Monday, March 21, 2011

Don't Jump To Conclusion It's Anwar

Hantu Laut

Malaysians should not jumped to conclusion that the man in the video is Anwar Ibrahim even if there is resemblance of him of the person in the video.With today's technology doctoring a video is no mean feat and Anwar should be given the benefit of the doubt until the video goes to an independent video forensic expert for technical analysis.

As the ruling party has been implicated by the opposition, both parties including Anwar must agree to appoint the same forensic expert, whose final finding must be accepted by all parties concerned.

If I may suggest, the service of the British experts who did the analysis of the Sri Lankan execution video should be sought to clear the air once and for all.The UN accepted the authenticity of the video confirmed by the experts.

Would Anwar be so stupid to be caught again in another illicit sexual tryst and this time with a woman, a prostitute no less.

Wan Azizah was skeptical that her husband who was accused and charged with sodomy is now caught with a woman calling it "just another one" in a series of "dirty tactics".
Well, a man can either be straight, homosexual or bi-sexual.Some married men have dual tendencies and their wives do not know or refused to believe their husbands can be both.

As usual opposition leaders all jumped on the same bandwagon and quick to accuse government involvement.The setup could also be the work of some people in the opposition to get rid of Anwar whom they see is becoming a liability.So, it is not necessarily the people in government are the culprits.

If the video is a fake than Anwar should be jubilant.That would be the best political gift for him and bad news for Najib even if he had no knowledge or part in it.

The court of public opinion always see Anwar as a victim, a truly saintly politician who can do no evil until the Jews found out his dual personalities.


konek power said...

Soi Lek being the president of a helplessly ailing political party was stupid enough to bugger a prostitute.

The once most powerful man on the planet Bill Clinton was stupid enough to put his dick into the wrong mouth.

My point is, one's analytical intelligence has got no bearing whatsoever on one's actions when one's veins are saturated with testosterone. That's the time when your little friend down there is the one who is really in charge.

Purple Haze said...

If it as Anwar, then he must be stupid as so much attention is on him at the moment that embarking on such activities will most certainly set him up for "exposure".

Thus, if it is him, then certainly, he lacks the acumen to lead, giving in to more carnal pleasures !

But if it is not, then once again one could say that it is the dirty tricks brigade at work again.

The politician is not named and how this "Datuk T" obtained this video has not been disclosed , thus leaving the accuser a way out. But nonetheless, the damage has been done.

And if the opponents want to pursue this further, the items in the news will be

a) an Omega watch (how did these CCTVs pick the brand out ?)
b) a piece of tissue purportedly used by the woman (for more DNA samples). Did the hotel's housekeeping clean the room ?

Anonymous said...

Datuk T should make a police report immediately and not give the video to the NGO. why NGOs ?????

Anwar also should make a police report to investigate datuk T and sue him

very fishy here.

stay out of this Umno/BN guys.

Anonymous said...

The video is created to gain sympathy for anwar and pkr and the PR whoa re running out of bullets and missle and sembahyang hajats. Anwar knows it even if not by him. Its by his gang of merrymen and yahoos. Its sick and vicious scheming - it has a name to this pkr guided missile- Najib - and the final destination of this video game missle is Putrajaya of Bn government. Designed to create confusion amongst those who no longer trust him and regain their sympathy and to tell the democratic western world how cruel the present malaysian government is to him and his poor suffering wife. But then Anwar is sick and needs psychiatric help. Please advise PR party dont wait too long to get help for Anwar's mental health or you will have a closet hitler in your midst.

It is also equally sickening that both Lim kit siang and nik aziz also know that there is a sickening liar and his lies sleeping with them in the same bed and they need to keep his secret just to hold on to power.