Friday, July 20, 2012

Kit Siang, Don't Belittle The Special Branch Report

Hantu Laut

It is irresponsible of Lim Kit Siang and other Pakatan leaders to ignore the Special Branch report of possible infiltration of subversive elements in PAS, DAP and PKR, accusing the government of spinning the story. 

Instead, Kit Siang should start his party's own investigation before he simply discard it as a ploy by the government to demonise the opposition. Story here.

For start, maybe, Kit Siang should explain the spate of protests and demonstrations that started with Hindraf and culminated in tension and chaos with BERSIH 3, organised under the guise of peaceful demonstration for free and fair elections. 

If Malaysia's elections are truly rotten how come his son can become the Chief Minister of Penang and the state came under DAP control. The same happened in Selangor, Kedah, Perak and Kelantan. Pakatan also took 8 out of 9 seats in The Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur. 

Can Kit Siang answer this question! Did Pakatan also used phantom voters to win?

History has shown that it is common communist tactic to organise protests, demonstrations, sabotages and civil disobedience to bring down elected government. 

Between the late 1940s to 1980s Singapore was under serious communist threat. The CPM organised strikes and other forms of political agitation.Many attempted assassinations were foiled by the Special Branch. Singapore continued to face communist threat after independence with pro-communist elements resorting to organised strikes and act of arson and vandalism. Lee Kuan Yew was quick to realise the threat and used every possible means at his disposal to wipe out the communist threat, which he did successfully.

I will not dwell on the communist insurgency in Malaysia as they are the same as in Singapore, led by Chin Peng and the CPM and most Malaysian politicians knew the history.

However, with the resurgence of a strong opposition there were attempts by certain quarters to make Chin Peng a hero and a freedom fighter, which again point to the possibility of communist elements or sympathisers in DAP, which Kit Siang may not be aware of.

I will not put aside the likelihood of Jemaah Islamiah (JI) infiltrating PAS. Members of PAS particularly the "youth wing" has shown deep intolerance for anything outside the realm of Islam.They have constantly protested against foreign artists performing in Malaysia without due consideration that Malaysia is multiracial and multi religious. The Memali incident was related to PAS.

Not all Malaysians are Malays or Muslims and the Constitution only make Islam the official religion and not the other way around, Islam has no jurisdiction over non-Muslims. 

Non-Muslims would have to deal with the problem of encroachment of their rights should Pakatan came to power. PAS is not going to let "sleeping dogs lie" it will pursue its Islamic doctrine. 

Sometimes, people are easily misled.The other day a friend told me that the Chinese in Kelantan are very happy and voted for PAS. The question I asked him, was there any Chinese candidate in Kelantan's elections and whether he knew of the insignificant of Chinese votes in Kelantan.

Almost 95% population of Kelantan are ethnic Malays and the balance 5% divided between Chinese and Thai. PAS knew the insignificant of these two ethnic groups and is not the least bit worried whether PAS gets their supports.

There are vast differences between Chinese in Kelantan and Chinese in the rest of the country.Except for religion, the Chinese in Kelantan, for all intents and purposes, are Malays, speak the same language and adopt "Malay behaviour as front stage and Chinese behaviour as backstage"

Without looking at the person, it would be hard to tell a Chinese from a Malay by listening to his speech in the Kelantanese dialect. They are not your normal Malaysian Chinese.

Can Lim Kit Siang, Lim Guan Eng, Karpal Singh and the rest of the Chinese and Indians in the country be like the Kelantanese Chinese? If they can than this country would not suffer racial polarisation.The Kelantan Chinese have given the Malays the comfort of being truly Kelantanese, by adopting and respecting the Kelantanese Malay culture in their presence and still practised the Chinese culture backstage.The Kelantanese Malay do not feel threatened or overwhelmed by the Chinese.

Many Chinese are misled by this exaggerated story spread by the opposition to hoodwink the Chinese in the country that PAS is Chinese user friendly. It may, or may not be, but going by its actions, in all likelihood it will stay the Islamic journey, embolden to pursue "hudud" as they have asserted, time and again.

Do not belittle the SB report, terrorist incident is visible, espionage cases are not easy to detect unless you have excellent police work.

Our SB is one of the best in the region and that's why Malaysia was spared the act of terrorism, unlike our neighbours Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines, who weren't so lucky.

I suggest Kit Siang do some soul-searching before he politicises the SB report. Malaysia have seen a number of attempts by small group of militant out to topple the government.

I would like to refresh Kit Siang's mind of past terrorist's act in this country:

1.August 1975 - Terrorists from Japanese Red Army (JRA) held approximately 50 civilians including members of the US consulate and the Swedist charge' d'affaires as hostages within the AIA building and demanded release of 5 imprisoned comrades and flew them to Libya. I was working and living in KL then and my office was not far from AIA.

2.December 1977 - A lone member of the JRA hijacked MAS Flight 653, shot the pilots and himself killing 100 passengers when the plane crashed.

3.November 1985 - Memali - About 400 people of an Islamic sect led by Ibrahim Libya took up arms against the government out of serious rift in the Malay Muslim community between PAS and UMNO. Leaders of PAS had concluded that members of UMNO were apostates.The stand off resulted in clashes that killed 14 civilian and 4 policemen. I was on the same plane as former PM Mahathir on the way to Beijing, being part of a trade delegation when the news was broke to us about Memali.

