Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Perak Should Consider A Caretaker Menteri Besar/Government

Hantu Laut

Nizar is again in defiance, from saying he respects the Court of Appeal decision he has now made about-turn and insisted he is the lawful MB and should be in office, probably after listening to advices from the constitutional experts in DAP.

One of his state executive councillors Thomas Su said that while PR accepted the decision of the Court of Appeal, they were unsure as to what it really meant.

His counsel Leong Cheok Keng said "The High Court ruling was not an order to act which can be stopped by staying it. It is not like paying damages where you can halt the payment until a decision has been made," explained Leong.

Mister Leong is a lawyer. It may have escaped his mind that the Court of Appeal is a higher court.The course of justice can only be exhausted at the highest level, the Federal Court.

Surprisingly, all these interpretations came from so-called learned people who are well-versed in the laws of the land but prefer to juggle and muddle it to suit their own agenda.

It is very clear what 'stay of execution' is all about, that the 'status quo' remains until the case is heard and disposed off.Nizar's lawyer should know that he can apply to put aside the 'stay' but instead prefers to confuse the matter for public consumption and gain points in the court of public opinion.

Whether the court will agree or not is a different matter.As I have said in my earlier posting there will be suits and counter suits and all these will not resolve the problem other than making it worse.

The crisis in Perak has turned into a high-flying trapeze and showcase the most shameful act of greed for power, humiliation of the constitution and disrespect of the powers of the Sultan.

The Sultan is in a situation of 'fait accompli' where what he has done can't be undone.Insisting on a dissolution is again showing disrespect to his rights under the Constitution.Both parties should find other solution to resolve the impasse.

Both Pakatan and BN should put aside their differences and cease all legal tussles and any further power grab. Both Nizar and Zambry should cease to be menteri besar. A lawmaker from among them whom both sides are comfortable with should be made as caretaker menteri besar until an amicable solution is found. The caretaker menteri besar will choose among them equal number of lawmakers from both sides to form his exco. To ensure independence and impartiality the lawmaker nominated to be menteri besar should resign from his party.

Perak can take a leaf out of Sabah history book.

In 1965, the political feud between the late Tun Mustapha and the late Tun Fuad Stephens (formerly Donald Stephens) for the Sabah chief ministership was resolved with the appointment of Peter Lo as caretaker chief minister. Peter Lo, from the minority party SCA ( Sabah Chinese Association), a coalition member of the Sabah Alliance served from 1965 to 1967 until the crisis was resolved and Mustapha took over as chief minister.

The crisis in Perak has become a political turmoil causing disharmony and hatred among the people.

Maybe, it's time to smoke the peace pipe.


Anonymous said...

Yes, why not? Both should co-operate & agree to a joint petition to the Sultan for the dissolution of the assembly to solve the problem once & for all. It will also be easier for the Sultan to consent since both parties now want to dissolve.

Y1 said...

Who can be the interim caretaker MB?

Might as well dissolve the Assembly and let the people choose. It is not a disrespect to the Sultan, it actually gives the Sultan a way out of this embarassment.

Anonymous said...

And what is so difficult with having state by election instead of all these mumbo jumbo caretaker MB nonsense ?

kittykat46 said...

Nizar is , as of now, the lawful MB of Perak.
Correct, correct, correct.

Until and unless the Full Bench of the Court of Appeals overrules the High Court Judgement.

What Zambry has in hand is a temporary injuction preventing the High Court judgement from being actioned.

That is the exact legal status of every kind of temporary stay of execution in Civil litigation. Nothing to do with politics.

Ivan Yong Wei Kit said...

Hi Hantu,

Good point. To Y1, anything that forces Sultan Azlan to rescind on His Majesty earlier decision of not dissolving the Assembly is tantamount to disrespect and creating embarrassment for His Majesty.

I would like to reiterate again that Perakians stayed in their homes because going to the streets will cause embarrassment to their beloved Sultan.

Aku Anak Perak and we can all vouch that Sultan Azlan is comparable if not better than the Thai King.

