Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Down Under and Israel's Bastards

Hantu Laut

I am presently in 'Down Under' and unable to make any posting due to my busy schedule and erratic access to the Internet. Surfer's Paradise is in its low season at the moment and is pleasantly uncrowded.

Sad to hear attack on the aid convoy by Israel commandos that included Malaysians on board whose fates are still unknown.Let us pray for their safety.

This violent attack on humanitarian mission for the Palestine people is premeditated atrocious act of the Jewish state and should not be condone by the UN and the world community.

Israel's strongest ally, the US should take responsibility for this most atrocious act by a state under its protection that have acted beyond human sensibility to attack unarmed and defenceless humanitarian aid group.

These Israel's bastards should be brought to the Hague and charge for murder.

Posted in Gold Coast,Australia.

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Wake UP! said...

The United Nations should sanction the Israel's bastards.

Oh wait! Nope. That won't do. The UN is a tool of the Illuminati.

Apostate and tithe.