Monday, September 28, 2009

Is Isa Samad Beyond The Pale?

Hantu Laut

To err is human.We all make mistakes.Some, make mortal mistakes and pay heavily for their crimes.

Should a man be condemned all his life for crime which he has served his punishment?

Michael Jackson was condemned in life but revered in death.His narcissistic lifestyle,frailties and alleged child molestation have been largely forgotten.The whole world have forgiven him for his alleged paedophile and perverted behaviour, which has not been wholly proven by any measure of the rules of justice.Michael Jackson has redeemed himself for his remarkable talents and lifetime achievements.

On 21 December 1988 Pan Am Flight 103 blew in mid-air over Lockerbie in Scotland killing 259 passengers and crew members.Eleven more killed on the ground by falling debris.

In 2001, Abdelbaset Al Megrahi, a Libyan, was convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment for his involvement in the Lockerbie bombing.On 20 August 2009 the Scottish Government released him to return to Libya on compassionate grounds as he was suffering from terminal prostate cancer.

Are our moral grounds so high up that we can only see things on the same plane and oblivious to sense of fairness and compassion or are they just hypocrisy dressed in moral values.

In the world of dirty politics are there any spotless leopards? Certainly, we want untainted characters in politics, to lead this nation, to get respect from the world community, but how many have immaculate background to pass with distinction and how many have skeletons in the closet and lead a life of deception?

In this country, at least, one can safely bet the later outnumbered the former.Majority of our politicians, both in government and the oppositions, are not cream of the crop.

The big debate now is whether Isa Samad should be allowed to stand as UMNO candidate for the Bagan Pinang by-election in view of his some what inglorious past, a practice of money politics, common in UMNO, including those at the top echelon, to buy favours.Those, like Isa Samad, who got caught were either brazenly indiscreet out of arrogance, or just plain simpleton entrapped by other contenders which I assumed must have been the case.

Corruption is well-entrenched in the party and has become a way of life, none of those vying for party positions can claim being spotless and holier than thou character, they were just lucky. There are many Isa Samads still roaming free in the party.

The recent case of Khairy Jamaluddin and Ali Rustam, caught for giving bribes, but let off the hook, is a penny for your thoughts.The party disciplinary committee's bark is worse than their bite.Their decision on the matter was not guided by measure of morality but a 'pick and choose your victim' policy.

Is Isa beyond the pale? By Mahathir's version he seemed to be.He has paid for his mistake.Shouldn't he be allowed to start afresh? Isa may not be the 'creme de la creme' but he seems to be the favoured candidate of the constituents with dyed-in-the-wool supporters.

Even Pakatan admitted it's an uphill battle to dislodge UMNO from Bagan Pinang or is it self-effacing strategy to misled UMNO to becoming over-confidence and let the shit flies.

Will UMNO try to be righteous this time? Will Najib go the whole nine yards and choose Isa as the candidate?

It's foregone conclusion that Pakatan would love Isa Samad to be nominated, they will use him as the punching bag and epitome of corruptions and will try bomb Najib and UMNO to smithereens.

This time they may be wrong.

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SM said...



1/ Read your article again...from what you say about UMNO...well...we shouldn't vote for them!
2/ Is UMNO so "short" of candidates that they have to keep to the same "old" candidates? No new faces ah? Or rather no new "untainted" faces ah?!

Yes, they should choose Isa & let's hope the people of Bagan Pinang decide that they've had enough of UMNO...maybe then Najib will really start to change & not give us all this "cosmetic" fluff that we are seeing!

eddy said...

Isa Samad is the only BN candidate who could bring in the the kind of voting numbers for UMNO and BN to whack PAS real good. Isa Samad was found guilty by the UMNO Disciplinary Board and punished, he has served his punishment without fanfare. The key word is that he has been punished for his wrongdoing. It will be double jeopardy if he is punished again and not allowed to stand as BN candidate.

BN should not dance to the tune of the opposition, the PR has shown in the last one and a half years that they have NOTHING to offer to the electorates besides character assassinations, blaming the BN for everything that goes wrong, rhetorics and more rhetorics besides asking each other to leave PR if they disagree among themselves of course just bollywood drama scripts PAS vs DAP and PKR, DAP vs PAS, PKR biting their tongue. The quality of the PR YBs and YABs are not great and nothing to be proud as of well, they have in Gwo Burne who take secret videos of Lingam boasting to his hand phone, PR have in Elizabeth Wong, who has nude pictures of hers taken by her married friend. They even have a Menteri Besar who fail to declare his multi million dollar personal debt to the public, so much for their transparency and accountability sloganeering.

Hell, they even have a YB who was convicted of corruption and abuse of power, spent time in jail and now is Opposition Leader and PKR advisor dreaming to become our next Prime Minister while doing as much as he possibly can now to avoid going to court to face another sodomy charge against him. Oh yes, another YAB became a CM of Penang despite the fact that he served jail time after being convicted of sedition, becoming a CM of a state which he is so unfamiliar with that he even embarrassingly quoted wrong performance figures of Penang Port, of course being Kit Siangs's son is a great help for his political career in DAP. There is a Malay saying for PR YB and YABs; "Mengata dulang paku serpih, kata orang dia yang lebih!

So, if Isa Samad is the popular candidate he should be annoited by the BN and UMNO leadership. He has paid for his guilt, he should be given the chance to redeem himself. BN will not lose if Isa Samad wins, BN will lose big time if it does not win the Bagan Pinang constituency with or without Isa Samad. This is crunch time for Najib, politics is dirty, the winner takes all, if anyone cannot stand the heat then do not come in to the kitchen.