Sunday, May 6, 2012

Guan Eng, How DAP Took Control Of Penang And You Becoming The Chief Minister If There Never Was Free And Fair Elections In Malaysia?

Hantu Laut

DAP's only prominent Malay member Tungku Abdul Aziz came under fire from DAP Secretary General and Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng for his opposition to Bersih demonstration.He was a lone voice in his party and the coalition of liars.

Tunku Aziz said “My opposition to this kind of demonstration is — we are encouraging people to break the law and we are supposed to be lawmakers."

Not asking himself how DAP took control of Penang and he becoming the chief minister if there was never free and fair election,  Guan Eng said  "I am therefore compelled to publicly chastise Senator Tunku Abdul Aziz’s irresponsible remarks opposing Bersih’s right to assemble peacefully... to press for clean, free, fair and independent elections."

Who was right, you or Tunku Aziz about the possibility of protesters breaking the law, violence and civil unrest ?

You see, all these Pakatan leaders are just "full of shits" including the holier than thou Kelantan Menteri Besar Nik Aziz who is as old as the hills but refused to give up his chief ministership because he thinks Kelantan is only safe under his stewardship.

A religious man of contradiction, he has forgotten PAS's past rebukes of UMNO, calling UMNO leaders "Orang-orang Islam yang berkongsi dengan orang-orang kafir untuk memerintah negara menjadi kafir atau haram".(Muslims who share power with the infidels to govern a nation are also infidels and committed sin against Islam) and Nik Aziz himself said "UMNO komunis dan serupa Ayah Pin" (UMNO is communist and like Ayah Pin) 

Let me ask Nik Aziz what is PAS doing sleeping  in the same bed with DAP? Does it mean all PAS leaders including himself are infidels?

Let me ask Guan Eng how can DAP took over control of Penang and he becoming the chief minister if there never was free and fair elections in Malaysia?

Guan Eng, let's have some answers!


Anonymous said...

When the whole malaysia is taken by them, then only the election is fair. Power is addictive, they want more. And for this person who was so closed to becoming PM, and suddenly his dream was crushed, what do you think he would do? So close to becoming Malaysia's no 1, already tasted the sweet life of becoming one of Malaysia's powerful. And now being one of Malaysia's outcasts. Creating havoc in this beloved country is worth it for him as long as he could be the Prime Minister. Say no to DAP, say no to Anwar Ibrahim.

Anonymous said...


These Pakatan fellows will always tell you that if 2008 elections were free and fair, they would've formed the Federal government. It is their wishful thinking. I thought DAP was all about democracy, freedom of speech and respecting opinions. By chastising Tunku in that manner, I see a new LKY in the making minus the intelligence and shrewdness.

Purple Haze said...

Here are the facts about the 2008 General Election.

BN won 63.1% of the 222 Parliamentary seats with only 50.27% of the votes while PR won 36.9% despite garnering 46.75% of the popular votes. This itself will show the disproportionality of the EC's marking of constituency boundaries.

Some excerpts from Wikipedia on the GE :-

a) It had been highlighted to the Election Commission of Malaysia that its electoral roll has been suspect, because of the discovery that it contains nearly 9,000 people aged more than 100. This raised suspicions that the books are contaminated with dead voters which leaves the election vulnerable to fraud

b) Further discoveries of people who have been born in the same year possessing different identity cards (IC) and living in many different localities, were uncovered by Malaysians for Free and Fair Elections (Mafrel). These people are registered to vote in various places throughout the country. These issues led to questions regarding the fairness of the elections

c)It was also highlighted by the Opposition that certain postal voters were issued with two ballot sheets. This was discovered during checks with the Election Commission when they were preparing postal voting kits. Activists from BERSIH say each ballot was also attached to a letter identifying the voter along with the voting slip serial number, so it would be easy to trace who voted for the opposition.

d) Citing 72,058 unreturned ballot papers — of which 41,564 were for parliamentary seats and 30,494 for state assembly seats — BERSIH alleged that many of these ballots had in reality been cast for the opposition or spoilt but were discarded, further pointing to the fact that most of them were postal ballots

Of course, these are allegations but never confirmed by the ruling govt or the EC. But then, given the recent debacle involving the NST's falsification of facts, could we expect truth or at least a rebuttal with the true facts ?

I don't think the PR would have got to forming the Federal Govt in 2008 and some of the candidates were not any better than the BN ones.

For the upcoming GE, I think the BN has lost the urban seats already and will have to dig deep for the rural votes to help them retain their control.

Most certainly, the people of Perak will oust the BN after the disgraceful takeover / defection drama.

Anonymous said...

Aiyah, tak kan tak tau jawapannya?

UMNO tak bantu MCA dan Gerakan pangkah undi, jadi yang menang cuma UMNO kat Penang. Tapi tak cukup kerusi untuk bentuk kerajaan dan jadi MB. Salah siapa?

Tu la tamak nak berkuasa dan buat parti komponen lain macam anjing kat Penang, dah linkup akhirnya.

Siapa yang bodoh dan masih spin seolah-olah tak terjadi?

Hantu ke?

Anonymous said...

Purple Haze is right and a constant thorn in the flesh for those who shout jingoistic slogans without the underlying numbers.

Further facts are to be taken in that rural constituencies are in the tens of thousands while urban opposition seats are in the hundreds of thousands through a constant re-delineation by the EC.

Skewed gerrymandering electoral process is unfair and not free. I am asking for free and fair polls and let the winner govern with pride. Even if the BN wins it in a free and fair election I will then 100% support the government. Until then, the BN rule with suspicion and dishonour.


bob villa said...

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Anonymous said...

Nik Aziz change his standing as and when benefits his corrupted ideas until he took the risk of becoming infidel himself. He is the laughing stock with his big head dressing.

Anonymous said...

Simple. Do you think BN will let go Selangor the richest state in Malaysia to the Opposition's hand if there is any corruption in the EC?. Election 2008 was not because the Opposition was strong but due to the weak PM. Even during Dr. M tenure as a PM, people vote BN not because of BN but to him. People did not vote BN in 2008 because of Pak Lah. Now people will vote back to BN because of Najib. Yes, Penang will be probably stay in the hand of DAP but investor will look away from it as Penang is the hotspot for tsunami.

Anonymous said...


When Umno's deputy education minister saifudin speaks against the government, these pakatan supporters praise him sky high but when Tunku Aziz speaks against Bersih they screw him! tidak boleh pakai!

Anonymous said...

To those of the intellectually sophisticated in thinking and mind and able to pull numbers and percentages in their arguments, here is a very very simple formula for us common critters to pander to about our style of elections.
There were 222 parliamentary seats up for grab. If one grouping managed to win more seat than the others - then they win and can form the government.Period.
The same is applicable to the states legislative.
No headache see!
Still not satisfied? Wait until the next election.

vinnan said...

Think 'in spite of', 'ketuanan' piece of shit Hantu

Anonymous said...


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