Friday, February 6, 2009

You Can't Fool All Of The People All Of The Time

Hantu Laut

Perak is not the first state and Menteri Besar Nizar Jamaluddin is not the first to face a constitutional crisis in this country.

However, none of those in the past had uttered that they would defend their positions to the last drop of their blood.What does Nizar mean when he says he would "defend his post to the last drop of his blood" and "This will be where Najib will be buried". Is he going on a jihad against the BN and intend to slay Najib with his Islamic sword. With such violent tendency how the hell they made this man the menteri besar.

This jihadist refused to go in spite of the Sultan's decision to remove him. He wouldn't be there in the first place if the Sultan have had no respect for the constitution and acceded to UMNO's request to form the government after the 8 March 2008 Elections.There wouldn't be any Pakatan government in Perak.

The first cowboy was the first Chief Minister of Sarawak Stephen Kalong Ningkan who refused to vacate his seat after being dismissed by the Yang Dipertuan Negeri (Governor).His case was similar to Nazir, said to have ceased to command the confidence of the majority of the members of the assembly.The Governor than appointed a new chief minister.

Ningkan refusal to step down resulted in a constitutional impasse and was perceived to threaten the unity of Malaysia at that time when the nation was barely three years old. On 14 Sept 1966, the Yang Dipertuan Agong proclaimed a state of emergency in Sarawak.

Ningkan appealed all the way to the Privy Council in UK but lost the case.The Privy Council was the final appellate court for Malaysia at that time.

In 1977 Kelantan faced the same problem when Menteri Besar Mohammed Nasir refused to step down from office for defying party instructions.Nasir was removed by PAS, his own party, which had a coalition government with the BN at that time.Nasir refusal led to a declaration of state of emergency in Kelantan.

In 1985 PBS( Parti Bersatu Sabah) won the election by one seat majority.A tussle between PBS President Joseph Pairin and USNO (United Sabah National Organisation) President Tun Mustapha Harun for the appointment of chief minister took place.The incident saw the appointment of Mustapha as CM for about a day, before the then Deputy Prime Minister MusaHitam intervened and refused to recognise Mustapha's appointment. Mustapha had the backing of only 22 assemblymen while Pairin had 24 from his party and 1 independent supporting him.Joseph Pairin was sworn in the next day.Sabah then had 2 chief ministers for a while until the court ruled in Pairin's favour.

In 1994 PBS won the Sabah state elections by a slim margin.PBS secured 25 out of 48 seats giving it a simple majority to form the government. The BN and a plot engineered by Anwar Ibrahim went all out to entice PBS assemblymen to cross over to BN with offer of money and positions.Three PBS assemblymen defected to BN and brought about the collapse of the PBS government.The Prime Minister at that time was Mahathir Mohammad.The PBS frogs were rewarded with ministerial posts in both State and Federal Cabinet.The three famous PBS frogs were Joseph Kurup, Bernard Dompok and Yong Teck Lee.

Anwar didn't reject the crossover but engineered, encouraged and rewarded what he now called immoral act. What he did to Sabah wasn't immoral, now that it is happening to him and his party and on his own soil it has become immoral.

Did Anwar called for dissolution of the Sabah state assembly to seek fresh mandate from the people ? No ! he was swimming in his own glory for the immoral ways he wrestled the government away from those chosen by the people.Did he give a damn about the constitution? What constitution ? He never heard of it, he thought Sabah was a colony.

For a man who had abandoned conventional morality and the rule of fair play what right has Anwar to admonish and ridicule Najib for doing what he had done worse. He reeks of double standard, hypocrisy and a man with split personality and one that have the versatility of a chameleon.For those who think this man care for the nation and the people that's their business, I think he sucks !

Even Nicoloi Machiavelli would have been very impressed with his ruthless tactics for trying to gain power and manipulating the people to his advantage.

As Abraham Lincoln's famous quote '"You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time"

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Anonymous said...

waiting for your next post.
am gonna indulge in some retail therapy to soothe the nerves...

vinnan said...

Wait for another 4 years and I can only imagine what the rakyat will do to get your UMNO ass. In 1977 it was UMNO vs the Kelantan people. In 2009 it wiil be UMNO vs the people of Perak , Kedah, Kelantan and Pulau Pinang and Selangor. Just in case you do not know Malaysian geopgraphy the area which the government have to cover now is about 5 times the size of Kelantan and the population which is mostly Malay will be just as big. One more thing there won't be another "Tengku Razaleigh" to save UMNO this time in Perak. Deal with the devil and you will never stop paying the devil. Do not kid yourself into thinking UMNO can confine this problem to Perak. UMNO may very well find itself buried in Perak.

Anonymous said...

Great write up on the history of these kinda stuff Malaysia.

While agreeing with you as to the morality of the issue and the main character of both the PBS(Sabah) and PKR (Perak) was and is Anwar albeit he is now in the opposite end of the stick. I was concern regarding Anwar as a leader because of his history but I will give him the benefit of the doubt as the Anwar pre and post his jailing seems to be different. In PR, I am willing to see him lead together with Lim Kit Siang, Karpal Singh, Lim Guan Eng and Nik Aziz as his check and balance.

I have lost all confidence in the BN with the quality of leaders they nw=ow have. Tengku Razaleigh would have been a great Prime Minister.

halim said...

anwar this, anwar that, anwar, anwar, anwar. man, you hate this guy or what...

guong said...

They say they hate Najib for using 'frogs' to re-capture Perak. And they will not forget it until the next GE.

