Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Help Stop George Bush's Belligerent Policy

Hantu Laut

The world have seen destructive wars and great loss to human lives under the Bush's administration.The rise of global terrorism and Islamic hatred for the West grew exponentially under his unjust and foredoomed foreign policy. He has little respect for the sovereignty of less developed and poorer countries.He is arrogant and a danger to world peace.Under the Geneva Convention he can be termed as a war criminal.

He has re-awakened Russia to a new cold war by wanting to put 10 missile defense interceptors in Poland and military alliance with some Eastern European countries.

Russia's President Putin said it threaten Russia's security and they are forced to take retaliatory steps and warned that a new arms race is underway.

Due to his selfishness, arrogance and belligerence, he may bomb Iran before he left office.

His policy must not be allowed to continue under the next presidency.

Please read the following circular and do your part to stop continuation of his policy.

Dear Friends,

Yesterday, the leading candidates for the next President of the United States became clear. They are Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and John McCain, and the winner will decide whether the nightmare of the Bush foreign policy is reversed or continued for another 4 years.

US citizens will choose their president, but global public opinion matters to them--they know that US respect in the world has plummeted under Bush, and they want a President who can deliver change. In the next few days, our uniquely global community has a real chance to influence the finalist candidates as they develop their campaign strategy. Click below to read and endorse our letter to the candidates. We'll publish it in US newspapers and deliver it personally to the Clinton, Obama and McCain campaigns--we need at least 100,000 people to sign it this week – so please sign and forward this email to friends right away:


The message of the letter is simple: we are all in this together. The world is ready to partner with the US, but we need to see a real change of course from the Bush years. The letter is based on a poll of the Avaaz community, which found that our top 3 requests for change in US policy are:
  1. Help the world stop global warming
  2. Respect universal human rights
  3. Use diplomacy to prevent war and resolve conflict
There is a real chance that the candidates could adopt this simple agenda for change, but every day brings more risk that they will commit to another direction. Sign below and forward this email to all your friends and family:


American power is declining in the world, but it still has enormous ability to do good or do harm. It will take decades to undo the global harm done by George Bush's disastrous Presidency. Let's help make sure America's next leader takes a different path.

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