Saturday, October 17, 2009

Sour News & The Spirit Of Borneo

Hantu Laut

Mr Lim, like the New Zealander, was a bit slow in getting to know something that many Malaysians already knew. He reported here about a Proton car crash test.

How many of these cars can you see on Malaysian roads? Most Malaysian motorists are already aware of the bad quality of the Arena and the boxy Juara and stayed away from buying the vehicles.Proton should have discontinued the models.

That report in the New Zealand Herald did not say which year model is the car.Whether it is a new model or an older version, they did not say for reason only known to themselves.

Most car appraiser and motoring magazines usually disclosed the year model of the car they tested.

I do not dispute some of Proton models are of bad quality.I have one in my garage.

However, anything coming out of Lim Kit Siang are politically motivated rather than cause for concern.

The Spirit of Borneo

Hantu Laut

In August I wrote about the story of Martin and Osa Johnson here.

Their pictorial journey are now recorded in a coffee table book 'Spirit Of Borneo' to be launched by Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Aman on 19th October 2009 at Sandakan.The story here.

Only limited copies have been printed and to be given only to invited guests.

I got my advanced copy below.

The book.

Martin & Osa Johnson in Sabah (British North Borneo)


FMZam said...

The problem with you is that when anything coming out from Mr Lim it is politically motivated even when it means a matter of life and death. What is so political about that when Proton does not show any concern like any responsible car maker that takes diligent steps in alerting buyers about their defect product and immediately make effort to arrest the problem.

In the first place Proton should not hide any dispute over its products from public concern and be the first to address the issue not waiting until it is exposed by a whistle blower.

Maybe you are one of those rich people of Malaysia who can own a bad Proton and keep it in your garage for good, while many of us rakyat don't even have a garage to keep the hard earned Proton for daily usage.

andreywalter said...

hey can u tell me where i can get the book??thankss....