Thursday, May 9, 2013

If BN Cheated Why Don't Give Themselves Two-Thirds

Hantu Laut

How do you talk to the incorrigibly dumb, or those who think they are smart, but aren't there yet, or those who made a boner and picked a loser..........and cried FOUL and FRAUD! 

What about those who believe in everything they see on social media, blogs and so-called news portal spewing terrible halitosis that stinks to high heaven. 

BN won, not by you folks in the cities, but by the folks in the kampongs. 

Please, for the sake of this nation's peace and stability, stop showing off your huge rally in the city to fool yourself that you have the numbers. 

No, you don't have! 

The numbers are in the kampongs and they are called "CONSTITUENCIES" not "POPULAR VOTES" as your sore loser leaders have told you.

So what, if you have 120,000 strong in a stadium in Kuala Lumpur, are they representing the whole country or are victims of one man greed for power. 

Below is what I posted on Facebook in response to some friends' support of Anwar fomenting a "Malaysian Spring"

 I think Najib only speak what transpired on the ground. Ada pepatah Melayu kata "alang-alang mandi biar basah" If the BN cheated why don't they give themselves two-thirds majority instead of almost losing the government by the skin of their teeth, or why don't Najib better the 2008 results under Pak Lah. He can if he really wants to cheat, no?. I think Anwar is doing a great injustice to this country by his disgraceful act of fomenting the people to rise up against the government. He knew why BN won, partly his fault, he ignored the rural areas. This government won not by you people in the cities, it won by the rural constituencies, which many Malaysian don't understand or refused to accept. Our political system is not based on popular votes but on "first past the post", which even so many educated Malaysians either, can't understand, or pretended not to understand. U.K. have had many of this kind of results but people there are more intelligent and civilised, they don't accuse the government of cheating and defeated politicians take the defeat in their stride, unlike Anwar, the sore loser.I will not deny that there may be instances where BN may have provided transports and money to the kampong folks to go to polling centres, which is to be expected as kampong people are poor and do not have the means to travel to far-flung polling stations. Flying in 40,000 Banglas to vote, I think my grandfather (he is not Bangla, he is Pathan) must be kicking in his grave to hear so many Malaysians believe in such abominable lie. I can post a few past elections results in U.K if you guys still believe in Anwar's bullshit.


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Anonymous said...

Lee Kuan Yue was right when he said that he can understand how Mahathir feel when he has to sack Anwar at eleventh hour after grooming him to be the next Msia PM. Many years down the road LKY further informed Julian PM from Autralia that Anwar has fallen to his favorite honey trap. These were neutral comments from one of the great leader. The sophisticated Malay should know this to stop them from acting clever but actually in reality they are dumb. That's why they can be easily influenced by King of Munafik. Talk and action always not the same direction.

Anonymous said...

I don't trust Lee Kwan Yew anyway PAP DAP issue. Moreover Tun Dr Mahathir Mohammad isn't the same as Lee Kuan Yew PAP International Socialist what to do. Clear PAP International Socialist link and I will trust him.

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Chinese support Anwar because they see opportunity to use Anwar to break Malay political dominance. Malays support Anwar because they are stupid to analyse beyond the surface.

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Wonder why DAP wants Anwar as PM then.

Anonymous said...

well said. Giving money to people in kampong doesnt promise their support to BN. But the fact that they did support I suppose is a sign that BN has done something good. Well done Media for not acknowledging the rally. I was leaning towards Anwar but it just gets slimmer and slimmer by the day when he acts too unjustly, post election.

DAP wants Anwar because he is the winnable candidate. not sure if he still is...

Anonymous said...

DAP wants Anwar as PM to make sure they still appeal towards the Malays (Majority)

Purple Haze said...

To answer the question posed as the heading of this blog posting, it is very simple. Because they no longer can win the 2/3 majority.

Tun Abdullah Badawi won by the largest margin in Malaysian elections in GE11, not because he was popular or had great vision. No, the rakyat (including the Chinese, Indians and dll) were all too relieved to see Tun Dr M go and hence, Badawi was seen to be a conciliatory type of person who could possibly start patching back the Malaysia that Tun Dr M had broken up. The rakyat wanted to give Badawi a chance.

But the UMNO warlords were not happy with Badawi and in the GE 2008, even the pro UMNO bloggers auch as Rocky's Bru and Outsyed the Box, joined forces with pro-Opposition bloggers to cause the GE12 tsunami. (Okay, maybe not join forces but at least were more objective)

Badawi's fate was sealed.

GE13 shows that Najib's winning margin is even weaker than Badawi's GE12 results.

The bottom line is that the trend has started for a true democracy in Malaysia. The shenanigans pre and at Election Day have been bared for all to see. And at least half the rakyat says "Tak Adil".

Somethings have to change and that is why neither BN or PR will get 2/3 majority unless they really screw up big time. BN shot themselves in the foot in the years following GE11 because of the interference of one man who refused to retire peacefully.

No doubt that man led this country to some high points but he did not allow his successor to lead on his own terms. And no one dared to oppose him from within.

Malaysia suffers for this man's vanity but the rakyat has woken up.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1106. You are absolutely right. The Malay who support the King of Munafik might be munafik themselves.

Look LKY as a leader who has transformed S'pore from 3rd world to 1st world and Mahathir who has transformed msia from agriculture driven economy to industrial one. Why can't you respect to leaders who have proven their abilty and is recognized by the whole world. Why not listen to proven leader who have integrity compare to Anwar who talk and action go different direction.

Anonymous said...

Anwar post election reaction was silly. Even PAS has accepted the wish of M'sian people and ask him to accept it too. But Anwar which plans was to tell people that he will leave active politic if he fail to capture Putrajaya as a way to sustain his support especially with slogan 'Ini kali lah'. So now as he has not win Putrajaya he is telling M'sian that actually he should has win the election if BN has not cheated in PR13. The allegations from him are too silly for people of right mind to believe but this is his Plan B to be carried out by him after failing to capture Putrajaya so he use this reason to stay active. His strategy is too plain and his game can be easily read. Anwar talk and action always take different direction. His action has shows that he is a Munafikin.

Anonymous said...

Azmin Ali on his Twitter wrote "The Reformation should begin within ourselves. Do not drag the people in just because we have failed"

The above statement by Azmin proof that he knew that Anwar claimed of fraudulent in PRU13 is all craps. Who on earth with right mind will believe Anwar? But still there is, maybe only the few sophisticated Malay who are happy and proud to be used for the wrong purposes believe this. Refering to all above the equation is sophisticated = idiot.

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Purple Haze said...

The Interim Report of IDEAS & CPPS's observations of GE13 is available here

They were appointed by the EC to observe and report on GE13.

I would recommend readers of your blog to review this report as objectively as they can, regardless of their political leanings.

Anonymous said...

If Anwar really want tp be PM of Malaysia he has to secure a Malay support first. The Chinese is only interested in breaking
Malay political grip on the country. Anwar fits the bill.