Monday, July 11, 2011

Yeah! Let's Ape The West!

Hantu Laut

Those were peaceful protests that turned unruly and violent.

Students protest in London.
WARNING: This video contains strong language

U.K.police brutality in a riot.

The Rodney King's verdict.

The riots after the Rodney King's verdict.

Rioting in French.

Lastly,the one in Malaysia.

Do you see any difference how riot police in the West treated protesters and how the Malaysian police treated them here?

So, don't let the blind lead you blindly.


Anonymous said...


But I must commend the West for one thing, when they do it they did not do it in the name of the "rakyat".

Here in Malaysia, the speak in the name of the "rakyat" - even the non-elected representatives. Got news: I am also the rakyat.

Been there, done that. Use to join the CND and NUS marches in younger days.

Mat Bonk

Anonymous said...

to mat bonk,

the bersih and its allies pakatan also like to say they do it for the rakyat.
I also rakyat meh, i sure didn't ask u ppl to shout in the streets that resulted in one death and some injured.
I love peace and quiet

SM said...

Bro HL,

Is that the best you can come up with? This is similar to what you wrote some time ago too.
I was expecting something better bro!
Come on....attack DSAI & Ambiga...after all one is a Sodomite ex-UMNO & traitor to his Bangsa & the other is an Indian woman...doesn't she know she should be cooking & having bables & being an obedient wife?
By the way, say hi to your hero Ibrahim Ali & the Silat exponents who were supposed to come out in full force to defend Bangsa & Negara (are they still under their wives' skirts?). No wonder our Silat exponents can't win Medals in International Tournaments. They dare not fight! Hahahahaha!
At least KJ managed to get 500 UMNO Youth to come out. Even he said the PDRM shot straight at them & not over them!
I bet you were as shocked with what the Police did too. It's ok, you don't have to admit it.
The PDRM also rammed with Mat Sabu's motosical to knock him off the bike! Wow! Brave aren't they. Beating unarmed women & men! Wow! I bet their families are so proud of them!
Maybe you would like to pray for the soul of Baharuddin Ahmad (I did)? May Allah (oh wait a minute, I can't say that since I'm a only a Christian, can I?) & may his soul rest in Peace. But I bet you one thing, those who killed him won't!
Peace bro!

Hantu Laut said...

Sarcasm, not going to help you win an argument.Most young Malaysians think the West is Utopia, because they don't know any better.

That is not all that I can propound, the fact is those videos depict what happened here also happened in the West.Riot control has never been a nice thing to do.

Bersih is not about free and fair elections it is about saving Anwar, his name is written all over it and Amiga is an accomplish.

It is unlike what happened in Tunisia And Egypt where it was spontaneous reaction of the people without any element of politics, a strong desire to bring down an evil regime. Here, the oppositions played a major role in the rally and your hero Anwar was the only opposition leader injured.He should be given an Oscar for best actor.

Mat Sabo said...

Dude HL,

Here in the UK they do not use water cannons and tear gas... they are banned.

So they sell it to Malaysia ;)

Wish the police in Malaysia have the same modus operandi like in the UK. And they do check and balance... the unruly.. both from the police and ralliers... are prosecuted.

SM said...

Bro HL,

First off, my hero is not DSAI. Never was. Like I said many a time (obviously you have selective memory like a certain ex-PM we know), I don't give a Rat's A#@e if he became PM. I wish Tuan Guru Nik Aziz could be PM but I'm afraid that is asking too much.
Sexcondly, you need to understand that the Malaysians who came out on Saturday were not "rioting". There was no need to shoot them with Water Cannons & Tear Gas.
The PDRM could have easily controlled them but it was obvious they were told to ensure that the Rakyat suffered as much as possible.
As for DSAI winning an Oscar, aiyahhhhah...have a bit or originality lah...I know Najib said that yesterday alreday lah!
As for saracsm, not many Malaysian Educated Rakyat can understand it due to the super Malaysian Education System run by the BN Government!

Hantu Laut said...


Same, Ibrahim Ali is not my hero too.To tell you the truth I find him unschooled,uncouth and disgusting, that's why I don't give a damn about him.He is just a loud mouth and should be ignored.

About the Oscar for Anwar, you were wrong,I mentioned it on Facebook before the comment in my blog, very likely it's a coincident.

I am not even sure which newsportal carried his speech.Anyway, does it matter if I use the same as he did because truly Anwar deserve an Oscar for best actor.No other Pakatan leaders were injured.

As they say"great minds think alike, only fools differ" Hahaha!

Anonymous said...

Big difference bro HL!

When the West march, police escort were given. I have marched in anti government marches before in London.

When Malaysian march, police are out to disrupt and cause commotion and if possible make it look like a riot!

See the big difference?


SM said...

Bro HL,

To me, the PR will gain a 100 times more support if DSAI would just be their advisor & nothing more.
Whether he deserves to be PM or not, that's not for me to say (only Allah sees these things). However, I would very much like for someone in PAS (as I said Tok Guru Nik Aziz or maybe even Mat Sabu) to be PM one day.
I fervently believe Malaysia will benefit tremendously from a PAS-led Government (but Secular & NOT Islamic) where they use TRUE Islamic Principals (where everyone is EQUAL) & NOT the crap which has been dished out by UMNO these recent years!
I've never been in a Political Party before BUT I am seriously thinking of joining PAS the next time I go homw to KL.

kittykat46 said...

Actually, I have been on the sidelines of several public marches in London and Melbourne during my visits there. Have you ?

All Western countries have heavily equipped riot police in reserve, and they do sometimes break up demonstrations by force.

But there is a big, big difference with PDRM's (or PRDM - my own initials) behaviour in Kuala Lumpur July 9 2011.

And I emphasise the word "In reserve". The simple rule in Western law enforcement is understood on both sides. If the demonstrators do not initiate violence, do not destroy or damage public or private property, they can proceed without being molested. The ordinary police even help control the traffic to allow the marchers through.

Riot police are kept well in reserve and rarely actually used.

PRDM ? Police the Rioter Di Malaysia.