4.July 2000 - The Al-Ma'unah group stole over 111 military firearms and ammunitions.Police negotiation failed and gunfight ensued killing 3 people including 2 hostages.In the same year Kedah state assemblymen Joe Fernandez was shot by a member of a religious militant group.

5.August 2001 - Discovery of KMM, a militant group and underground movement out to topple the Mahathir's regime.Received training in Afghanistan led by Nik Adil Nik Abdul Aziz, all arrested under the ISA.

The network has already been put in place for massive demonstrations to accuse the BN of cheating in the next general elections and calling for people's power to demolish the government should Pakatan Rakyat failed to capture Putrajaya.

The oppositions can deny it until the cows come home, the momentum had been set by BERSIH 3 and Ambiga is only a pawn in the game.

Kit Siang! See who's scrapping the bottom of the barrel!


Dominic Yusoff said...

The report should be belittled because it using the threat of a defunct group as a means to scare people. Communism? Seriously? It is a dead and discredited ideology. the remaining 5 "Communist" countries have pretty much abandoned Communism in terms of running their economies. The only feature of Communism they kept is the "leading role of the Communist Party". If you sincerely believe this threat of Communism, then you should be very concerned about UMNO's personal relationship with the CCP. Remember it is a party to party relationship, not gov to gov, so who knows what they are sharing with the CCP. As for JI, I'm pretty sure that the Indonesian security services have destroyed JI as a network. They are battered and defeated. And the notion of Islamists and Commies working together is a ridiculous one. They are ideological enemies to the core. I'm disappointed that you believe in a "Communist threat" as I respect ur posts on the occasional hypocrisy of PR. Communism is dead, no one besides extreme poor in several Asian countries, not China btw, believe in it.

Anonymous said...

Dominic Yusoff cheap commie sympathiser argument.

Garrett said...

If the report is of Islamists and Commies infiltrating BN parties, Kit Siang and herd will be the first ones to believe the reports and raise hell!

Anonymous said...

LKY method is to nib from the bud. Why? Out of country interest. Many irresponsible idiots who careless about country security and harmony will do anything for their political gain.
Majority of us are worried about this but some with classless mentality exercise their 'tidak apa' attitude. They lack the ability to foresee what leader like LKY can see. Don't blame them as they belong to a group of brainless people. It's so pathetic as this include leaders.

kira said...

guess the SB should act immediately then, the broke out of this news only gives more reasons to delay the G.E,whatever it is, order must be obtained before elections can go on,regardless of the results afterwards.

SM said...

Bro HL,

Come on lah! Communist & Terrorists?! Ok, Terrorists, I guess can infiltrate into Political Parties. I give them that. But Communists?
And obviously these elements are infiltrating into the Opposition Parties NOT into BN because the BN has been placed on Earth by God & no Terrorist or Communist will dare go near such a Divine Party! Geeeze HL...& you believe this crap, especially since it suddenly comes out just before the GE?
The BN as we all know is desperate & they will use anything to stay in power...including bringing up the May 13th 1969 incident (which they always bring up before any GE!).
You used to be pretty impartial (well as impartial as an UMNO loyalist can be) but to believe such trash?! Communists?! Hahahahaha.....

Gram Kong said...


I have joined the opposition's modus operandi, if you can't prove anything, blame it on a conspricy, it's Pakatan's buzz word.

If you dare count, Pakatan leaders have repeated May 13 more than leaders in UMNO have.

Kit Siang is pushing the panic button because there are some truths in the SB report. It may not be communist per se, but other extremist groups can infiltrate the party.

Purple Haze said...

Bro HL

All that Hishammuddin has got to say on the serious allegations by Special Branch's assistant director of the E2 (M) national social extremist threat
division head Mohd Sofian Md Makin is that he was "not sure" about the
alleged infiltration of Islamist terrorists and communists into Pakatan Rakyat, that "I don't have the relevant information at the present moment.Therefore, I cannot say whether it is true or not. I can only say this much, this topic is very sensitive."

Does this mean that the Minister of Home Affairs does not know what the Special Branch are doing or the Special Branch can make any allegations that they want ?

Basically, what is the chain of command if the Minister himself is "not sure" ? These are serious allegations and that should not be made unless there is sufficient evidence.

The Asst Director of the SB should name the persons alleged to be the perpeetrators. Or has the SB become part of the politics of this country ?

BTW, the Opposition has also alleged that Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin had once established a direct formal
relationship with the Communist Youth League of China. I do not know if this relationship still exists or in what form but it does seem that having a relationship with "Communist" elements is okay if it involves the BN.

SM said...

Bro Gram,

Communists? By coming up with this report, what the BN hopes to do is push the Fence Sitters to vote BN.
They are especially hoping the Chinese will get scared & vote for MCA.
If Communism is such a threat then the BN Government should be kicked out as they have strong links to the Chinese Communist Party in China!
Terrorist? Yes, you can't discount them infiltrating Political Parties BUT ALL Parties not just the Opposition. But do you think the SB is going to say there are Terrorists infiltrating the BN?
Sorry, they have to try some other desperate measure BUT I guess there will be enough Malaysians who will get scared.
As for Pakatan Leaders using May 13 more than UMNO? I need to see the proof of that. Muhyiddin just brought up it up again in one of his usual...UMNO 's favorite ploy. When all else fails use National Security May 13, & now Communism & Terrorists).

kittykat46 said...

Its silly to dredge up the Communist bogeyman.

The Soviet Union is gone.
The People's Republic of China is very busy trying to make as much money as fast as possible.
There's just North Korea left, a Cloud-Cuckoo case.