Monday, November 19, 2012

A Bird In The Hand Is Worth Two In The Bush

Hantu Laut

PAS, at long last, as I have always suspected a dream they secretly harbour, has fired the first shot for a PAS leader to be prime minister should Pakatan capture Putrajaya in the 13th General Elections.

The dream would become a reality if PAS garnered more MP seats  than PKR, which is highly probable taking into consideration the political ruckus in PKR. There are many long serving PKR members in Sabah unhappy being sidelined by its top leaders for newcomers chosen to stand as candidates in the coming elections.

Hadi Awang, who says he is not interested to be prime minister, but would rather be a khadam (servant) of the people may not be sincere. Is Hadi pretending just to keep Anwar happy until elections day, or pretending not to know that the prime minister is actually a servant of the people and that's what exactly he wanted to be........ rhetorically he refers to as "khadam"

Without any doubt this contentious issue will be hotly debated and pursued by PAS during the campaign period to fish for greater Malay votes to make PAS controlled Pakatan a reality and hence the emergence of a true Islamic state and the realisation of hudud (Karpal, the lone ranger, "over my dead body" conscientious objector would be powerless to stop the slide to hudud). 

By then DAP has a choice of staying with Pakatan and suffer the consequence of Chinese anger or join its arch-enemy UMNO to frustrate PAS push for hudud. I have mentioned earlier in one of my posts the high probability of UMNO MPs throwing their support to make hudud a reality to punish DAP for its chauvinism, arrogance and short-sightedness. 

If "blood is thicker than water" than "bloodline" is just as thick, UMNO  MPs had nothing to lose by joining their Malay brethren in PAS in making hudud a reality.

With hudud, DAP's dream for greater Chinese political power in Malaysian politics will evaporate into thin air. With hudud, the Malays would be able to better preserve political power infinitely and Malaysia would be what Kelantan is now, completely dominated by Malays.

Iran, is typical example of a nation that turned overnight from being secular to becoming one of the strictest Islamic nation after the revolution that brought down its dictatorial ruler Reza Shah Pahlavi in 1979. It hasn't looked back ever since and has become isolated, ostracised and made a pariah state by the Western world. Its Islamic branch of Shiaism is also banned in Malaysia.

Here, a Malaysian Insider reported a matured PAS seemingly moving to the middle ........which I believe is "dangling the carrot"
to fool non-Muslims that the leopard has changed its spots.

Changing is no more about making Anwar Ibrahim the prime minister. The whole scenario has changed, it is now change for the sake of change. Anwar is no more in the equation and may be highly frustrated that the highest office he so dearly coveted may slip away when the final count ended.

Here's another idiot who thinks hudud is not possible to implement in Malaysia.

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Anonymous said...

Just imagine Mat Sabu becoming a minister after having a nice time with a friend's wife in a hotel room. Hudud? What kind of hudud is this? If he is your friend, let him go. If he is not your friend, hang him. Hudud, ala PAS.