So PR folks , please stop all this nonesence such as asking the Monarch to Go and etc etc.

Other Malaysians may not know their Sultan but in Perak the Silver land, we loved our Sultan.

Perak Darul Ridzuan !

SM said...


Wow...the Court of appeals was really fast wasn't it?!
Nizar is the MB of Perak...Period! The Highest Court in the land has said so! BUT, as usual UMNO does not care for the rule of law as can be clearly seen here!By the way Perak, the "LOVED" (past tense muhhhh!) your Sultan...i.e. meaning you do not love him anymore? Hahahahahahaha!!!!! The whole State (except for UMNO & HRH the Sultan of Perak) wants to go back to the polls...I wonder why?????

donplaypuks® said...

Knock! Knock!

Who's there?

It's me, Ma. Latok 2nd hand car dealer Camry.

Camry who??

Camry very hot day, my bald head cannot tahan oreddy. Need Mahatma!

donplaypuks® said...

I think what we need is more an Undertaker than a Caretaker.

We need to bury the evil of UMNO/BN more than 6 feet deep!


Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

I really wonder how to respect the decision coming from the court of Appeal when it could be set up in less than 24 hours.

This is faster than applying a warrant for arrest! But this in BolehLand, anything and everything is possible.

No need for any caretaker during the interim as malaysia is well known to be on auto pilot.

And if that guy really claims to be a Gandhi ( he also claims to be a Mandela!)but short of mentioning Mugabe or Idi Amin.
He should accompany Nizar to seek the ruler and demand for election.
Why waste more resources, time and more money to seek the court.
Why still wanna play?

Anonymous said...

To me the best solution is to dissolve the Assembly and call for an election.This is what the majority of Perakians want and I don't understand why BN is so scared of that word.Now,this illegitimate MB is illegally tending the state and foreign investors are flocking out of the state.In the long run,the state will suffer and hope that the Sultan would do something before this silver state turns into a sordid state.

Anonymous said...

Why you need a caretaker government to be set up, which probably would take a long while for all the kinks to iron out, whereas a state by election can settle this impasse within a month ??

BN / UMNO knows too well where they would be if a by election is called.

And IVAN, you can "loved" your Sultan, and also that guy who has a doctorate degree who claimed to be in the same rank as Gandhi and Mandela for all you want, but try not to speak for other Perakians.

Ivan Yong said...
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Ivan Yong said...

Hi Anonymous,

I "loved" my Sultan but not necessary a Gandhi/Mandela Doctorate Guy.

I have said it time and again, what's the difference between PR and BN. What if the 30 MPs jumped over from BN to PR. What do you call them ? Democracy?

First & foremost, Perakians proved me right about them . Where were they ? They were not on the streets weren't they?

Secondly, prove to me you are from my home state and don't comment from the safety of an Anonymous blogger.

But then off course, this is a blog and Hantu is a liberal guy to let you post your comments here without moderation.

Go to any of the PR leaders blog and post something that is not entirely agreeable to theirs, your comments will never be posted. I have tried 2 already. 1 is Din Merican , the other Uncle Lim.

And yes, I bet BN does the same too. So all politicians.

But Sultan Azlan Shah is not. So I rest my case.

I am revealing my identity here because I am standing behind my beloved Sultan.

Hantu - I agree with your point.

Purple Haze said...

I disagree that the Sultan is in a "fait accompli" situation.

If he accedes to a dissolution, he is seen to be listening to his people's wishes. Granted there may be people who do not want a dissolution for reasons of maintaining the status quo, the fact remains that the state of Perak is not functioning. The lawsuits are mounting.

And to maintain the 3 "independents" as part of the BN tally is a risky move. What if the MACC finds two of them guilty of corruption ? That will mean by election again.

Oh, did someone say that MACC will decide that this case is NFA since these 2 ADUNS are now on the BN side ?

Thus, if the Sultan agrees to the dissolution, he will be doing whichever party that wins a great favour

1) Once and for all determine who has the majority
2) Possibly remove the threat to stability of the state govt if these 2 independents do not seek re-election.
3) Bring about ADUNs who are more forthright in integrity and purpose

Hantu Laut said...

