Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Made By Anwar, UMNO, Or CGI ?

Hantu Laut

Hahaha! another sex video of Anwar and all fingers point to UMNO as the culprit.

Some people in UMNO may be incredibly stupid to try do it over and over again. They must be recalcitrant morons, brain dead, no new ideas how to fix Anwar Ibrahim.

Anwar's blinded die hard supporters won't believe it is Anwar even though the person in the video is a spitting image of him, it is not him. 

That's how good Anwar is in the art of histrionics. He has captured the people's imagination of him the good man.

After Sodomy I, Sodomy II and the China doll episodes, wouldn't he be wiser and would have swept the room for bugs and tiny cameras before indulging in his favourite pastime, if it was truly the case. These UMNO morons must be as nutty as a fruitcake to think Malaysians will buy this type of story against Anwar.

Anwar is smart, cunning and fastidious and this kind of carelessness is not likely to happen to him, he can't be stupid time and again.

So, where that leads us to?

I can only come to one conclusion, logical illogical, it may be, a made by Anwar ' supporters videos not too far-fetched.

Why would they makes such videos to implicate him?

It is not to implicate himself but to inculpate Najib and UMNO, which they have succeeded extremely well so far, at least, among young people.

As I have said in my earlier posting Anwar has built an impenetrable shield around him and no shit, no matter how sticky and dirty it is, can penetrate the shield that gave him protection against public contempt and odium. This clever man has immunised himself so thoroughly, so well, no amount of shit can smear him.

Sodomy II was also, probably, staged with the active participation of Saiful to implicate Najib and destroy his reputation. Why would Saiful run to Najib first and not the police if he was truly sodomised against his will by Anwar ? Was he sent there with a specific mission?

It is one natural instinct, out of unrestrained anger, to seek justice and the appropriate place that comes to mind would be the police. Saiful did not know Najib that well yet he sought him out. Why?

The controversial video showing his illicit sexual tryst with a China doll is also highly suspicious as there are flaws in the video. 

If it was truly an entrapment and a hidden camera was used to capture his act, why was there no recording of full frontal image of him on the video, if the camera was truly hidden and he was unaware of its location. The video only showed side profiles of him, every time, he passed the camera, intentionally designed to obscure the true identity of the actor and create skepticism among the public. 

His good friend Datuk Eskay Abdullah who played a pivotal role in exposing the video and one who seemingly turned against him may not be what it seemed. Out of the three Datuks, only one may be completely innocent or guilty, the one that have an axe to grind with him,  easily duped and roped in to lay credence to the belief that the plot was engineered by UMNO.

Now, a second video has appeared showing him in compromising position with another man. 

The stills again showed only side profiles of him but one can still make it out, unless you are Anwar's blinkered supporters, it unmistakenly looked like Anwar Ibrahim, but certainly not Anwar.

Someone in UMNO must be really good, smarter than Spielberg, to be able to produce such fantastic humanoid CGI of Anwar Ibrahim.

What better ways to kill Najib and UMNO than this. 

Many young Malaysians are bought that Anwar is the good man and Najib is the devil that they must get rid off.

I rest my hypothetical case.

If it is truly people in UMNO doing it than they must be truly stupid.

More story here.


SM said...


Hahahaha...I was wondering when you were going to get to this one!
I must admit that I was surprised by your article.
I expected a more straight to the point shooting at DSAI (as per your usual articles on him).
However, I have to say I do agree with you on this one.
It looks like him but who knows?
One thing for sure, it's either UMNO or "parties" who are "anti-UMNO" trying to implicate UMNO.
My bet is that it's UMNO...they are just Corrupted & Stupid so they are not going to think deeper than they have to (or rather they can't anyway).
The more they come up with shit like this, the more the people are going to say that UMNO is trying again to soil DSAI!
The question I have is why hasn't Najib woken up yet? Could he have been bitten by the "sleepy" bug that bit Pak Lah too?!

Anonymous said...

If Anwar wears an imitation Rolex watch no matter how we will think it is genuine. If normal people wear genuine Rolex watch we will easily think it is imitation. Perception of human can be the opposite of the truth.

Anonymous said...

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Purple Haze said...


The photo that you posted shows the torso being in bright light whereas the headshot is shadowed.

This does not subscribe to the laws of physics regarding light.

Anonymous said...

anon 4:14

To hell with the laws of physics. It IS the bastard, ANWAR !!!
Until today he dare not take any oath to say it was not him in the video. JUst sue, sue, sue and he keeps asking for postponements. A real bastard he is.

Anonymous said...

Anwar if he was not fathered by 10 men should not has any problem to take the oath as what Shaiful has done. If not how are we going to trust him. Are we ready to have a PM with double personalities..

Purple Haze said...

Anon 10.29 pm

We already have a PM with double personalities.

Anonymous said...

Memang dialah bro...110%...bezanya si Dajja nil dah biasa temberang..tunjuk alim konon..imamkan sembahyang..baca khutbah dan pandai pulak berkata kata.

Saya rasa hanya 1/4 pengikut beliau yg masih percaya dia ni masih bersih..yg lain dah buat u turn..kerana bukti terlampau kuat dan tindak tanduk si dajjal menjurus kearah itu.Kalau tak percayalah..suruh An war angkat sumpah..ujian poligraph dan sebagainya...ada dia berani.

Anonymous said...

Our PM by religious obligation has fulfilled the requirement to take the oath. Anwar knew by taking Islamic way of taking the oath will cast hell upon him if he is not truth. What I meant double personalities is if you bend down in front of him he can trust his sword into you. But this subject to how good looking you are. If you look like a 'belacan' of course you will be safe. He can take the oath not necessarily in public but in privacy in front of Azizah and their children.