Wednesday, August 1, 2007



Oh! Malaysia....aah! My beautiful country, tranquil, charming, smiling and a land of ethnic and religious diversity.No other country can match this country.It's a country I was born in, a third generation descendant of aliens that came here about a century ago, the only country I have learned to love and fell in love with, the only place I call home, my sanctuary and yet I was told I don't belong here. How my heart bleeds for all those years that I have faithfully given you my love, my devotion and my loyalty and yet you spurned my love and affection.

Oh! Malaysia, why am I different from your sons of the soil, am I not your son too ? You promised me freedom of my faith but you seem not to have faith in me.Where do I go from here? I want to know.

I have paid my dues, broke no ordinance and served you well from the day I was born. How have you rewarded me? I can only see my place been eroded and replaced by new aliens whose only concern are to steal the fruits of my labour and the labour of my love. Have you no heart and can't you see your are destroying everything I have loved, cherished and treasured from the day I was born. I have toiled and soiled myself to get the better live, to give you the strength of a nation and the shame of none.How have you repaid me?

You squandered my contributions, abused your position, destroyed my trust and expect me to continue giving my love to you. Oh! Malaysia, the country I love, wake up, before it's too late.

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