Ivan Yong Wei Kit,

You have every right to be different from them.We should respect the Sultan's decision.Pakatan makes the Sultan looks bad because they are popular with the rabble and are sore losers.These are people who make a lot of noise because they can't be seen.As you know empty vessel makes the most noise.

Look at RPK who was said to be very popular and claimed to get million of hits on his Malaysia Today.A lot of these cock-suckers heap praises on him online, telling him how brave and smart he is and would defend him to the end.

Look what happened to the online petition to save RPK.There were only slightly over one thousands of these cock-suckers signed up.

For a man who stake his life to save democracy, not that I believe him,that was really pathetic.

So, the rabble are true in every sense of the word, empty vessels.

Anonymous said...

Pls dont kid yourself, start an online petition that asks how many Malaysians AGREE that Najis Razak is a good PM for Malaysia, i'll bet u 1000 - 1 odds that u will have less than 2000 signatures!

So, are we to conclude 99.999% of Malaysian dont support Najis.

idiotic analysis.

SM said...


"Cock-suckers"...that's not very nice language! I guess it's your Blog Site so you can use such language.
Mahatma Gandi, Martin Luther King & Mandela were branded "rabbles" & "trouble makers" in their time too by Governments that were Racists & Corrupted...history will eventually show who the "rabbles" were!


When UMNO called the Chinese & Indians "Pendatang" & told them to go back to China & India, I did not see your beloved Sultan coming out & telling them to "shut-up" & stop being Racist! Such "blind" loyalty from!
By the way, you are a liar! I have seen many comments...especially by "Cintanegara" & "Zak Hamaad" who outrightly insult & disparage the DAP, DSAI & Kit Siang in Kit Siang's Blog & these are posted regularly!
You must be a MCA stooge!

If the Perakians support BN & the Sultan of Perak so much, then dissolve the State Assembly & call for fresh elections...let the people decide! By the way, the High Court has ruled that Nizar is the MB...period...unless this ruling is overturned, it stands that HE IS the MB!

Hantu Laut said...


Just testing reactions of those who are fond of using obscenities and profanities.

That's the first time I have gone overboard.Sorry, you are not included in that catergory.

I do value some of your comments, although some were extreme, especially against Najib and BN.

Anonymous said...

u stupid guy..the simple solution is to have a by election.why? bcoz u noe ur going to lose ur pants..idiot

Anonymous said...

Dear Hantu,

You claimed that this was the first time that you went overboard. This is certainly incorrect. In my 8th May post on your blog, I said that "you are no longer capable of dispensing sensible arguments, but engage in emotion-laden statements that do not reflect well on your level of thought." I then suggested that you should follow your own maxim: "SAY WHAT YOU LIKE BUT KEEP IT CIVIL."

By sticking to your principle, people will at least listen to you more closely. Whether they agree with you, of course, is a different matter. However, I think there is a better chance of agreement if, to use your own words, you keep it civil.

Thanks for your time.

Y1 said...

Ivan, either you are very young or very innocent to say when the Perakians did not come out en-mass to the street, that proved the Sultan is very much loved.

I too am from Perak though now I reside across the South China Sea, and I used to respect the Sultan for his academic achievement and a recognised to legal mind within the Commonwealth. My first disappointment with him was when he did not do anything as Lord President during the Mahathir's era to counter the dismantling of the judiciary. I will not dig out more disapointments.

I do not blame our beloved Sultan for this current Perak fiasco. His hands were forced when the PR government did not act fast enough. The blame is on the 3 frogs and PR for the initial problem. However, the subsequent events were unsavoury.

I do not see any embarassment for the Sultan to accede to the desire, wishes and petitions of his subjects asking for the disolution of the Dewan thereby allowing for natural justice to be done. It is that simple really.

I haven never agreed to 30 MPs jumping over to PR and I think LKS, Kapal Singh and quite a few others have also disagreed. FYI, I am not a politician but comment only as a concerned citizen.