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Murder With Recourse:Why Western Media Blacked Out Sirul's Story ?

Hantu Laut

It's like a nuclear fallout to many Malaysians, the biggest scoop of the century with politicians from the opposite camp having a field day drawing their knives going for an overkill.

DAP Lim Kit Siang was having the biggest thrill of his life poking murderous pun at PM Najib here.

When it rains, it pours in Malaysia, but it's all quiet on the Western Front........ 


Why did the Western media blacked out Sirul's story?

I have trolled the Internet numerous times hoping to hook onto some reputable media in the West reporting the story first hand, there was none. Every search I made took me to pages of either Malaysian Insider, Malaysiakini, or some other Malaysian news portal or blogs.

Western media hungry for story like this seemed to have avoided the convicted killer like a leper. Not a single reputable Western media have published the story. The Australian media known for its rapacity for this kind of news have not had a single mention of the story.

Why are the Western media giving Sirul a wide berth and our Malaysian news portals and opposition leaders were having agonising orgasms of Sirul's story. A story from a man whose life hang by the thread, a convicted murderer who now openly admitted to the crime and a crime committed with recourse, but he has not named the person that order the execution.

In the West, I believe they are more conscientious that a convicted killer not be allowed to profit by selling his/her story.

Who did Sirul speaks to? 

There is no guessing who needed this kind of story the most for political mileage.

Saril's interview was with Malaysia's most popular pro-opposition news portal...Malaysian Insider and Malaysiakini, the most partisan and lopsided newsmakers with irrefutable loyalty to the opposition's cause. The disclosure have generated a raging thunderstorm among opposition leaders and their supporters.

How do you reconcile the irony of this convicted felon's conflicting statements............ that he obeyed order from higher up to kill Altantuya, but on the other hand said he had not admitted to the murder. 

He questioned the method he was convicted making it sounds as if circumstantial evidence used by the court was wrong. Many murderers from all over the world had, in the absence of direct evidence, been convicted on circumstantial evidence.

That was his story, but more mystifying is......... who let the horse bolted?

How did Sirul get his passport? How did he manage to pass through the immigration's blacklist? Was his name on the black list in the first place, or someone removed it to make it easy for him to escape? All these are questions left unanswered. 

How could a convicted murderer like him escape detection by the Immigration Dept when bankrupts and people who can't pay up their income taxes are barred from leaving the country, but a convicted murderer can leave the country without hindrance?

Shouldn't the Director of Immigration be hauled up to explain how the horse bolted the stable?

In most cases you do need a motive to kill someone. Most of the time you kill to cover your crime leaving no witnesses behind.

Sometimes, rapists killed their victims if they are known to the victims to cover the crime, as they say "dead man tells no tales"

Why are many Malaysians in ecstatic overdrive?

Is it showing that PM Najib has become very unpopular with the people?


Anonymous said...

How did Sirul get his passport? How did he manage to pass through the immigration's blacklist...Mr Hantu Laut. If Altantunya imegresen record can be WIPE OUT I REPEAT WIPE OUT then this Sirul es-CA-PY plan just kacang utih. No one being charged for the lost of Antatunya record , what do u think?

Anonymous said...

retard @ February 21, 2015 at 12:07 PM

this mongolian prostitute MUST have entered using someone else's name lah

the official statement is "there is NO record" of hantu raya entering Malaysia lah goblok

Anonymous said...


JUST A FEW PARAS DOWN SIRUAL AZHAR SAYS: 'I COULD NOT MEET HIM AT THE TIME BECAUSE I WAS TOGETHER WITH TUAN KHAIRY AS HIS DRIVER'. At that time, I was driving Tuan Khairy to deliver hampers in Selayanga and Batu Caves.'

Report No : 7380/06
Station : Travers
Name : Sirul Azhar bin Haji Umar
IC No : RF125591
Race : Malay
Date/Place of Birth : 29-1-1971
Age : 35 years male
Occupation : Police officer
Address of workplace : UTK, Bukit Aman
Name of father : Haji Omar bin Haji Hassan
Address of father : Deceased

Recording Officers : Insp Nom Phot a/l Prack Dit at Office D6, 3rd Floor, Bukit Aman on 9th November 2006 at 1307 afternoon.


On 19th (sic) November 2006 I was asked by the investigating officer K/ASP Tony Anak Lunggan to record the statement of a Malay inmate named Sirul Azhar Bin Haji Omar Kp RF 125591. The inmate was then brought to me and I ordered the release of his handcuffs.

I then interviewed the inmate who appeared to be proficient in Malay. I also found the inmate in good health. I then read out the warning under Section 113(1)(a)(2) of the Criminal Procedure Code to the inmate as follows;-



S. Do you understand the warning that has been read and explained to you?

J. Yes I understand.

S. Do you have any questions about the warning?

J. No.

S. Do you want to give a statement?

J. Yes I want to give a statement.

S. What do you want to tell me?

J. As a member of the Special Action Unit (UTK) on an undetermined date 5 or 6 days before the incident on 19th October 2006 while I was in my office I received a telephone call from Tuan Azilah (Azilah) the officer above me requesting that I meet him in Central market. I COULD NOT MEET HIM AT THE TIME BECAUSE I WAS TOGETHER WITH TUAN KHAIRY AS HIS DRIVER.

At that time, I was driving Tuan Khairy to deliver hampers in Selayanga and Batu Caves.

On my way to there roughly after 12 noon I received another call from Azilah who asked me where I was and I told Azilah I may be late coming back as I was assisting an officer and I replied I would call him back after completing my duties.

Anonymous said...

her records were not wiped out. she had several passports. see the logic? dont simply shoot yr mouth off. do some research. dont show yr stupidity.