Same goes to Anwar, he also used 'frogs' in capturing Sabah (no it was not Mahathir). Why can't we dislike him then?

Anwar is just a politician. Same as others, nothing more, nothing less.

malaysianformalaysia said...

You have totally lost the PLOT mate.
You quote quotes of angry citizens hurling insults at you for your very "reserved" and "intellectual" opinion on the subject. However I dont see and clever retorts towards the more reserved, insightful comments given by MANY of us. How come? Too menial and reserved to your inclined thinking?
We are fed up, yes, and maybe you have benefited from the BN regime throughout these years and you may feel that it was worthy for them to win but who are you to judge democracy? What inkling of a chance have you given the opposition? Were you too bitter when the educated, blue collar class had voted out BN in the Major states during the recent GE? You and i know that the lesser than fortunate didnt know whats what and therefore BN clinched their votes. And even then PP and KT went to PKR. Denial and far more worse is your own deceit that you can face yourself in the mirror. Go ahead my friend, I look forward for your intellectual retort to MY comment. My own friends from UMNO is appalled and shocked at how things are managed by your so called worthy BN leadership. Please retort to that too... and not by calling them idiots cos that would clearly reflect onto thyself. And what about Ku Li's comment towards Najib's action? Another UMNO main man disagreeing on how things were handled. How are you going to retort to his opinions? Another idiot too i presume? So please do enlighten me with your oh-so-very-intellectual postings where you had analyzed from wikipedia. I admit i do not know much about politics (therefore i maybe an idiot too) but this i know. My parents had taught me to know from whats right and wrong and I know what BN has done is downright wrong. Meaning to say, my parents have done me wrong? I wasnt educated well? Or am i just another Idiot / Zombie you proclaim me to be? I await your reply.

Anonymous said...

SAHLAH kamu ni zombie pengampu BN. Ngapa tak sebut dalam penghakiman kedua dua kes mahkamah Mustapha Harun / Adnan Robert / Pairin di Sabah dan Stephen Kalong Ningkan di Sarawak tu Hakim-Hakim Mahkamah Tinggi / Mahkamah Agung / Mahkamah Persekutuan ketika itu TELAH MEMUTUSKAN BAHAWA Gabenor tak ada kuasa memecat Ketua Menteri dan Ketua Menteri hanya boleh di pecat menerusi undi tidak percaya dalam Dewan Undangan Negeri.

Berdasarkan penghakiman tersebut boleh dirumuskan pemecatan MB Nizar tidak sah dan tidak mengikut perlembagaan dan undang undang.

Oleh kerana Nizar kekal sebagai MB, pelantikan MB baru tidak sah dan tidak mengikut perlembagaan kerana tidak ada peruntukan dalam perlembagaan negeri perak untuk 2 orang MB memegang kuasa serentak.

Yang demikian Kerajaan BN Perak yang baru ni adalah sebuah kerajaan HARAM yang ditubuhkan tanpa mengikut perlembagaan dan undang undang.

Kalau wuduk tak sah, tak kan sembahyang nya boleh jadi sah.Kalau Kepala haram takkan badan dan ekor boleh jadi halal. Kalau kerajaan nya tak sah semua keputusan, arahan dan tindakannya juga tidak sah.

Kalau kakitangan kerajaan yakin Kerajaan Perak tu haram dan tidak sah dia boleh buat hal tak nak patuhi arahan atas alasan arahan itu tidak sah.

Kerajaan haram lantik imam, imam tu sah ke tidak? Imam tu nikahkan pulak rakyat perak, nikah tu sah ke tidak? pasangan tu pulak beranak pinak, anak tu anak sah ke anak haram?

Makan gaji dengan Bank Riba dan Pusat Judi sah haram. Makan gaji dengan Kerajaan Haram pendapatan tu halal ke tidak? Dah melarat larat

Disebabkan Kerajaan Haram ni UMNO akan hilang ribuan undi orang Melayu semata mata kerana orang Melayu di kampong dan rakyat biasa faham dua perkara sahaja. HALAL atau HARAM.

Insiden Perak ni nak jadi penyebab sahaja kot kepada kemusnahan UMNO. Peristiwa demi peristiwa yang menyusul selepas ni menjurus kepada kemusnahan UMNO dan pengukuhan Pakatan Rakyat. Jika ini berlaku salahkan NAJIB dan jangan salahkan Sultan Azlan.

Tuanku Sultan Azlan Shah hanya mengikut kehendak Najib. Baginda dan Raja Nazrin tidak ada pilihan kerana jika baginda melakukan sebaliknya, implikasi kewangan kepada kerabat istana sangat besar.

Baginda hanya boleh menyokong dan membantu rakyat mempercepatkan kemusnahan UMNO dengan mengikut kehendak Najib. Sebab itulah baginda minta Nizar banyak bersabar .

Rakyat jangan mengelabah dan ikut emosi kerana selepas mahkamah mengisytiharkan kerajaan BN tu tak sah, Najib selaku PM ketika itu akan isytihar darurat dan akan menggantung Dewan Undangan Negeri.

Perak akan diperintah oleh Majlis Tindakan Negeri. Sultan pun tak ada kuasa untuk campur tangan ketika itu.

Rakyat akan menyepi kerana ancaman ISA tetapi letusan gunung berapi PU ke 13 akan menyaksikan UMNO hilang segala-galanya.

Pak Lah boleh selamatkan UMNO jika dia mahu dengan menjauhkan NAJIB daripada KUASA sebelum MARCH 2009.

komen oleh
Keturunan Megat Abu Kassim
Bendahara Perak yang derhaka
kepada Sultan.