Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Indians That Wanted To Be Kings

Hantu Laut

Why did the people voted the oppositions, DAP, PKR and PAS in the 8 March 2008 General Elections which they have now formed a coalition called Pakatan Rakyat (PR) ?

The PR coalition took 5 states and won almost all the seats in the Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur.Although they failed to get the central government the results were a mixture of awe, shock and disbelief for many Malaysians.Some couldn't believe that they had actually succeeded in humbling the BN and denying them the two-thirds majority.

Many Malaysians were disillusioned with the corruptions in BN, the NEP, the Malay supremacy and the discrimination and marginalisation of the other races.It was on those premise and promises of equal treatment of all races and the promise to fight corruptions that got PR voted in.What have they done so far ? Have they tried to fulfill those promises in the states under their control?.Other than squabbling among themselves and among members of the parties jockeying for position they have done nothing of that sort.

In Ipoh DAP stalwart M.Kulasegaram announced he would resign as city councillor if he is not made mayor of the city.In Selangor PKR MP for Kapar S.Manikavasagam reputedly to have very close relationship with Anwar Ibrahim has taken the Menteri Besar of Selangor Khalid Ibrahim to task and accused his government of sidelining the Indian community and not looking after their interests and of ignoring his position as MP.A PKR leader said PKR is not an Indian-based party, it's Anwar's multiracial party.

The Indian community voted en masse for the oppositions because the BN demolished many Hindu temples and marginalised the Indians.Now they have a government of their own choice that still demolish Hindu temples and sideline the community.

When are the Indians going to be happy people and feel they are Malaysians and not Indians ? I know of some Indian families who look for brides for their sons from India as if Indian girls in Malaysia are not worthy enough to become wives.

Selangor seems to be the state with the most problems among coalition partners and among party officials.PKR state executive councillor Xavier A.Jeyakumar had a spat with the speaker of the assembly over the Klang Sentral bus terminus issue.

In Perak, PKR state assemblyman Chiang Ming Kai and PKR MP Dr Lee Boon Chye were defiant and went against the state executive council decision not to hold elections for village chief.They went ahead and allowed the villagers to elect their own ketua kampong in Kampong Baru Gunung Rapat, a first and history for Malaysia.This is a government in anarchy.The Menteri Besar and the state assembly had become redundant and powerless.This is the type of government that many very democratic thinking Malaysians wanted, comprises of people with appalling behaviour.Spare the rod and spoil the child is what it would be if no action is taken against the two. There wouldn't be any for sure.

The only government within the PR stable that has some sense of direction are probably Penang and Kelantan.

DAP and PAS are completely incompatible partners, there is not an ounce of similarity in their framework, it's a cat and dog situation.PKR is directionless, Anwar has no control over his MPs and assemblymen and is a scaredy cat and wouldn't dare reprimand or discipline them because if he did he fears they may abandon the party and join the other side.It's a dog-eat-dog world.

Although in the minority the most outspoken and demanding are the Indians, they all wanted to be kings.

I say it is a time bomb waiting to implode.


Anonymous said...

Hi Hantu

It's really quite sad.
Some of these Indian leaders just, as you said, want to be Kings.
There is very little sense of being Malaysian and contributing so that everyone else gets a fair share.
What do you say to an ADUN who says he wants the Indians and Chinese to "naik"?
Maybe I am urban but generally the mentality in KL is not so narrow.
But ppl are angry at what they perceive to be unfair displacement of their core industries.
For instance one KTM staff griped about the "old days" when there were hardly any Malays and mostly Indians there, he says.
What's the solution? Education. Or at least opportunities.
Education should not be limited to paper degrees. SOmetimes I feel the requirement really filters out some of the best ppl which companies can train but din have the opportunity to study.
In God, we trust.

kluangman said...

Memang orang India layak menjadi 'king' kerana keberanian dan kepintaran mereka. Tetapi malangnya kini beberapa orang India sudah 'termakan' dan bergaduh sesama sendiri. Masing masing berebut untuk jadi 'king' kerana masing masing merasa mereka adalah orang India.

Dalam hal ini elok kita rujuk kepada orang India yang lebih India, mungkin Samy Vellu boleh memberi ulasan.

kittykat46 said...

Well, I give the PR ADUN in my constituency an "A".
My relative's home in PJ was facing an emergency which absolutely needed government action, because the problem was coming from government-owned land next door.

We knew if we contacted the government department through normal channels it would take ages to resolve. We called the ADUN's service centre. The next Monday morning he was there with a senior officer of the relevant government department. The contract had been awarded by the weekend and the remedial work completed within two weeks.

The guy definitely gets my vote for GE 13.

Anonymous said...

There is a reason why Atok use to say that between a Snake and a Keling, kill the Keling.

Collective wisdom paced on sufficient assessment on genetic heritage!

MRSM Kalae Chepo 66/73