contempt to persist in being noisy in court, or to keep interrupting the proceedings, or to refuse to answer questions which have been properly put. Even something as simple as an onlooker – or journalist - reading a newspaper in court could be regarded by a judge as insolence.
Interference with witnesses or officers of the court
Officers of the court are the judge or magistrate, the clerk, lawyers, translators, jurors (if any) and anyone else involved in hearing the case. Interference generally means threats or bribes intended to influence the way in which the person does their job - either offering money in return for the desired verdict, or threatening violence if the unwanted verdict is returned.
Any publication which offends the dignity of the court
Judges are not above criticism, but there are limits to how extreme that criticism can be. For example, it would be criminal contempt if a newspaper, radio or television report suggested that judges were habitually drunk in court, or that they took bribes.
Any publication which prejudices the course of justice
A report of a court case which gives details of the defendant's previous criminal convictions, before the end of the trial, would be criminal contempt. This is because it may prejudice the judge, magistrate or jury against the defendant, if there are many previous convictions. This would reduce the chances of a fair trial. Previous convictions (often calledantecedents or priors) may not be revealed until after the verdict has been reached. They are then considered by the court to help it to decide on an appropriate punishment.

Read more.