Saturday, February 23, 2013

Extremis Malis Extrema Remedia, Will Pakatan Lose Badly?

Hantu Laut

"Extremis malis extrema remedia"

That's Latin for "desperate times call for desperate measures"

Is Pakatan Rakyat going to lose the elections badly and they knew it ?

They are preparing for a "war of attrition" to wear down the people with lies and half-truths of BN plan to cheat in the 13th General Elections. It is the amber that will flame the "Malaysian Spring" advocated by Anwar to bring down the elected government, if he gets his way. 

Many Malaysians do not believe this but all indications point to a high probability of chaos and violence if Pakatan loses the elections. The series of attacks on BN leaders and PM Najib Tun Razak shows their lack of confidence.

The Lahad Datu standoff is telling of their desperation for the people's attention. Instead of closing rank with the government in a matter of national security they chose to resort to all kind of subterfuges, making wild and unsubstantiated allegations and completely disregard their dangerous gameplay.

To kick start the propaganda he recruited Ambiga to form BERSIH under the pretext of demanding free and fair elections. BERSIH has successfully poisoned the minds of many Malaysians with its false and deceitful propaganda, accused massive cheating at the polls by BN in the past and that the BN will again cheat in the 13th GE. 

Now, a Facebook called "I Love New PM", which I suppose must be referring to Anwar has came up with the most stupid propaganda one can imagine, that the BN have issued 2,000,000 I/Cs to foreigners in Selangor and you can laugh your guts out the irony and incongruity of the whole thing, I/Cs with expiry dates.

Would any right thinking Malaysians believe in such ludicrous poppycock? The I/C shown was for temporary residence in Malaysia, but I am pretty sure there are Malaysians stupid enough to believe the story. 

The Facebook was set up either by DAP members or supporters .The Facebook page came with annotation "1,000,000 Chinese dont want MCA to represent the Chinese"

A dead giveaway that it is the handiwork of DAP. 

Here, PKR's biggest braggart and pseudo-intellect Mr Rafizi Ramli desperately trying to debunk the Economist Intelligence Unit prediction of BN winning the 13th GE. The man is all hat and no cattle. Consider himself the brightest rising star in PKR, and a possible threat to Anwar's blue-eyed boy, Azmin Ali.

The real intellects would rather believe the EIU report than pro-Pakatan grovellers the likes of Malaysiakini, Malaysian Insider, Free Malaysia Today and the mother of all whoring yellow journalism and bias-motivator of the worst kind, the Malaysian Chronicle, mostly for the reading pleasures of the plebs and the proles, gutter journalism at its worst. 

If stupid as stupid can be this man should take the coveted title for being the dumbest man ever to be used by the oppositions. Once they finished with him they will dump him by the roadside. Here, he is suing Najib for calling him not a credible person. Can you sue me if I call you stupid or your are ugly? You can try if you have a lawyer like R.Sivarasa. For someone used to scrapping bottom of the barrel every case is a possibility.

Deepak and his not so confident looking lawyer.

DAP leaders have misrepresented PAS to the Chinese community as a moderate Islamic party. They have traded in the threat to Chinese culture with their own selfish ambition to gain political power. 

From the few attempts by PAS to impose Islamic values on the Chinese in Kelantan and Kedah, one can safely assume PAS will not abandon its ambition to implement hudud once they get to Putrajaya and I will repeat here once again, what I have written before, the Muslim MPs from UMNO will give their supports to PAS to implement hudud through the backdoor, to punish the Chinese for abandoning them in their hours of need. 

UMNO leaders and many Malays for that matter still think they have been more than benevolent to the Chinese, sharing political power, allowing them to do business freely with the least interference and allowing vernacular schools which they think was a big sacrifice and at the expense of the Malay language, which is also the national language and many tales of young Malaysian Chinese not being able to speak the national language fluently.

There is no need to change the Constitution to enforce mild form of hudud. Mild for the Muslims but not necessary mild for Chinese and other non-Muslims. 

To start with they can  enforce Islamic values through local authorities such as city and municipal councils, which they invariably controlled. 

They can close down entertainment places such as discos, nightclub, bars and ban the sales of alcoholic drinks in designed areas or even the whole country. There is nothing in the Constitution that can stop them from doing so. If anyone can quote me the relevant article in the Constitution regarding this I'll be happy to hear from them. 

I am also looking forward to the eventuality of the day of pork free Malaysia.

Am I trying to scare you? 

No, that's the reality in Malaysia. No one want other religious beliefs or other's ethnic culture to be imposed on them. 

Just as the Malays feel Islam and the name Allah are sacred to them and will fight tooth and nail to preserve its exclusiveness, likewise, the Chinese do not want anything Islamic impose on them.

DAP overlooked the fact that 40% of Chinese are fence-sitters and wait for the wind before they set sail.

At this juncture they all looked ardent supporters of DAP, but should they have the slightest doubt of PAS political agenda, they all may scurry away like rats abandoning a sinking ship.

Can DAP control PAS trumpeters comes elections day?

PAS will not make any headway in Sabah and Sarawak.


Purple Haze said...


I may be wrong in this opinion but I think the BN supporters will react more violently than the PR supporters if their party loses.

I say this because BN will be in unfamiliar territory and that will cause fear. And as you know, fear makes people do stupid things.

PR losing will not be a shock as PR has not won the mandate yet. The incumbent party will reel more.

At this present time, my observation is that BN continues to send out most of their attack dogs on the personalities in PR and not policies. That won't work for long as the strains of Micheal Jackson's song "Man in the Mirror" floats by.

This time around, the rakyat are quite aware of issues like PKFZ, NFC, Bersih, etc. People may have differing opinions of these issues and that is fine with me. The point really is that these issues have surfaced and thus, Malaysians are more aware of what is going on.

If there is anything positive to tke from the upcoming GE13, it is that corruption and the manipulation of Malaysia's institutions have been brought to the fore.

SM said...


You've got it the other way around!
The speeches coming from the BN already shows how scared they are! They keep on referring to May 13th (a case in point is the release of the movie Tanda Putra (but I'm told they have only been shown to Malay audiences thus far!) & Sharizat bringing it up during the recent UMNO AGM.
Najib & his Deputy keep on warning the people how much trouble there will be if the PR wins (subtle threats that the Rakyat understand to mean DON"T dare vote the BN). Just a few days ago at his speech in Terengganu Najib said that a vote for DAP means a vote to destroy Islam (or something to that effect anyway). As usual with BN (& especially UMNO), when desperate bring up Race & Religion. Then CSL (the Porno star) tells the Chinese voters that voting for PAS would be trouble for the Chinese!
And based on your supposedly concise Political predictions, the "PR" was supposed to have fallen apart after the 2008 GE. I guess you are still waiting?
As Purple Haze said, if the PR lose, well they have not won the Federal Govt before BUT if BN loses, you can bet they won't give in easily because all the "evil crap" that they have been doing will come to light. And they won't want that!

Anonymous said...

When BN lost 5 states in the 2008 GE, did they riot? Nope.

When Perak fell to BN afterwards, did Pakatan riot? Yep. Bergolek atas jalan.

Now, who do you think is more likely to riot should they lose GE13?

aGhaf said...

Setuju dengan pandangan Anonymous. Malah di Perak, mereka ini menubuhkan dewan dibawah pokok.