Wednesday, January 26, 2011

More Trouble In Sabah PKR

Hantu Laut

As predicted here it could well be the shortest term for this unknown new Sabah PKR chief.

Anwar, instead of mollifying PKR members here has stirred an even bigger hornet's nest.As many as 18 out of 25 divisions is united in a move to kick out newly appointed state chief Pajudin Nordin who is regarded as proxy of Ansari Abdullah which makes little sense.

Ansari, himself, could have been appointed to the position, unless, Anwar considers him very unpopular with the grassroots and a burden to the party.

Anwar's continual blunders showed his ineptitude and lack of understanding of Sabah politics.

It won't be long before the party completely disintegrate.

This blog is not always right but seldom wrong in its political predictions.

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