Anonymous said...

SpinBeliever@February 21, 2015 at 12:07 PM

There is a BIG difference between "NO records found" and "wipe out".

This adulteress could have used another ID, just to keep away from the spying eyes.

And it is not "Antatunya" but "Altantuya". If you can get her name wrong you can get EVERYTHING wrong dude.

Go springclean your grey vacuum.

Unknown said...

Salam. Blog ini dipautkan ke .Mohon email kepada sekiranya tn membantah. TQVM

flyer168 said...

Hantulaut - "Murder With Recourse: Why Western Media Blacked Out Sirul's Story ?"

I am not pro any political side...

How did Sirul get to Australia?

By the same reasoning, how did PI Bala get to India...?

Referring to the Western Media...

The Global Corporatocracy & Global Corruption is as old as the Empire...

We are talking about the French National Corporation DCNS...

Speaker Details - "...RB was awarded the Legion d’Honneur by the French government for his intellectual contributions..."

"Oxford University is the centre of a nexus that dictates and manipulates what is taught to students at all levels of "education...

There are simply too many people and locations to control. Instead you need to centralize the key decisions and the more you centralize, the more power you have to increase the pace of centralization.

This is why centralization in all areas of life, politics, business, banking, media, military, has quickened with every year.

The control of "education" is vital to this agenda.
In fact, the aim of this network is not "education", but indoctrination.

The idea is to turn out adults who see life and history in a way that maintains the population in subservience and ignorance..."

Same modus operandi as this...

"Coordinated cover-ups"

“…You don't need to control every social worker, just the people who control the social workers.

In other words, you only need to control the very few people who have the power to call off an investigation when necessary.

These placemen and women are controlled by the same force and so the cover-up can be carefully coordinated through people who appear, to the outsider, to be unconnected - teachers, social workers, policemen, lawyers, judges, and media...”

"... Questions over the sale of French-built Scorpène submarines to militaries across the world may finally ensnare some of France’s highest-ranking leaders.

They include former French President Jacques Chirac, former Prime Ministers Dominique de Villipin and Edouard Balladur and the country’s current president, Nicholas Sarkozy in addition to
an unknown number current and former French defense executives...

Lawyers for the families of 11 French engineers killed in a 2002 bomb attack in Karachi were quoted Friday as saying they would file a manslaughter suit against Chirac, allegedly because he cancelled a bribe to Pakistani military officials in the sale of three Agosta 90-class submarines to that country’s navy.

Sarkozy was Minister of the Budget
when the government sold the subs, built by the French defense giant DCN (later known as DCNS) to Pakistan for a reported US$950 million...

France’s Sub Scandal Resurfaces -

Finally to share this...

On the Passport & name issue - Diplomatic Passport(s) have been used with different names by officials/agents of the the Powers that be...

Listen to Pn Murni Hidayah, the malay lady lawyer’s speech - Passport/name for visa / flt tickets from 21:00 onwards...

Full speech - 08:50 to 31:20

You be the judge.

Anonymous said...


flyer168, this woman is an opposition member - what makes you so SURE she has all the facts when she is quoting SUARAM??

That fact in itself renders her allegative speech as precious as the shit in the jamban.

Anonymous said...

heard your daughter followed u.
given to highest bidder.

flyer168 said...

Anon 9:09,

If that is your opinion...great!

How to get to Singapore vv and beyond without going through the Malaysian Immigrations.

Did you listen to late Bala's confession how it was possible to smuggle him out of Malaysia to Singapore by road, then on to Bangkok and to India with the right connections (Deepak, Mama,accomplices & Money)...?

"...Altantuyaa moved back to Mongolia in 1990 and a few years later, married a Mongolian techno singer, Maadai.

...Altantuyaa briefly moved to France where she attended modelling school before returning to Mongolia...

According to Mr. Shaariibu Setev, the deceased was also known among family members and friends as "Amina", was unmarried but lived in Mongolia with her two children.

She worked as a translator and often travelled out of Mongolia to countries like China, Singapore, and Malaysia. She went to Malaysia a couple of times: the first in 1995 and the second in early 2006...

The same report noted instead the entry of a SHAARIYBUU Bayasgalan, who bore similarities to, but was not conclusively identified as Altantuyaa, as well as pointed out that...

"Najib's entourage might have entered France through diplomatic channels as there was "evidence of his presence" but no corresponding immigration record."[20]

During the trial into Altantuya's death, Baginda told investigators that he had travelled with her to France in 2005. Records seized by French investigators from DCN's former financial chief described Altantuya as Baginda's translator.[21..."

"...And, despite indignant denials from the powers that be, Altantuya appears to have had inside knowledge of the later events in France when Razak Baginda and Najib Tun Razak visited to deal with matters surrounding the purchase of Scorpene submarines from the French contractor DCN.

Although pro-government critics have denied she had ever visited France, according to testimony given by Abdul Razak when he was under investigation for ordering the two bodyguards to kill Altaantuya, he himself told investigators he traveled with her to France in 2005.

Records seized by French investigators from DCN, the defense contractor that sold Malaysia the submarines, bear that out, According to French investigators’ records, Abdul Razak Baginda and Altantuya met with Jean Marie Boivin, the alleged French fixer who helped to organize “commissions” for friends in high places to pick DCN’s submarines on that same trip. Boivin arranged to pay for a jaunt by Altantuya and Abdul Razak to Macau..."

"Jean Marie Boivin, the alleged French fixer who helped to organize “commissions” for friends in high places..."

Would a French/Diplomatic passport under another name be possible...???

As I had said, YOU BE THE JUDGE.