Sunday, January 20, 2013

Ibrahim Ali Political Grandstanding

Hantu Laut

Malaysia will soon be split right down the middle between Muslims and non-Muslims if this man is allowed to have his way and, likewise, irresponsible politicians who continue raising sensitive issues, every now and then, to bolster their waning popularity. 

Lim Guan Eng resurrection of the Allah issue from the Pandora's Box over the New Year was much of a muchness.

Malaysians are smart enough not to heed calls from these political eunuchs.

Ibrahim Ali is not insane or suffering from some kind of malady, he intellect is very intact, his call for Muslims to burn the Christian Al-Kitab (Bible) was pure political grandstanding. 

He is not Terry Jones who is ignorant, thick in the head and a religious deviant. 

Ibrahim Ali knows exactly what he was doing and that his grandstanding was to attract attention of his waning popularity among level-headed Muslims, who think he is a wacko, the only assumption one can make of his strange behaviour.

It is best to ignore this man and don't give him the light of day.

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vinnan said...

These are the Puk'mamkthirs who think the nons are afraid of a racist, raging, stupid Melayu. If Ibrahim As'hole Ali has the balls, get the PERKOSA bastards to burn the bible themselves with him leading the pack of 'Ketuanan' shit. As usual these Malay heroes are only brave when outnumbering the nons 100 to 1. Your f'''king One Malaysia Najis did not even say a word to reprimand that katak Ali. UMNO and PERKOSA one and the same 'Ketuanan' ba'ta'ds.

Bring on the bible burnings if you PERKOSA motherfu'kers have the balls. We will make sure you loose more than just you Porsches, Mercs and BMWs

Anonymous said...

If muslims in M'sia can be easily fooled by Pas, this Ibrahim Ali is nothing.

Anonymous said...

The Gomen Printers should print the proper approved version 2013 of the Bible and give it free in proportion to the impounded ones.

Purple Haze said...

Really, it is up to the Muslims to decry this man as his rantings and actions are dangerous to unity in Malaysia.

SM said...


That's what you have to say? Ignore Ibrahim Ali!
He should be in jail.
But the Political will of UMNO & in the end Najib shows through like a beacon in the dark here!
Why doesn't the PDRM or the Home Ministry do something? Because yes, he's not stupid...he's doing th
e will of his Master...i.e. UMNO!
Come to think of it, he should be allowed to continue his hate speeches! More votes for the Opposition!
Thanks Ibrahim Ali!

Anonymous said...

Both LGE and Ibrahim Ali must be charged and lock up.

Anonymous said...

What do you expect? You play around with islam and want the muslims to keep quiet? You throw pigs heads into mosque and you want the muslims to keep quiet? You distribute bibles to malay children and you want the muslims to keep quiet?

Anonymous said...


'dangerous to unity'

who started this issue? who is destroying unity? do some study. you stepped on my race and now you are stepping on my religion. and you want us to sit still?

Syed Firdaus Syed Omar said...

Christian must youtube this. Muhammad in the bible by ahmed deedat.

Syed Firdaus Syed Omar said...

Christian must youtube this. Muhammad in the bible by ahmed deedat.

Syed Firdaus Syed Omar said...

Please view this youtube. Is bible words of god by ahmed deedat.