Wednesday, March 23, 2011

We Sink And Swim With Anwar Ibrahim

Hantu Laut

Have they seen the video to reach such conclusions?Have the video been examined for its authenticity?

I would have deep sympathy for Anwar Ibrahim if he was ordinary citizen.

He is not, he is a public figure and public property.

Like all bearers of public office which is a position of trust concerning the people as a whole, Anwar extracurricular activities outside the conventional bounds of propriety are no longer his private affairs, they had become public property.

Malaysian politicians seemed not able to draw a line between the two.

Every politician, civil servant or anyone holding public office must be exposed if they lead a double life.The hypocrites, or, worse the "Jekyll and Hyde" character downright detestable and dangerous have no right to hold vacancy of high office.That's why politicians are always under scrutiny and the public have the right to know if their leaders have serious character flaw.That's why you have monsters like Hitler and Stalin rising to the pinnacles of power, installed by the very people they eventually massacre.

Exposing such leaders is not seen as a crime in Western democracies, only in Pakatan's camp it is seen more immoral than the illicit sexual act itself.

Some of you may be familiar with the John Profumo scandal in Britain in 1963.The biggest sex scandal the rocked the British government to the core.The affair of its Secretary of State for War John Profumo and Christine Keeler, a call girl and mistress of an alleged Russian spy at the height of the cold war.The British government was in a dilemma that he may have compromised state secrets to the girl which she passed on to her Russian spy boyfriend.Believe it or not, Perfumo first reaction was to deny any impropriety in his relationship with her and threatened to sue for libel and slander if the allegations were repeated outside Parliament.Not only he has to resign, he also brought down Prime Minister Harold Macmillan who resigned a month later due to ill health exacerbated by the scandal.

Licentiousness, is considered a character flaw and a sickness.

What Kit Siang and Hadi Awang is saying here that it is OK for leaders to have their pants down as long as they don't get caught.If you get caught and exposed to public odium that is character assassination and against Islamic teaching. Can you imagine enjoying committing zina while 4 upstanding members of society watching over you or peeping through the keyhole.That's the only way they can fix you in the Sharia court and Hadi wanted the case to be tried according to Sharia law.

I am not saying the person in the video is Anwar Ibrahim but Pakatan leaders should have taken caution with their unquestioning acceptance of the conspiracy theory and foolish equation of the Sarawak state elections coinciding with the release of the blue movie.

It's political gewgaw.

I don't think the name Anwar Ibrahim would make any political impact in major parts of Sarawak.With or without the spurious video, PKR and PAS will have poor showing in Sarawak, only DAP has greater chance of capturing more seats this time around.

is something on Gordon Brown, former PM of Britain whose sister-in-law Clare Rewcastle Brown is on a crusade to bring down Taib and the Sarawak government.

Sarawak state is not about to fall to the oppositions as what Pakatan leaders seemed to convey in their version of "we sink and swim with" Anwar Ibrahim.He is the unifying factor, without him the coalition will disintegrate hence Kit Siang and Hadi Awang's grovelling.

Get down to the truth before concluding it is spurious and scurrilous.You'll never know what you will discover.


SM said...

Bro HL,

Kit Siang & Hadi Awang did the right thing! Whether they watched the video or not, they HAVE to say they support DSAI. If they say, let's wait to watch the video & then let's wait to see what the foreign experts say about the video...come on lah...wake up & smell the coffee...their supporters would think less of them. Of course they have to give unconditional support to him!

This Video is going to give DSAI & PR even more support...the idiots behind it are either trying to screw DSAI (to which they have now failed miserably) or they are trying to screw Najib (you once said I was fond of Controversy Theory...however) & while Najib has made tremendous strides in trying to achieve 1-Malaysia...his ningkumpoop supporters are continuing to screw him. Someone is trying to do to Najib what they did to Pak Lah.

With jokers like these as his supporters, I really feel sorry for him! Mark my words, the truth will eventually come out & then you will see the proverbial shit hit the fan!

Anonymous said...

"we sink or swim with anwar ibrahim"

it reminds me of what joseph pairin said when supporting Ku Li (when ku li was standing against mahathir)
...and the rest is history

and hj hadi is a hypocrite 1St class becos' 4 witnesses only applies when the pakatan people are is not neccessary in the case of calling najib a murderer or not relevant when saying that rosmah was present when the bomb was planted on altantuya.

psc said...

bro hl,
mca president Dr chua.s.l was caught on tape in a sex video.Why no action taken against.??????

AdekBaik said...

Pak, as years goes by, I am beginning to feel so so sorry for Malaysia. We are making a fool of ourselfs in the eyes of the world. Reports after reports.......nowadays making a police report is like going to the prostitutes.. Yes and No to a Public Figure. On the lighter side. Malaysian politicians tend to forget we are all humans...Humans err as much in the process of going through life. We Malaysians of all races and religion MUST start praying for forgiveness since we are beginning to loose our tangent altogether. Everyone are starting to be cruel to one another......God please forgive us...For the Malaysian Politicians, please fight for the 28 million Malaysians liberty. We Malaysians are beginning to be self-centered. We have lost our sight.

Anonymous said...


It's now clearer. Good work dsai! Getting a fat man who obviously doesnt look like you is truly ingenious! Good job trio!

Anonymous said...


rahim tamby chik?? someone who has a serious morality problem heading the trio?? he was used to make the public believe this even more that umno was behind this! great work dsai, all the pieces are coming together now! the dna is definitely a more serious problem for pkr than taib is for bn. all the pieces are coming together now.

i thought i read somehere on the net that tamby has some problems with either najib or rosmah, hmmmm...

Anonymous said...

I have not seen the video, so no comments on tht.

However I was scrutinizing Anwar's every movement in this video... Every twitch of his facial muscles...


Just like a small kid hiding behind the parents when called in by the school HM due to DISCIPLINARY issues in the school..


And Hadi, silly old fool ... no one sane Muslim will get 4 persons of integrity to be present in the same room as one romps about with a prostitute..

LKS is an opportunist, so whatever he uttered does not matter, simply $$$$$ and gains.

May Allah bless this country..

Concerned citizen

Anonymous said...

"Every politician, civil servant or anyone holding public office must be exposed if they lead a double life."

I certainly agree with this statement. When Sodomy I came out, I held the view that the accused could have a "double life" and awaited the evidence to be presented. However, there was so much inconsistency that it became quite obvious that the Malaysian justice system had been infiltrated by political elements.

Issues such as having the original charge amended due to the location where the event took place had not been built yet and the "victims" susequently declaring that no such action took place leaves much to be desired in meeting the standards of "beyond reasonable doubt".

But in the Malaysian context, a currently very high senior male political figure was - many years ago - caught in a "compromising" position with a well known female singer in a hotel room in Port Dickson. Should he be brought to answer for his infidelity ?