Thursday, June 3, 2010

A Jew Lover Indeed!

Hantu Laut

While waiting for my flight from Brisbane to Perth at Brisbane Airport I picked up a newspaper left behind by a passenger who presumably have no more use of it for the day.

Browsing through the newspaper a seemingly disengaging article on Israel's attack on the Gaza's aid convoy caught my attention.

The Herald Sun, a publication out of Melbourne has a completely different twist to the story.What happened on the Mavi Marmara on that day I'll leave to your imagination.Andrew Bolt has what Jeffery Archer would have called 'A twist in the tale' or one may say the other side of the story.

Despite world's condemnation of the Israel's homicidal attack, the Herald Sun and Andrew Bolt see a conspiracy by the Islamist to change world's opinion of the Jewish state.

Andrew Bolt may have forgotten that world's opinion of the Jewish state have spurred some of the most anti-Islamist to change their minds after having witnessed the atrocities committed by Israel on the Palestinian people and the attack on Gaza that Israel tried to justify by Hamas puny rocket attacks against Israel.

The blockade imposed by Israel has further choked the Palestinians, depriving them of food and medicine and making the Palestinians prisoners in their own land.

The inhumane blockade has made life sustenance perilous to the Palestinians.Don't they have a right to fight for survival? The US and the rest of the Western powers see it fits that the Jewish state be protected at any cost, even at the cost of other human lives.Israel is the appointed 'Sheriff' of the Western powers in the Middle East particularly by the US.

My taking a different footpath from Andrew Bolt presaging an Islamist's conspiracy has nothing to do with religion.Obviously, Andrew Bolt has creatively turned a humanitarian issue and by his definition an act of terrorism to defend Israel's cruel and inhumane policy toward the Palestinian people and attack on the humanitarian mission which the Israelis gave two hoots about the safety of lives aboard the aid convoy.Guns speak louder than words.Israel does not believe in peaceful engagement.

Even if its is true that Israeli soldiers were set upon with metal bars and sticks when they descended the ship does it justify retaliation by deadly force? A few shots in the air would have brought back the wild and weary to their senses.

They are not hardcore terrorists but overt peace activists who truly believe in the humanitarian cause, bringing food and medicine for the enclaved Palestinians.They should have been allowed to pass through and deliver the aid under the watchful eye of Israel armed forces.

The Palestinian issue is not a religious matter as there are, though in the minority, Christian Palestinians who would have suffered the same fate as their Muslim brethren by the inhumane blockade.

Below is the article published by the Herald Sun.

Don't fall for Islamist hype about flotilla attack, says Andrew Bolt


eddy said...

Ya Bro, this Zionist Lover, Bolt conveniently forgot to mention that the flotilla was carrying humanitarian and medical aid to the poor Palestinians Gazan who have been under siege for God knows how long by Israel.

A inhumane and barbaric seige designed to break the will of the Gazans, a siege which has no place in this modern world under the pretext of preventing arms from reaching Hamas to defend itself.

Bolt also conveniently forgot that the Israel Government committed state terrorism when they ordered their military to storm the unarmed aid ships in International Waters.

The hard truth is that the world this time refuse to play ball with Israel with their atrocities and use of disproportionate force against civilians and non combatants which they have done with impunity against anybody which disagrees with them for a long time with US tacit support.

Bolt has no conscience just a self serving Zionist Lover who tries to link this massacre on the high seas as a fight against terrorism which is utter rubbish and I know he knows that, and Netanyahu knows that also that is why he is keeping quiet like a mouse since he came back to Israel.

Wake UP! said...

USA are a Zionist supporter. The economy in USA are controlled by the Jews. The international media are all controlled by the Jews.

Other sovereign nations in the world should cut off any ties with Israel, the terrorist nation.

Act against Israel terrorist.