Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Najib Tell The IGP To Equip Our Policemen With Maximum Protection

Hantu Laut

Look at the picture! It is most unacceptable way of mounting a road block in what can be a war zone in the event of a surprise attack. 

Those policemen are completely exposed to the enemies who can spring a surprise attack from a vehicle or from the cover of the palm trees. There is no way they can see whether people in the vehicle armed or not until it's too late, or spot the enemies under jungle camouflage. 

There are too many wrongs in what I see in the picture. No protective gear such as bulletproof vest, no protective sand bags bunker and wrong location making the policemen vulnerable and easy target to the enemies.

This is not a walk in the park, or a roadblock to check vehicle's road taxes, or checking for poor illegal immigrants. 

This is war!

War means choosing the right strategy and tactic. Worst still, if you are dealing with guerrillas, which makes you even more vulnerable.

What is happening to the IGP, the Generals of the army, or those in commanding positions, are they not aware of the needs to give maximum protection to their men? 

Don't tell me they don't know, or they are just complacent and think a gun in the hand is a protection.  

First, there should be sand-bag bunkers placed on both sides of the road at least 40-50 meter behind where the policeman is standing and each one manned by at least one policeman with high-powered automatic weapon. In the event of a surprise attack there are backups to counter the enemies. Sand-bag bunkers can be moved from place to place should the location of the road-block be moved to other location.

It is also imperative that the policeman out in the open donned bulletproof vests and helmet to protect himself from fatal shots.He has better chance of survival in the event of a shootout. Never underestimate in which direction your enemy can came from. They can come from any direction.

Another big mistake was the location. The location can give better protection to the enemies than the policemen who can become easy target of snipers or surprise attack. The location is hemmed by forested oil palm plantation on both sides of the road which can give the enemies stealth, cover and protection.

I take this "tidak apa" attitude, part complacency and part laziness, which should not be the case. The IGP must warn the commanding officers to shape up, or ship out. 

It's needless to say that in a situation like what we are in right now someone have to die, but why must our policemen or soldiers die in vain due to negligence of their superiors.

Here, the IGP says high morale among policemen in Sabah. 

The 8 policemen died in vain due to ruse and surprises sprung by the enemies.

Why take chances!


Purple Haze said...


You have rightly put it as "This is War".

Why do they send the police to fight a war ? It should be the military, shouldn't it ?

Still cannot believe this ineptitude. Let us not sacrifice more lives !

SM said...


You are assuming too much. And the biggest assumption is that our Security Chiefs know what they are doing!
The way they are talking, we better be concerned. The Deputy Minister of Defense tells us that the Army is the Second line of Defense after the PDRM! Is this even logical seeing how we are being "invaded" by armed intruders?! He gives May 13th (must they always being this event up?) as an example where the PDRM was the first line & Army the Second line!
I was wondering too why none of our PDRM had Bullet-proof vests! Where is all the money that is allocated for the Army & Police going to?
Our soldiers are being brought in by Air Asia! Seriously! Don't we have Carrier Aircraft? or maybe the money has been conveniently pocketed by "certain quarters"?! Why is the Philippine Navy stopping boats from entering Malaysian waters? Where's are our navy? Where's our Submarines (or maybe we are still trying to get those to "submerge?!).
The Philippine Government is now asking the Malaysian Forces to treat these Sulu Invaders with Max Tolerance! Incredible! Can they tell those Sulu Murderers to treat our Forces with Max Tolerance also? Can they tell them to stop killing Malaysian Police personnel?!

Gram Kong said...

SM/Purple Haze

They may have good reasons not wanting to call it war.It is no war war per se, not in the true sense.It is more an intrusion on our soil by a gang of foreign terrorists or criminals. You would probably remember during the Iraq and Afghan war Bush refused to recognise those captured Al Qaeda and Talibans fighters as prisoners-of-war , instead, branded them as terrorists to avoid the Geneva Convention, which require the victor to treat the POW humanely.

Anyway, war is subject to one's interpretation and has wide and varied meanings.

Pueple Haze said...


You are quite right about semantics.

The Filipino authorities are also disputing that the "intruders/invaders" are terrorists as called by the Malaysian authorities.

So, lets not call it a war as there are conventions to be observed when a "war" is declared. Our Ambassador in Manila may have to hand over a formal letter of declaration of war and that is unlikely to happen. Or the UN will have to be advised that 2 of its members are having a go at each other.

Nazri says its an "intrusion". I can go along with that, though 200 armed militia is stretching "intrusion" quite a bit.

The other matter is that PDRM is a civilian force. Is it their role to take care of foreigners intruding on sovereign soil or is it the Armed Forces ?

Anonymous said...

Well apparently there's a police mole involved in the Semporna ambush.

Anonymous said...

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