Monday, March 4, 2013

Close All Undesignated Border Crossings

Hantu Laut

Unless, drastic measures are taken immediately the situation may get worse and spread throughout Sabah if the authorities don't nip it in the bud right now. 

There are just too many of them already inside the state, though, most are peaceful, came over many decades ago for economic reasons, it's difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff.Among the multitude there are bound to be baddies.

They have planned the armed incursion for a while and have planted sleepers and weapons inside the state before the arrival of the main contingent.

Our top police and military brass are not putting their thinking hats on. Our Home Minister is a wimp. I hope he will not be returned as a minister if BN wins the elections. Make him an ambassador or something of that kind, he certainly not one that should be given the responsibility of a crucial ministry such as the one he is holding now.

Though I appreciate the job that they have done and my deepest condolences to the families of our fallen heroes, our security forces seemed unprepared for such eventualities. The high fatality with just two skirmishes against a ragtag armed intruders speaks volume of their capability to handle such perilous situation. So far there have been 8 fatalities on our side.

It is obvious many of them are already in the state and armed to the teeth, ready to kill or be killed. So far the clashes have been with our security forces.

Unless we arrest the problem now, I anticipate worst may come when they decide to cause widespread panic among the population by massacre of civilians. Knowing their ruthlessness in killing innocent and defenceless hostages in the past, such scenario is not far-fetched. It would be the last thing the military want on their hands.

Countering the menace is not just sending your police or army to go out looking for gunmen. Beside going on the offensive there have to be other military strategy employ to contain the problem.

By now the government should have close all border crossings between the two countries, with the exception of regulated designated ports. Designated ports should be confined to Kudat, Sandakan and Tawau.  No landing should be allowed on the whole stretch of coastline between Kudat/Pitas peninsular to Tawau other than the designated ports. Close all border crossings in the Lahad Datu and Semporna districts.

Deploy sufficent number of navy ships equipped with helicopter gunships to police the border and coastline. Shoot any boat found in unauthorised waters and any boat crossing the waters from or toward the Philippines waters.

All boat from nearby islands in Sabah waters must land at designated landing in the major towns. 

Designate landing for small boats from outlying islands in Sabah waters with strict police/immigration control. All person must go through police check. 

Only than you can contain the problem.Those already inside cannot leave and the armed forces can eliminate them as and when they found them and many more cannot come in as the border is closed and under strict surveillance.

The authorities have to do it now before more of these heavily armed terrorists  come in and the military will have a bigger problem on their hands.

If things get worse other option that can be considered is isolation and blockage of all their settlements in the state.

I understand this proposal will cause great inconvenience to the people but that the price we have to pay for the negligence of our government leaving our borders wide open to give our neighbour unfettered excess to our land.

From now on the story will be different, we should demand strict border control of all our borders with our neighbours.


Anonymous said...

Gaya Island is a no go area for our police. Start flushing them out first. A den of smugglers and illegals with guns.

SM said...


Our Home Minister is a wimp? Yes, agreed. However, what does that make his boss (i.e. our PM)? Super-wimp?!
You seem to have more ideas on how to sort this mess out than these dopes who are supposedly protecting our country!
Why are they still playing games?!
Sabah & our Country is under siege & our PM is in Perlis playing Politics! Amazing!

Anonymous said...

If Jamarul Kiram III or Philippines govt can claim Sabah then M'sia can also claim S'pore. Does it sound stupid? M'sia must stop paying the goodwill amount of RM5,300 annually which Jamarul claimed as rent. M'sia should treat them as how Philippines govt treated rubbish.

Anonymous said...

This is the problem with Malaysian. Issue with country sovereignty also want to politicise. No wonder this kind of crap happen.