Friday, September 2, 2011

Mat Sabu's Sword Of Damocles

Hantu Laut

Too much have been said about Mat Sabu's version of the nation's communist chronicle. A mangling of the nation's historical events for political expediency that may turn sour.

Not many Malays would agree with Mat Sabu, be they in UMNO, in PAS or those without any political affiliation.

Communism has always been the enemy of the Western democratic system which we have inherited.There is no nice connotation that can be associated with communism which, more often than not, resorts to armed struggle to bring down elected governments.

Malaysiakini glorifying communism.

The Emergency years in the than British Malaya and later Malaysia was, nonetheless, an armed struggle by communists to takeover power openly backed by the Chinese Communist Party of China.

It is not about chasing out the British for the independence of a democratic nation but rather the installation of communist regimes throughout South East Asia. In furtherance of that cause Malaya and Singapore were chosen as the stepping stones due to the significant Chinese population.

Twisting of the history book and glorifying communism for the sake of political expediency by a top leader of PAS is indeed disturbing to the families of those who lost their lives in defending the nation's freedom and those with anti-communist sentiments.

Mat Sabu is playing the devil's advocate hoping to ride on the Chinese votes for PAS bigger political agenda.Some members of DAP espoused such idea that the communists in CPM (Communist Party Of Malaya) were the true freedom fighters and liberators for independence of Malaya. In the past the Chinese were infidels, today they are comrades of PAS leaders.

Mat Sabu over-hyped the communist insurgency.As far as the Malays are concerned he has hung the sword of Damocles over his head.


SM said...

Bro HL,

Did he really say what he was supposed to have said?
If so, why?
To get Chinese Votes? Nonsence...why would glorifying the Communists get him more Chinese Votes? Nothing to do with the Chinese that support the DAP DAP either.
The PR has alreday got the Chniese Votes. If he said something to get the Indian or the Malay (the PR probably has at least 40% of the Malay Votes alreday) Votes or even those in Sarawak or Sabah, then I would understand.
The Malaysian MSM can't be trusted to report the truth. However, I would really like to find out the truth about this one. I'm a fan of Mat Sabu, so this issue troubles me.

Anonymous said...


Mat Sabu is brave to say it out loud. Even Karpal, does not have the balls and asking Mat Sabu to retract his statement. For many, Mat Sabu is the latest Hero after Ambiga.

Anonymous said...

Bro HL,

Should we be surprised if malay army and police postal votes go wholeheartedly for BN after this incident?

Mat Sabu has unleashed the primordial sentiment of the malays - hatred of communist cut across malay political divides. With PAS senior leader response to the issue that defended mat sabu what more can we say. Only the most parochial of PAS supporters who place absolute wala' to the party will be able to support the party with clear conscience.

ahmad albab