Tuesday, September 29, 2009

UMNO Picked Isa Samad

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Hantu Laut

UMNO picked Isa Samad as its candidate for Bagan Pinang. PM Najib made the right decision not to be swayed by external sources of free advices.

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Anonymous said...

another greedy man... wat la! UMNO UMNO

umno pick isa o ISA... same same no brainy malay!

Hantu Laut said...

That's racist! You need schooling.

♂无聊♀乂♥melvin♥ said...

UMNO is desperate now and there is the famous Deng Siao Peng's saying that it doesn't matter whether the cat is black or white as long as it catches mice.

SM said...


We say UMNO is Racist & Bigoted & here you go giving Racist statements!
How can Malaysia move forward when we the common man on the road still talk & behave like this?

eddy said...

Bro HL, hearing the thunderous roar when the crowd called out Isa's name in PD, I think PAS will be buried for sure in Bagan Pinang.

Agree with you Bro.....that little boy Edi needs schooling preferably in a Sekolah Kebangsaan where he would meet brainy Malays for sure.

SM said...


Thunderous roar was from the Bagan Pinang UMNO members.
Yes, PAS is most likely going to lose but I doubt they will be "buried".


Najib did "listen" to outside advice...i.e. the Bagan Pinang UMNO Members...either choose Isa or face a "boycott"!
I hope Najib remembers how the Bagan Pinang UMNO Members "forced" him to choose Isa.